New poem “The Eyes Have It” published by Silver Birch Press

Rick Lupert and his Cat Bootsy at the vet.Thanks to my forever heroes, Silver Birch Press, for publishing my poem “The Eyes Have It” written for their “Wearing a Mask” series. Check it out here.

Prayer for Front-Line Workers Published at

Thank you for publishing the “Prayer for Front-Line Workers” section of my “Prayer for Infrastructure” poem! This is one part of a poem originally written to collaborate with Ben Pagliaro’s “Sacred Space” show. Read it here.

Of All the Doors I’ve Loved Before Published by Silver Birch Press

Thank you Silver Birch Press for publishing my poem “Of All the Doors I’ve Loved Before” as part of their “My Front Door Series.” I love Silver Birch Press! Read it here.

Video of Mother Poems Included in Library Girl’s “Mama Don’t Allow” series

Thank you Susan Hayden for including this video of me reading a couple of poems for my mother in Library Girl’s virtual “Mama Don’t Allow. Deluxe Mother’s Day show! Watch it here. (You need to be on Facebook, but it’s worth it!)



Interview and Live Poem Collab on Assiduous Dust Podcast

Thanks to Joshua Corwin for including me in Episode 4 of the Assiduous Dust podcast. We bantered and created a live poem, and the episode also features Trish Hopkinson! Check it out in the player below:

Quill & Parchment Review of Hunka Hunka Howdee!

Check out this fabulous review of Hunka Hunka Howdee! by Michael Escoubas over at the legendary Quill & Parchment only magazine HERE.

2 New Poems up at Poetic Diversity – November, 2019

Thanks to Poetic Diversity editor Marie C Lecrivain for including 2 poems of mine in the November issue. One is from my book Hunka Hunka Howdee!, and the other is “Exasperated” a poem I wrote in response to one of the mass shootings that happened this past year. Check ’em out here. Thank you Marie!

Reminders for the New Year – A New Rosh Hashanah Poem/Video

Check out my new High Holy Days poem “Reminders for the new Year” in the video below. (And read the text of it online at here.)

3 New Poems Up at Cultural Weekly

Three poems by Rick Lupert up at Cultural Weekly
Thanks so much to Alexis Rhone Fancher, poetry editor at Cultural Weekly, for selecting 3 new poems for publication on their website, 2 never before published, and one from my new book Hunka Hunka Howdee! Check ’em at at Cultural Weekly here.

Hunka Hunka Howdee! Poems written in Memphis, Nashville and Louisville


Buy Hunka Hunka Howdee! at Amazon

Ain’t Got No Press
May 2019
276 Pages
Hunka Hunka Howdee! Poems written in Memphis, Nashville and Louisville

Rick Lupert’s 23rd collection of poems and latest travelogue written on the go in Memphis, Nashville, and Louisville. Two music cities, the birthplace of rock and Roll, Martin Luther King’s final steps and barrels full of bourbon are no escape from Lupert’s keen poetic eye and wit.

“The best of these poems come close enough to being both seductive satire and genuinely sentimental encounters that you will want to linger with their wit…Lupert’s deftly sketched poems will help you keep “one foot each on and off / the beaten path” of skeptical wonder at the world’s on-going peculiarities.”

–Bill Mohr, author of The Headwaters of Nirvana,
and HOLDOUTS: The Los Angeles Poetry Renaissance 1948-1992

“Being a Memphian I was particularly enthralled by how much of my city he captures in his short, beguiling lines. This delightful collection is a trip with such a charming guide you’ll want to take it over and over.”

–Corey Mesler, author of Madstones and Memphis Movie

Click here to read poems from Hunka Hunka Howdee!

My poem “The Son and Heir” received a Pushcart prize from PoeticDiversity

Thank you so much to PoeticDiversity editors for nominating my poem “The Son and Heir” for a 2018 Pushcart Prize! (Not to mention publishing it.) Check it out here.

My found poem “Headlines” published at Unlost Journal

I’m genuinely excited to report that my poem “Headlines”, a found poem from text that appeared on the front page of the CNN website on September 1st, was published in the new issue if Unlost Journal. Thanks Unlost editors! Check it out here:

Three Poems Published at Easy Street

Three Poems Published at Easy Street
Thanks to Easy Street Magazine for publishing three new poems of mine! (2 from my book “Beautiful Mistakes” and another previously unpublished one called “Swimming With Sins” about the Jewish tashlich ceremony (and ducks!) Thanks Easy Street! Read ’em here.

Beautiful Mistakes: Poems from Seattle, Portland and Twin Peaks

Beautiful Mistakes: Poems by Rick Lupert


Buy Donut Famine on Parade at Amazon

Rothco Press
May 2018
218 Pages
Beautiful Mistakes: Poems written in Seattle, Portland and Twin Peaks

Rick Lupert’s 22nd book – a collection of travel poetry written while exploring the Pacific Northwest including stops in Seattle, Washington (where there’s coffee on every corner), Snoqualmie, Washington (better known as Twin Peaks), and Portland, Oregon (where everything is weird and there’s even more coffee on every corner.) Full of Lupert’s signature wit and style, Beautiful Mistakes is part poetry, part humorous travelogue, and all entertaining.

Rick drinks coffee, Rick has conversations with Alexa, Rick searches for owls in the trees, Rick has a Doughnut party in the hotel lobby, Rick politely refrains from including what the homeless person was yelling on the street, Rick dines with friends, and poets, and all is documented in these caffeinated, pie-filled, weird and beautiful poems.

Click here to read poems from Beautiful Mistakes

“Every city has a surprise waiting for you.” An Interview with Rick Lupert

Check out this new interview with me by the good folks from Rothco press who will soon be releasing “Beautiful Mistakes”, my newest book of travel poetry written last summer in Seattle, Portland and Twin Peaks (a.k.a. Snoqualmie, Washington.) Thanks Rothco Press! Read it here.

My Poem “Dementia, My Darling” Published in the 2017-2018 San Diego Poetry Annual

Dementia, My Darling by Rick Lupert, for Brendan Constantine, appears in the 2017-2018 San Diego Poetry Annual!
You’ll find my poem “Dementia, My Darling”, written for Brendan Constantine’s book-of-the-same-name publication party, on pages 122-123 of the newly published 2017-2018 San Diego Poetry Annual. It’s a 469 page tome that should serve your poetry reading needs for decades to come. Thanks to the editors, especially Jeff Walt who asked for work from me, for including me in this extraordinary work of love. Get your copy here.



Santa Maria Sun Article Featuring Yours Truly

Rick Lupert article in the Santa Maria Sun
Thanks to Rebeca Rose for this thorough and thoughtful article in the Santa Maria Sun in conjunction with my upcoming reading at the CORE Winery in Orcutt, California (Outside Santa Barbara). She even included a poem from my new book God Wrestler: A Poem for Every Torah Portion. Check out the article here.

My poem for Leonard Cohen Appears in New Anthology Benefitting Red Cross

Anthem: A Tribute to Leonard Cohen
Excited to report a poem I wrote for Leonard Cohen on his 80th birthday appears in this new anthology of poems celebrating his life and legacy. All proceeds benefit the Red Cross. Check it out on Amazon here.

God Wrestler: A Poem for Every Torah Portion – My 21st Book!

God Wrestler by Rick Lupert
With just a few exquisite words, Rick Lupert fills in the white spaces between the Torah’s words, and offers holy insight, life wisdom, reverent irreverence, and sacred depth. It takes a poet to find the poetry of Torah, and a great teacher to share it. Rick is both. His book is a gift to us all. -Rabbi Ed Feinstein

One can always count on Rick to see things in ways that we would not otherwise have seen them. He has succeeded in finding messages within each parashah that are simultaneously uniquely personal and entirely universal. Humor and depth abound. Rick amplifies the timeless nature of the words of Torah, and fills each page with new perspectives. -Cantor Ellen Dreskin

Rick Lupert’s poetry is witty, knowing, wise, and a tonic to the seeking soul. -Rabbi David Wolpe

Click here to purchase or for more information.

“We Visit My Mother…” Published in the 2017 Altadena Poetry Review

Altadena Poetry Review - Anthology 2017
Thanks very much to the editors of the Altadena Poetry Review for including my poem “We Visit My Mother at Poiley Tzedek Cemetery” in the 2017 anthology! (From my book “Donut Famine”) I’m included with many other poets in this collection, the proceeds of which benefit the Altadena Library District. Check it out here.

2 Cat Poems Published in “Paw Prints in Verse” Anthology

Paw Prints in Verse
Thanks to Stacy Savage for including a couple of my cat-centric poems in the new anthology “Paw Prints in Verse.” All proceeds from sales go to support Ernie’s Heart Pet Food Pantry in Indiana. Check it out here:

My Last Thought published by Silver Birch Press

Rick Lupert Meets Art Garfunkel
Thanks to Silver Birch Press for publishing my poem “My Last Thought” in their Lost & Found series in which I wax on about meeting Art Garfunkel. Check it out here!

My poem “Inauguration Day” published at Unlikely Stories.

Unlikely Stories
Thanks to the good folks at Unlikely Stories for publishing my poem “Inauguration Day”, written January 20, 2017 Check it out here.

Dr. Andy’s Poetry and Technology Hour Interview

Dr. Andy Jones of Dr. Andy’s Poetry and Technology Hour, which broadcasts out of KDVS in Davis, California was nice enough to have me on his show for a full hour talking about my new books, poetry, and how it all intersects with technology. I even read a few poems! Listen to the full interview:

Poem published in Silver Birch Press’ “Me, at 17” Series

Rick Lupert at 17
Thanks a million times to Silver Birch Press for publishing my poem “The Last Year of the Rest of My Life” written for their “Me, at 17” project. (And please enjoy my senior high school yearbook photo.) Check it out here.

10 Poems Published at Caught In The Net

Rick Lupert published at Caught in the Net
Thanks to Jim Bennett for selecting me as the featured poet in the January 2017 issue of Caught in the Net. Check out the ten poems of mine they published here.

Announcing my 18th, 19th and 20th Books!

The good people at Rothco Press have lost their minds and have released my three brand new travel-poetry books simultaneously! Thank you Rothco press! Here they are:

Professor Clown on Parade by Rick Lupert.

Professor Clown
on Parade

poetry written in Vermont, Maine and Connecticut

“A brilliant, beer-fogged take on America by one of the funniest, smartest poets around.”

Alexis Rhone Fancher
poetry editor, Cultural Weekly, seven-time Pushcart nominee

Donut Famine by Rick Lupert.

Romancing the
Blarney Stone

poetry written
in Ireland

“Funny, observant and comforting, “Romancing
the Blarney Stone” is a
fine read from one of
my favorite poets.”

Amber Tamblyn
author and Actress

Donut Famine by Rick Lupert.

Donut Famine
poetry written in
New Orleans

“…a delicate balance of reportage, recollection, and lyric introspection. More than an anthology of latest work…
a complete experience.
All aboard.”

Brendan Constantine
author of ‘Dementia, My Darling’

$19.95, 296 pages

Read Poems | Buy on Amazon

$19.95, 258 pages

Read Poems | Buy on Amazon

$19.95, 232 pages

Read Poems | Buy on Amazon

Rick's 3 new books, plus spoken word album (physical or digital) for $50 including shipping!

Get all 3 new books, plus my new 25 track spoken word album for $50

That’s a savings of $25! Plus FREE SHIPPING within the United States. (If you’re not in the U.S., contact me and we’ll work it out.) This special only available here.



My 20th Book: Donut Famine

Donut Famine: Poems written in New Orleans, Louisiana by Rick Lupert


Buy Donut Famine on Parade at Amazon

Rothco Press
December 2016
232 Pages
Donut Famine: Poems written in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana

“…a poet at the height of his powers. Lupert further refines his singular travelogue style with a delicate balance of reportage, recollection, and lyric introspection. More than an anthology of latest work, Rick Lupert has given us something rare: a complete experience. All aboard.”

~ Brendan Constantine, author of ‘Dementia, My Darling’

“As someone who has been living in New Orleans for ten weeks now, I can say with unwavering conviction that master wordsmith Rick Lupert came to New Orleans, wrote these poems here, and avoided arrest throughout his visit. “

~  Jonathan Penton, Editor of ‘Unlikely Stories’

Rick Lupert’s 20th collection of poetry and latest travelogue installation takes him to Louisiana, Baton Rouge and New Orleans, where you could peel the weather off you with a butter knife, if you had time to think about that amidst the food, jazz, voodoo, and seamless blending of cultures. Have a cocktail every night with Rick (it’s where they were invented) as you make your way through the bayou with his signature style of humor and awe.

Read Poems from the Book | Buy on Amazon

My 19th Book: Romancing the Blarney Stone

Romancing the Blarney Stone: Poetry from Ireland by Rick Lupert


Buy Romancing the Blarney Stone at Amazon

Rothco Press
December 2016
258 Pages
Romancing the Blarney Stone: Poems written in and on the way to and from Ireland

“Funny, observant and comforting, “Romancing the Blarney Stone” is a fine read from one of my favorite poets.”

~ Amber Tamblyn, Author + Actress

“I saw my own country through the culture-shocked eyes of a stranger who clearly loved it as much as it clearly confused him too. A really great, funny, and perceptive verse cycle by a true poet. “

~ Rodney Orpheus, Irish Author + Musician

“…a detailed, humorous tour of Ireland, full of blarney, a little stoned (various quantities of fine Irish whiskey are consumed), and always entertaining. “

~ G. Murray Thomas, Poet + Editor Next… Poetry Calendar

Visit Ireland with Rick Lupert, and his wife, in this, his 19th collection of poetry written on the Irish Ireland nation, where the color green was invented, where the north and south are still struggling with a seventeenth century conflict. Sample Irish whiskey and cheese. Try to out-nice the locals…and walk the same streets where so many of the world’s most essential writers cut their teeth. There’s a stone to kiss. Are you in?

Read Poems from the Book | Buy on Amazon

My 18th Book: Professor Clown on Parade

Professor Clown on Parade: Poetry by Rick Lupert


Buy Professor Clown on Parade at Amazon

Rothco Press
December 2016
296 Pages
Professor Clown on Parade: Poems from Burlington, Vermont, Waterbury, Vermont, Portland, Maine, and Hartford Connecticut.

“A brilliant, beer-fogged take on America by one of the funniest, smartest poets around.”

~ Alexis Rhone Fancher, poetry editor, Cultural Weekly, seven-time Pushcart nominee

“…a work that’s underpinned by a depth and decency you don’t see very often in this world, let alone in a book that will make you laugh out loud.”

~ Daniel McGinn, Author “1000 Black Umbrellas”, Write Bloody Publishing

Rick Lupert’s 18th book, and latest in his poetry-travelogue series, takes him through the gorgeous north-east where everybody in Vermont gets a free hug and no-one in Hartford Connecticut believes he and his wife are vacationing there. Join Rick on this poetic adventure along with stops in Waterbury, Vermont (where so many free food samples are given) and Stockbridge, Massachusetts, where Norman Rockwell is still very much alive.

Read Poems From the Book | Buy on Amazon

My poem “The Foot Book” published in Poetic Diversity

Thanks to Poetic Diversity for publishing my new poem (for my son Jude) in your November 2016 issue! Check it out here.

New Review of Death of a Mauve Bat in Poetic Diversity

Death of a Mauve Bat
Check out this sweet review of my 2012 book “Death of a Mauve Bat” in the November, 2016 issue of Poetic Diversity! Thanks
Jack G. Bowman! (Read more poems from it and get yourself a copy here.

Armpits of the Holy – My New Free Poetry E-book

Armpits of the Holy
Wow…my new e-book, “Armpits of the Holy”, was downloaded 138 times in the Poetry Super Highway e-book Free-For-All. Sorry if ya missed it, but join my email list using the form to the right and get yourself a free copy. (Rumor has it if you join my email list you’ll also get a free copy of my previous e-book “Don’t Blame Canada” too.)

Vive le Chapeau! poem published by Silver Birch Press

Rick Lupert in a beret - with guitar.
Thanks to the poetry super heroes at Silver Birch press for publishing my poem “Vive le Chapeau!” in their “Me in a Hat” series. (This poem was written for this project!) Check out the poem (and a larger version of me in the beret from 1995) here.

Ekphrastic poem published in Poemeleon

Ankor Passage
Delighted to have a short poem published in the “Over the Moon: Birds Beasts, and Trees” issue of Poemeleon. This issue is all poetry responding to the photography of Beth Moon. My poem is after her photograph Ankor Passage. Check it out here. (3rd poem down) And Beth’s amazing photograph here.


It’s a Wonderful Life published by Cultural Weekly

Rick Lupert at Beyond Baroque photo by Alexis Rhone Fancher
Beyond excited to have my poem “It’s a Wonderful Life” published in Cultural Weekly. Thanks to CW poetry editor Alexis Rhone Fancher for publishing it (and for taking the author photo!) Read the poem here:

Making Love to the 50 Ft. Woman reviewed in the Topanga Messenger

Making Love to the 50 Ft. Woman: Poems 1998-2015 by Rick Lupert
Thanks to Gwendolyn K. Billings for publishing this sweet review of my most recent book Making Love to the 50 Ft. Woman in the Topanga Messenger! (Along with books by Jean Colonomos and Millicent Accardi – so cool to be in their company!) Check out the review here
 and read a few poems (and dare I say get yourself a copy) here.

“When I Moved” published by Silver Birch Press

The Never Ending Apartments of My Youth by Rick Lupert
Thank you Silver Birch Press for publishing my poem “The Never Ending Apartments of My Youth” as part of their “When I Moved” series. (I wrote this poem for them!) Check it out here.

My poem “Grown Up” published by Cadence Collective

Grown Up Published by Cadence Collective
I’m in love with Cadence Collective! They just published another one of my poems, this time “Grown Up” – check it out here and thank you Cadence Collective!

My poem “Upon Seeing a Recent Photo of You” published by Cadence Collective

Upon Seeing a Recent Photo of You
Excited to report my poem “Upon Seeing a Recent Photo of You” written for Brendan Constantine was just published by Cadence Collective. Love these guys. Check it out here.

“Learning to Ride” published by Silver Birch Press

Learning to Ride by Rick Lupert
My poem “Learning to Ride” was just published by Silver Birch Press as part of their “Learning to Ride” series…Thanks SBP! Check out the poem here.

How I Met My Mothers published by Cadence Collective

How I Met My Mothers
Check out my poem “How I Met My Mothers” newly published by the good folks at Cadence Collective! Read it here.

2 poems from “Romancing the Blarney Stone” published by Sappho’s Torque

Sappho's Torque
My poems “Somewhere Over Canada” and “Show Yourself Dublin” from my forthcoming book “Romancing the Blarney Stone” just got published on Sappho’s Torque, poet Angélique Jamail’s blog. Click here to read it and thanks Angélique!

Rick Lupert Live and Dead Spoken Word Album

Rick Lupert Live and Dead Spoken Word Album
I’m excited to announce the release of my first spoken word album! 23 tracks of poetry including 13 studio recordings, 8 live tracks, a “Fake” live track and an afterthought! (Not to mention special appearances from the entire Constantine family!) it will be like you were there!

Click here to sample tracks and get your own CD or digital copy!

New poem published by Silver Birch Press

Rick Lupert in 1983
Excited to report my poem “I’ve Been Looking Into Hats and I Don’t Like What I See” was just published by Silver Birch Press as part of their “My Mane Memories” series. Thanks SBP! Check it out here: (along with a picture of me from 1983.)

Rick Lupert – The Nervous Breakdown Self Interview

Rick Lupert with Croissant on his head. Photo by Alexis Rhone Fancher.
Thanks so much to the Nervous Breakdown and Rich Ferguson for inviting me to do a “Self Interview”. It was an interesting experience and I almost walked out on myself self several times. Read the self-interview here, and see the poem “Next Time Down” which they published along with it here.

“On My Eventual Death” spoken word poem by Rick Lupert featured in IndieFeed

Excited to report my spoken word track “On My Eventual Death” just got featured as part of the swan-song series on the IndieFeed performance poetry podcast. (Thanks Mongo!) This poem is for anyone who is ever going to die and appears in Rick Lupert’s book “Making Love to the 50 Ft. Woman“. Take a listen:

Special Feature with 5 poems in Muddy River Poetry Review

I have 5 new poems in the latest issue of the Muddy River Poetry Review edited by Zvi A. Zesling. Check out my work here and check out the entire issue here.

“Make Your Own Kind of Music” appears on Voicemail Poems

Thanks to Voicemail Poems for closing out their Summer 2015 season with my poem “Make Your Own Kind of Music”! Listen to the poem below and check out more from Voicemail Poems here.

Rick Lupert Reads from “Making Love to the 50 Ft. Woman” on KPFK’s “Why Poetry”

Was thrilled to have the chance to read lots of poetry from “Making Love to the 50 Ft. Woman” on the “Why Poetry” radio show hosted by Paul Lieber on Los Angeles radio station KPFK. Check out the whole show below. (And get yourself a copy of the book here!)

Making Love to the 50 Ft. Woman Title Poem Video Published at Red Fez

redfezlogoThanks to Red Fez for publishing the short-film poem/video of “Making Love to the 50 Ft. Woman”, the title poem from my new book. Check it out (and all the other cool stuff in Red Fez) here.

News of a Strange Thing featured on IndieFeed Performance Poetry Podcast

My poem “News of a Strange Thing” written for Brendan Constantine as featured on the IndieFeed Performance Poetry Podcast (May 2015). This poem is from my new Rothco Press book “Making Love to the 50 Ft. Woman: Poems 1998-2015”. Check out more poetry from the book here.

Making Love to the 50 Ft. Woman: Poems 1998-2015 Released by Rothco Press

Making Love to the 50 Ft. Woman: Poems 1998-2015 by Rick Lupert


Add to Cart

Making Love to the 50 Ft. Woman: Poems 1998-2015

With a foreword by Brendan Constantine

Rick Lupert’s seventeenth poetry collection, Making Love to the 50 Ft. Woman (Rothco Press, May 2015), is the long awaited follow up to, and first collection of Lupert’s selected works since, 1997’s I am My Own Orange County. Lupert’s poetry exists at the intersections of the wise and the ridiculous, the spectacular and the mundane. The humor and deeper themes throughout his work will win over the generations of people who’ve come to regard poetry as an inaccessible literary art. These poems, written over the last two decades, have been widely published in dozens of journals, zines, and anthologies from all over the world. They’re rooted in the every day Los Angeles experience and take you through fatherhood, traffic, love, death, and the inevitable experience of finding a wrapped sausage on the sidewalk. You’ll learn how to kiss, you’ll meet the cutest leaf in the world, you’ll say goodbye to Pete Seeger and Robin Williams, you may even relive your own childhood. Get ready to Make Love to the Fifty Ft. Woman. Don’t wear anything complicated.

Click here to read poetry from Making Love to the 50 Ft. Woman

Poem for Leonard Nimoy published at FreezeRay

Happy to report my poem for Leonard Nimoy “My Ears Point Towards The Stars” was just published in the latest issue of FreezeRay. Check it out here: – Lots of other cool stuff in this issue too. Thanks FreezeRay!

Annette Sugden Reviews The Gettysburg Undress

The Gettysburg Undress - Poetry by Rick Lupert
Check out this great review of The Gettysburg Undress by guest-blogger Annette Sugden on the Al-Khemia Poetica blog. Thanks so much Annette! Read the review here.

Poem for Robin Williams published at Radius

Radius Lit
Thanks to Victor Infante and the good folks at Radius for publishing “I Am From Ork”, the poem I wrote for Robin Williams the day he passed away. Check it out here.

2 New Poems Published in American Mustard Volume 2

I’m awfully excited to have 2 new poems published in American Mustard Volume 2! This is a unique publication that doesn’t include the author’s names until the end of the manuscript…so you can read the whole thing as intended in order, or skip to the end (you naughty cheaters) to see who wrote what. Check out my work, along with a great roster of other poets I’m proud to be listed with here: (And thanks American Mustard for including me!)

Sweet Review of Collaborative Performance with Dan Nichols

Dan Nichols and Rick Lupert
Check out this sweet review of my collaborative performance with Dan Nichols at Congregation Rodef Sholom in San Rafael, California on the website HERE Thanks Susan Esther Barnes for writing it!

2 New Poems published at Yay!LA

Thanks to the good folks at Yay!LA who just published 2 new poems of mine written this past summer. They are from a forthcoming collection called “Professor Clown on Parade” coming out probably in 2015. Check ’em out and thanks Yay!LA! Check ’em out HERE.

The Gettysburg Undress, Undressed: Constantine Interviews Lupert

Check out “The Gettysburg Undress, Undressed”, my conversation with Brendan Constantine about my new book “The Gettysburg Undress. We delve into poems from the book, the craft of poetry, plenty of humor and what it’s like to write poetry in the bathrooms of famous buildings. Check out the entire 70 minute conversation in the player to the left.

“A Poem of Thanks” Spoken Word Track Published on “Thanksgiving: Stick a Fork in It” Compilation

Thanksgiving: Stick a Fork In It
My new spoken word track “A Poem of Thanks” was just published as part of Craig Taubman’s latest digital music compilation “Thanksgiving: Stick A Fork In It, Songs of Thanks and Gratitude.” Very excited to be included here with a long roster of amazing artists. Check out the poem HERE.

2 new poems published at

Thanks so much to Marie Lecrivain of Poetic Diversity for publishing 2 new poems of mine in the November 2014 issue! Both of these new pieces were written in Burlington, Vermont while visiting there this past July, and will be included in the forthcoming collection “Professor Clown on Parade, including the piece “The Summit of Los Angeles Poets That Did Not Happen” for Daniel McGinn. There’s a slew of great poets I’m honored to be on the same electronic pages with…check ’em all out here.

Rick Lupert: comic poet extraordinaire Article at LA BluePrint

Rick Lupert
Thanks so much to Elizabeth Nowak of LA BluePrint for writing this embarrassingly nice article about me for the LA BluePrint website!

Check it out here!

Rothco Press releases my sixteenth poetry collection – “The Gettysburg Undress”

The Gettysburg Undress - Poetry by Rick Lupert


Add to Cart

  The Gettysburg Undress: Poems from Gettysburg, PA, Washington, DC, Richmond, VA, Baltimore, MD., and environs

“Rick Lupert’s The Gettysberg Undress is a delightful romp through the museums and tourist attractions of the mid-Atlantic States. I found it more believable than Steinbeck’s Travels with Charlie. His wife, Addie, is a more interesting personality by far than a poodle. His observations are written in a minimalist style which is a cross between Basho and Brautigan. Each poem is a tiny masterpiece. Some poems, like “Animal Hospital,” strike a ghostly chord. His humor is inclusive, making the reader part of the mission – to bring the fun back to poetry by entertaining the heck out of you, plus making you think about the world.”

~ Hal Sirowitz, former Poet Laureate of Queens, New York, Author “Mother Said”

I’m very excited to have joined the Rothco Press family with the very first title in their Caffeine Poetry Series, and my sixteenth collection of poetry, written on location while traveling through the sites, museums and restaurants of the cradle of the Civil War.

Click here to read poetry from The Gettysburg Undress

“The Eating of the Jews” spoken word track included on Jewels of Elul Music Sampler

Jewels Vol. IV: A High Holy Days Music Sampler
Excited to have my first spoken word track published…my piece “The Eating of the Jews” is a bonus track on the new “Jewels Vol. IV: High Holy Days Music Sampler” produced by Craig Taubman as part of the annual Jewels of Elul Project. There are so many great artists on this collection and I couldn’t be happier to be standing in this virtual room with them. Download the whole recording here: (or whatever individual tracks strike your fancy…I hope one of those is mine!) Happy almost Elul! Click here to check out the collection.

2 New Poems Published in The Bicycle Review Issue 28

Thanks very much to the good folks at The Bicycle Review for including 2 new poems of mine in their latest issue which you can check out embedded below. The entire issue is well worth reading and I’m very excited to be included on its virtual pages with the entire roster. If you’re looking for my poems you’ll find them on pages 39 and 66. Both are brand new, and will appear in a forthcoming collection called “Professor Clown on Parade”. Thanks Bicycle Review!

Friday Night Live Tribute Poem published in L.A. Jewish Journal

Friday Night Live with Craig Taubman and Rabbi David Wolpe

The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles just published a poem I wrote to honor the final Friday Night Live service led by Rabbi David Wolpe and Craig Taubman. Thanks Craig for asking me to write this and for giving me the space to read it last Friday night! Check out the text here…and the full article about this last Friday Night Live with Rabbi Wolpe and Craig here.

2 new poems published at Yay L.A. Magazine

2 poems by Rick Lupert at Yay L.A. Magazine
Whoa, thanks to Yay L.A. Magazine for publishing 2 more new poems of mine! “Familial Costume” about the adventures of dressing up as your spouse, along with “I Don’t Want to Go Long” (a tribute to those of us who think that before we get up to do our time at the microphone.) Thanks Yay LA! (and check out all the other cool stuff there!!) L.A.!! Check ’em out here.

“Earthquake Poem” published at Yay L.A. Magazine

Photo by Yang Li
Thanks to the folks at Yay L.A. Magazine for publishing my poem “Earthquake Poem” today along with a cool photo by Yang Yi. I wrote this a couple of months ago after my friend Zach Singer sent me an “emergency” request to write a poem about the 20th Anniversary of the Northridge Earthquake…which occurred a couple of days before the first Tuesday night open reading at the Cobalt Cobalt Cafe. (Just a month or so before I started hosting that weekly event in 1994.) Thanks Yay L.A.! Check out the poem here.

“We are all poets” – Interview at Sarah Kobrinsky’s (the Poet-laureate of Emeryville) Blog

Thanks to Sarah Kobrinsky, the Poet Laureate of Emeryville, California for publishing “We are all poets” – an interview with me! Click here to read it.

Nothing in New England Is New gets 5 Star Review!

Nothing in New England Is New
Wow! Huge thanks to Cyrus Web, interviewing pioneer of the electronic stratosphere, for the 5 star review he wrote for “Nothing in New England is New” on Check out the review here!

“Nothing in New England as New” appears on top 50 Book List

Nothing in New England Is New
Thanks to Cyrus Webb for including my most recent book “Nothing in New England is New” on his list of “Top 50 Non-Fiction Titles of 2013.” Cyrus reads hundreds of books every year and interviews their authors (and other media personalities) on his Conversations LIVE! program on BlogTalkRadio so it’s quite an honor to be included on this list.

Check out the full list HERE. Listen to my interview on Conversations LIVE! HERE, and check out my book “Nothing in New England is New” HERE.

New micro-piece published in Moongarlic E-zine Issue 1 – November 2013

A 2-line poem from my forthcoming collection “The Gettysburg Undress” proudly appears on page 36 of the inaugural issue of MOONGARLIC E-ZINE. Read the whole issue here and thanks MoonGarlic!

KPC Radio Interview – October 2013

Rick Lupert and Matt Gottesman at the KPC Radio show Speakeasy
Thanks to Matt Gottesman for inviting me to be on his radio show “Speakeasy” hosted at Los Angeles Pierce College’s radio station We spoke about the history of the Cobalt Cafe reading I’ve hosted since 1994 as well as the Poetry Super Highway website and I even got to read a couple of poems.

Check out the full show (about 25 minutes) here.

Here I Am – Selected by Moishe House for weekly Torah Portion Email – October 2013

London-based Moishe-House selected my poem “Here I Am” for there weekly creative parashat ha shavuah email for the Torah portion “Vayera”. Thanks to Moishe house for including poetry in their weekly email! Check out the poem in the video:

If you’re interested, here’s the full text of the poem: Here I Am.PDF

Eating of the Jews Poem-Video Published by Red Fez – October, 2013

Red Fez
My poem-video “The Eating of the Jews” (A Jewish poem sort of about Rosh Hashanah and a lot about eating food) just got published in issue 61 of Red Fez! Check it out here:

Ekphrastia Gone Wild / Rick Lupert Radio Interview on Dr. Andy’s Poetry and Technology Hour

Check out my interview on Dr. Andy’s Poetry and Technology Hour radio show (on KDVS out of Davis, California) where I had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Andy about the new book I edited, Ekphrastia Gone Wild: Poems Inspired by Art.  Check out Ekphrastia Gone Wild here.

Featured in Mike Sonksen’s LA Letters Column on KCET Website

Huge gratitude to Mike “The Poet” Sonksen for including me in an article on his LA Letters blog on the KCET website. Check the article out here!

Published on the Jewels of Elul Website – August, 2013

Jewels of Elul IX
Wow! Just had this poem published on the daily (during the Hebrew Month of Elul) Jewels of Elul blog. So honored to be on the seriously auspicious roster of people who have been asked to write “Jewels” over the past 9 years. Thanks to Craig Taubman for including me!

Check out my ‘Jewel’ here.

Conversations LIVE Interview – July 2013

Nothing in New England Is New
Was honored to be interviewed by Cyrus Webb on his radio program “Conversations LIVE” about my newest book “Nothing in New England Is New” on July 30, 2013. Click play below to hear the entire conversation. Thanks so much for having me Cyrus!

Ekphrastia Gone Wild edited by Rick Lupert Released

I’m thrilled to announce the release of a collection I’ve been working on since November! Ekphrastia Gone Wild: poems inspired by art and edited by Rick Lupert is now available! This anthology of ekphrastic poetry contains the work of 87 poets from all over the world, including nobel prize winning poet Wislawa Szymborska, Suzanne Lummis, Brendan Constantine, Gerald Locklin, Laurel Ann Bogen, Robert Wynne and many more. Click here to see the full list of contributors and to get your own copy.

2 “Bird Poems” Published in Cyclamens and Swords – August, 2013

Rick Lupert
Proud to announce I have a couple of poems published in the August 2013 issue of “Cyclamens and Swords”. It’s a “Birds” themed issue so if you like poetry that’s (err, loosely) for the birds…check it out: (I’m the second poet down on the page.) Thanks so much C and S editors!

Hot Dog Truck Poem-Video Published by Red Fez – July, 2013

Red Fez
My poem-video “Hot Dog Truck” (A militant vegetarian poem from a non-militant vegetarian just got picked up by Red Fez. So thrilled to have another piece in Red Fez! Check it out here:

W3 Sidecar Author Interview – June 2013

Really thrilled to be included with the roster of authors who have interviews published on W3 Sidecar.

Check it out here along with all the other amazing poets and writers they’ve featured!

Nothing in New England is New Review – Douglas Holder

Check out this review of my new book “Nothing in New England is New” by Ibbetson Street Press’ Doug Holder on his Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene Blog. He’s published a few poems from the book that don’t appear elsewhere online so check ’em out and thanks so much Doug!

Read more from the book and get your own copy here.


Say Hello to my 15th book – “Nothing in New England Is New”

Nothing in New England Is New ! by Rick Lupert


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Nothing in New England is New:  The Poet’s Experiences in New England, America

“Rick Lupert is a writer’s chef. He used to be a writer’s writer. Tomorrow he could be dead. You will be pleased at the way he masterfully sees something and then somehow manages to find a piece of paper and then write down something that is in no way reflective of what he truly saw. He is like a liar and a simile. If you want to laugh, there’s this book or anything on NBC pre-1986.”

~ Derrick Brown

Listen to the online publication broadcast HERE in which Jaimes Palacio and I spoke about Nothing in New England is New, poems we’re read and travel tips shared. Click here to hear it!

Nothing in New England is New is Rick Lupert’s 15th collection of poetry and latest in his poetic travelogue series. This edition takes you through such exotic American locations as Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Salem, Boston and Plymouth, Massachusetts, and Providence Rhode Island where they set the river on fire. Ride with Lupert’s trademark wit down the highways of New England. Unexpected turns will be taken, Ekphrastic Observations will be made. You will laugh. You will question your own underwear. You will want to set your local river on fire. As always, clothing is optional. (200 Pages, Ain’t Got No Press, March 2013)

Click here to read poetry from Nothing in New England is New

Nostrovia! Poetry Interview – March 2012

Thanks to Jeremiah Walton of Nostrovia! Poetry for the honor of this interview with me in which I expand upon the raison d’etre of the Poetry Super Highway and my own writing. Check it out:

“My Two Sams” published in Red Fez 10th Anniversary Issue – March, 2013

Friends, neighbors, country people, outside of country people – Proud to have my poem “My Two Sams” appear in the just-released-today (March, 13, 2013) 10th anniversary issue of Red Fez! Check it out here:

3 Poems Published in Issue 20 of The Bicycle Review – February 2013

Thanks to J. de Salvo of The Bicycle Review for accepting three poems into their February 2013 issue (Issue # 20.) Check them out here. Here’s a video of me reading one of those poems.

4 Poems Published in “Men in the Company of Women”

I have 4, count ’em 4 poems in the new (launched today!) anthology “Men in the Company of Women“. Check out the new book (evocatively subtitled “An anthology of Praise & Persusasion”) here.  Here’s a video of me reading a couple of the poems from the book:

“I Was at Sinai” published in Winter 2013 CCAR Journal

Thrilled and honored to have my poem “I Was At Sinai” published in the Winter 2013 issue of the CCAR Journal “The Reform Jewish Quarterly!” I originally wrote this piece by request of the staff at Hava Nashira, the Jewish music educators retreat I attend every year to read during a Shabbat morning service. Here the recording of me reading at that event below:

Lummox Journal Interview – October 2012

Honored to have been interviewed for the launch of the new Lummox Annual journal edited by RD Armstrong. It’s an epic issue with poems from over 200 poets as well as an interview with Next… Magazine’s G. Murray Thomas. I whole heartedly encourage supporting Lummox press by picking up a copy of this! (And it’s the only place to read the interview with me.) Get your copy of the annual here.

“Heat” published in Stirring’s, October 2012 issue

Thrilled to have my poem “Heat” published in the October 2012 issue of “Stirring: A Literary Collection” chiefly edited since 1999 by Erin Elizabeth Smith. Check it out here:

2 Poems in Alternate Lanes Anthology – September 2012

I’m delighted to have 2 poems included in the new Sybaritic Press anthology “Alternate Lanes” which features many Southern California poets waxing prose and poetically about transportation in Los Angeles. Check out the book HERE.

Postcard to Myself Poem and Interview on Indiefeed Podcast – September 2012

Super excited to be included in the IndieFeed Performance Poetry series podcast with my poem “Postcard to Myself, Syracuse, New York, 1979” and a brief interview with Write Bloody Publishing’s Daniel Joseph Lisi! Click the link to listen and thanks Daniel for asking me to do this!

KPFK The Poet’s Cafe Interview – August 2012

The Poet's Cafe featuring Rick Lupert

Check out my interview on the August 22, 2012 edition of The Poet’s Cafe on KPFK (Los Angeles Radio) hosted by Orange County poet Jaimes Palacio. I read a few poems and tried to maintain my dignity while answering Jaimes’ questions. It was a hoot! Thanks for having me Jaimes!

Download my new FREE e-book “Economy Candy”

Rules for Poetry
Download my new, free e-book “Economy Candy” (May, 2012).  It contains 16 new poems from 2011/2012.  This is my sixth free e-book.

All 6 can be downloaded here.

Online Conversation with Brendan Constantine

Had a great conversation with Brendan Constantine about our new books. His new, third collection is “Calamity Joe” (Red Hen Press, 2012) and we spoke about the through lines in his new book and mine. (“Death of a Mauve Bat“). Click the player to hear the archived edition.

Radio Interview with Jessica Houston

  Check out this interview with me by Jessica Houston on her show “An Affirming Flame” on the World Wide Word Radio Network.  We had a great time talking about all things Canadian, generally revolving around my recent two books “Sinzibuckwud!” (written in Montreal) and “Death of a Mauve Bat” (Written in Toronto.)  Thanks for the great conversation Jessica!

Death of a Mauve Bat: My 14th Book Now Out!

Sinzibuckwud! by Rick Lupert


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Death of a Mauve Bat:  The Poet’s Experiences in, and on the way to and from, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“I know of no other poet able to establish intimacy with the reader as fast as Lupert. If this is your first experience of his work, I urge you to receive him as you would any friend of a friend.”

~ Brendan Constantine

Rick Lupert’s brings you back to the hidden Canada in the follow up to his 2011 collection, Sinzibuckwud! written in Montreal, Death of a Mauve Bat steers you through Toronto and Niagara Falls with Lupert’s one of a kind satirical filter. You’ll learn Toronto like no-one ever should. You’ll climb an unfinished castle, drink a blue drink, mosey in and out of the requisite museums and wonder at the ekphrastic glories that are revealed. You’ll wander the streets in search of vegetarian hot dogs and stand in the lights which illuminated the most famous funnytarians of our time. Throw away your guidebook, bring this instead. (okay, maybe bring both.) This is travelogue poetry for the 21st century.  (160 Pages, Ain’t Got No Press, January 2012)

Click here to read poetry from Death of a Mauve Bat