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5 New Poems up at Interliq!

Check out the 5 new poems I have up in Interliq’s just published California Poets (Part 5) edition! A couple of these are from my forthcoming book “The Low Country Shvitz!” Thanks Interliq editors for including me with a fine roster of other California poets! Check ’em out here!

I Was on RattleCast!

I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Tim Green on Rattlecast #170! Check out the whole show below which begins with a stellar poem by Gina Tranisi, then my interview (in which I read a bunch of poems from “I Am Not Writing a Book of Poems in Hawaii” and did my best to sound like I knew what I was talking about while answering questions) and then a fantastic open reading! The Audio version is available on Soundcloud or any podcasting platform.

New Interview up at Dashboard Horus Magazine

Well if you like it when I go on and on about things, you’re going to love this new interview with me conducted by Marie C Lecrivain in a new feature up now at Dashboard Horus magazine! I’ve been lucky enough to be interviewed a handful of times over the years, but I really loved responding to Marie’s unique questions generally revolving around my new book “I Am Not Writing a Book of Poems in Hawaii.” Thanks for the honor! Check it out HERE.

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