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The Night Goes On All Night


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Just released from Ain’t Got No Press is “The Night Goes On All Night”…an anthology of noir-inspired poems, edited by Rick Lupert and published in conjunction with the Los Angeles Poetry Festival’s “Night and the City” Noir Festival.  This collection contains work from 24 poets exploring their own noir-de-vivre with humor, grit, nostalgia, and the requisite fedora.  Including an introductory note about “noir” from Los Angeles Poetry Festival director Suzanne Lummis.

The complete list of contributors:

E. Amato, Michael C. Ford, Michael Cluff, Brendan Constantine, Mike Daily, Gloria Derge, Peggy Dobreer, Jerry Garcia, Joelle Hannah, Kris Huelgas, Elizabeth Iannaci, Jack Bowman, Ruth Nolan, Marc Olmsted, Kevin Patrick Sullivan, Angela Penaredondo, Douglas Richardson, Anthony Seidman, Eric Steineger, Eric Tuazon, Mehnaz Turner, Wyatt Underwood, Wanda VanHoy Smith and Florence Weinberger

A Few Sample Tidbits:

Her feelings
for him
were as warm as a
1955 Buick Special
recently gutted
by fire
over on

Michael C. Ford

The truth is, the city waits for the right

moment to knock you up before it runs you over.

Mehnaz Turner

This is the room with a red door, where every night I struggle, as my Mistress of Insomnia mounts me, pins my arms in between her thighs, then stitches my eyelids open…

Anthony Seidman

We started wearing

dark glasses between the house & the garage.
Panorama City had no view; from any window
we saw another window.

Brendan Constantine

I never spoke again

for the rest of my days,
which really wasn’t much of a feat
since I only lived another week.

Douglas Richardson

The night goes on all night.

Eric Steineger

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