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“What The Donkey Saw” Published at Quill & Parchment

Thanks to Michael Escoubas of Quill & Parchment for publishing my poem “What the Donkey Saw” in the latest issue of Quill and Parchment magazine along with many other wonderful poets including Ellaraine Lockie, B.J. Buckley and others. Check out the issue here.

I’m included in Interliq’s California Poets Interview Series

Well this is a hoot and a half – David Garyan of the International Literary Quarterly (funly pronounced “Interliq”) included me in their California Poets Interview series. Let’s learn together if I had anything intelligible to say about anything. Thanks David! Check it out here.

“My Problem, In General, With the State of Florida” published at Unlikely Stories

Thanks to Unlikely Stories and editor Jonathan Penton for using my essay “My Problem, In General, With the State of Florida” as an introduction to their brand new “Eff Florida” issue. (And no offense meant to my many family, friends and colleagues in the sunshine state.)

Read my piece here. And the front page of the Eff Florida issue where lots of fun awaits you from many other writers can be found here.

The Low Country Shvitz Publication Reading 4 – Asheville!

The Low Country Shvitz pop-up publication reading 4 – Poems from Asheville, North Carolina with special guest Billy Jonas! Check out more from the book here.

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