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Rick Lupert has been delighting audiences since 1990 with his poetry filled with dry wit, unexpected turns and essential humanity. His unique reading style draws the listener in and helps the non-poet discover a unique accessibility and joy in poetry.

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Workshops / Opportunities

Finding the Spectacular in the Mundane
How does one find poetry in every day life? A workshop for all the novice to the expert geared towards helping the writer discover their own unique lenses for interpreting every day experiences into poetry. Participants could participate in a community open mic.

Spoken Word in Worship Settings
If you lead services or work as clergy in a pastoral setting, you are in the spoken word business. In this interactive workshop learn how to incorporate words into your work. Choosing or writing the write words…how are they delivered…engaging your community in the sharing of words…all will be covered in this interactive workshop with theory, example and practice.

Open Mic
Rick has been emceeing a weekly poetry reading open mic. since 1994 in Southern California. Bring him to your community to discover the poets in your midst. A Rick Lupert emceed open mic is a well run engaging machine geared towards elevating all participants no matter what their experience or style.

Poetry Book
Feeding out of the open mic or a poetry writing workshop, let Rick design a professionally produced poetry book composed of work from your community.  Printed copies can be made for all participants and/or to sell as a fundraiser. Books can be made available on Amazon.com with sales proceeds directly benefiting your organization and/or printed or PDF copies available for physical or electronic distribution as you see fit.

Jewish Poetry / Music
Any of the above workshops/readings/opportunities can be geared towards Jewish groups. Combine a poetry reading sprinkled with Jewish themes, with a Jewish focused writing workshop, with a musical Havdallah service on a Saturday night. (Rick has been a songleader in the Jewish community since 1995.)


Email Rick at Rick@PoetrySuperHighway.com to find out more about how to bring him to your community.

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