3 Poems Published in The Bicycle Review Issue 14

The Bicycle Review
online journal of poetry, prose and photography has just published 3 previously unpublished poems of mine in their latest issue.  Check ’em out here.  Thanks Bicycle Review!

The Night Goes On All Night – Noir Anthology Released

The Night Goes On All NightJust released from Ain’t Got No Press is “The Night Goes On All Night”…an anthology of noir-inspired poems, edited by Rick Lupert and published in conjunction with the Los Angeles Poetry Festival’s “Night and the City” Noir Festival.  This collection contains work from 24 poets exploring their own noir-de-vivre with humor, grit, nostalgia, and the requisite fedora.  Including an introductory note about “noir” from Los Angeles Poetry Festival director Suzanne Lummis.

Click here to see the complete list of contributors and read a few tidbits.

How To Be A Zombie published in new Write Bloody Anthology

Aim For The Head, an Anthology of Zombie PoetryI’m pleased as punch (haha, what does that even mean?) to report that my poem “How to be a Zombie” was just published in the new Write Bloody book “Aim For The Head”, an anthology of Zombie Poetry edited by Rob Sturma! Check it out here.

Rules For Poetry Finalist in Wergle Flomp Contest

Turns out my poem “Rules for Poetry” just earned a finalist spot in the 10th annual Wergle Flomp humor poetry contest sponsored by Winning Writers.  Very excited to have earned a spot in this small group in a contest that attracted over 2300 entries! Check out the poem, and all the other winners and finalists here.  (Rules for Poetry originally appeared in  Rattle #33, “Summer 2010 Tribute to Humor” and also appears in my free e-book of the same name.  Thanks Winning Writers!

New Feature, Interview and Poems At Examiner.com

Rick Lupert
Thanks so much to Apryl Skies for this awesome feature of me on the Examiner website HERE. Also check out the full interview HERE and this additional link to another poem she published along with my bio HERE. Thanks Apryl!

Download my new free e-book “Rules for Poetry”

Rules for Poetry
Download my new, free e-book “Rules For Poetry” (May, 2011).  It contains 16 new poems from 2010/2011 including the title piece which originally appeared in Rattle Magazine’s tribute to humor.  This is my fifth free e-book.

All 5 can be downloaded here.

Sinzibuckwud! The Poet’s Experiences in, and on the way to and from, Montreal, Québec, Canada by Rick Lupert

Sinzibuckwud! by Rick Lupert


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Rick Lupert’s 13th collection of poetry, written during a week-long adventure in, and on the way to and from, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Rivers are crossed, food is eaten, French is spoken, art is looked at…and it is all disassembled with Lupert’s characteristic wit. This poetic travelogue is a must for fans of Lupert’s work and anyone who is considering travelling to Montreal…or who has ever been…or who has ever heard the word “Montreal.” Sinzibuckwud is the native Canadian word for “Drawn from Wood”…as in maple syrup. Sweetness is also drawn from these poems…Sugar off with Lupert. (106 Pages, Ain’t Got No Press, December 2010)

Click here to read poetry from Sinzibuckwud!

LA Examiner’s “Pause for Poetry” features Rick Lupert

I was thrilled to be featured on 2011’s first “Pause for Poetry on the LA Examiner website.  It’s a nice profile that highlights the weekly Cobalt Cafe reading, points to a video of me reading and mentions the upcoming publication reading for my new poetry collection “Sinzibuckwud!”

Check it out here: http://www.examiner.com/books-in-los-angeles/pause-for-poetry-a-reading-by-la-poet-rick-lupert-video

Eclectica Magazine Interview – November 2010

Check out this interview in the October/November 2010 issue of Eclectica Magazine. Thanks very much to Eclectica and Elizabeth Glixman for the detailed and thoughtful interview.  Check it out: http://www.eclectica.org/v14n4/glixman_lupert.html

Speak2BFree Radio Interview

I was interviewed by the hosts of the Speak2BFree BlogTalkRadio show on November 3, 2010. Listen in to the 45 minute conversation here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/show.aspx?userurl=speak2bfree&year=2010&month=11&day=03&url=poetry-super-highways

Another “We Put Things In Our Mouths” Review

Here’s another great review of “We Put Things In Our Mouths”…this time from Marie Lecrivain of Poetic Diversity: The Litzine of Los Angeles: http://www.poeticdiversity.org/main/columns.php?recordID=1565&date=2010-08-01

“We Put Things In Our Mouths” Review

Check out this great review of my new book “We Put Things In Our Mouths” by G. Murray Thomas writing for Poetix.net here: http://www.poetix.net/reviews.htm

Today We Bombed The Moon: My New Free E-book

Today We Bombed the Moon by Rick Lupert - free e-book download
Check out my new, free, ebook “Today We Bombed The Moon…new poems from 2009 and 2010 including poems written in Syracuse, Los Angeles, Cancun, Mexico and the Milwaukee airport.

Click here to download it for free.

My previous three e-books, also free, are downloadable here.

Lightbulb Mouth Radio Hour – February, 2010

I was the featured “informationist” at the Lightbulb Mouth Radio Hour hosted by Derrick Brown and Mindy Nettifee in Long Beach, CA on February 17, 2010.  Check out the interview and poem here:

How To Kiss Interview and Poem

We Put Things In Our Mouths – January 2010

My book We Put Things In Our Mouths was published by Ain’t Got No Press in January of 2010:

The Blue Jew Yorker – December 2009

My Poem On My Eventual Death was published in the December 2009 issue of The Blue Jew Yorker:

Unlikely 2.0 – February 2009

Audio and video from the poems Trout Fishing in Los Angeles, Things Brendan Constantine’s Mother Can Say to Me and Coffee is Not a Drink for Pussies was published on Unlikely 2.0 in February of 2009:

The Good Things About America – January 2009

The poems Things I Saw in Echo Park While Waiting for Little Joy to Open, The Entire History of the San Fernando Valley, and Why I Like Living in Los Angeles (Because Everyone Always Asks) we’re published in the anthology The Good Things About America, January 2009 from Write Bloody Press:

Wergle Flomp Contest Honorable Mention – 2008

My parody-poem Oh My Thingies earned an honorable mention in the 2008 Wergle Flomp contest:

A Poet’s Haggadah – April 2008

I edited the book A Poet’s Haggadah – Passover Through the Eyes of Poets in April of 2008:

The Last American Valentine – January 2008

The Poems Jewel of Sherman Oaks and Making Love to the 50 Foot Woman were published in the anthology The Last American Valentine from Write Bloody Press in January of 2008:

Poetic Diversity – December 2007

The prose piece House of Pies, January 9, 2003 was published in the December 2007 issue of Poetic Diversity:

Poetic Diversity – August 2007

The Poem Yom Kippur at Mount Sinai was published in the August 2007 edition of Poetic Diversity:

Poetic Diversity – April 2007

The poem Those Who Sow In Tears Will Reap In Lizards was published in the April, 2007 issue of Poetic Diversity:

Poetic Diversity – November 2006

The poem A Good Laugh was published in the November 2006 issue of Poetic Diversity:

Strange Road – 2005

The poems Five Dollar Sunglasses and Venice Beach, Coffee Is Not a Drink for Pussies, and Cliches Gone Bad were published in 2005 in Strange Road:

Interview – Subtle Tea – 2004

I was interviewed by Subtle Tea magazine in 2004:

Poetic Diversity – November 2004

The poem Werewolf was published in the November 2004 issue of Poetic Diversity.

Poetic Diversity – August 2004

3 poems published in the August 2004 issue of Poetic Diversity:
How Close Was Mars, Evening Flow, and There are No Traffic Lights in Arad

Wergle Flomp Contest Winner – 2002

I won the 2002 Wergle Flomp Contest which calls attention to scam literary contests that take advantage of poets with the poem “untitled”:

Stirring – June 2000

The poem How to Kiss was published in June of 2000 at Stirring:

Interview – Poetry Life and Times – June 1999

An interview with me (along with several older poems) published on Poetry Life and Times Journal:

Scream When You Burn – April 1998

Several older poems published in the Caffeine Magazine Anthology “Scream When You Burn” by Incommunicado Press: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1888277009/poetrysuperhighw