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Reminders for the New Year Recording played on the Sunday Simcha Radio Show

Thanks to Joy Katzen-Guthrie for including my spoken word track “Reminders for the New Year” on The Sunday Simcha Radio Show today. Check out the entire 1 hour program which features an ark-full of music from a role-call of Jewish music immortals (along with my track) here.

The Tokyo-Van Nuys Express Publication Event

Watch the publication event for “The Tokyo-Van Nuys Express” which featured me reading poems from the book, along with a haiku/tanka sequence from Deborah P. Kolodji (live from Southern California and Marika Kitakubo (live from Tokyo, Japan), Brendan Constantine reading a selection of Richard Brautigan poems, Addie Lupert modeling a Japanese Yukata, and other video treats!

At Meiji Shrine – poem from The Tokyo-Van Nuys Express published by Silver Birch Press

Thank you to Silver Birch Press for publishing my poem “At Meiji Shrine” as part of your “Landmarks” series. This is the first piece out in the world form my book “The Tokyo-Van Nuys Express” and (shh, secret) it’s one of two poems called “At Meiji Shrine” in the book. Read it here.

Prayer for Front-Line Workers Published at

Thank you for publishing the “Prayer for Front-Line Workers” section of my “Prayer for Infrastructure” poem! This is one part of a poem originally written to collaborate with Ben Pagliaro’s “Sacred Space” show. Read it here.

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