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Rick Lupert has been involved in the Los Angeles poetry community since 1990.  He is the recipient of the 2014 Beyond Baroque Distinguished Service Award for service to the Los Angeles poetry community. He served for two years as a co-director of the Valley Contemporary Poets, a non-profit literary organization, established in 1980, which produces readings and publications out of the San Fernando Valley.

His poetry has appeared in numerous magazines and literary journals, including The Los Angeles Times, Rattle, Chiron Review, American Mustard, Radius Lit, Red Fez, The Bicycle Review, Silver Birch Press, The Nervous Breakdown, Indiefeed, Voicemail Poems, Muddy River Poetry Review, Yay!LA, FreezeRay Poetry, Stirring, The Blue Jew Yorker, PoeticDiversity.org, MoonGarlic E-Zine, Jewels of Elul, Zuzu’s Petals, Caffeine Magazine, Blue Satellite and others.  He edited the anthologies A Poet’s Siddur Ekphrastia Gone WildThe Night Goes On All Night – Noir-Inspired Poetry and, A Poet’s Haggadah: Passover through the Eyes of  Poetsand is the author of 27 books: Paris: It’s The Cheese, I Am My Own Orange County, Mowing Fargo, I’m a Jew. Are You?, Stolen Mummies, I’d Like to Bake Your Goods, A Man With No Teeth Serves Us Breakfast, We Put Things in Our Mouths, Sinzibuckwud!, Death of a Mauve Bat (Ain’t Got No Press), Lizard King of the Laundromat, Brendan Constantine is My Kind of Town (Inevitable Press), Feeding Holy Cats and Up Liberty’s Skirt (Cassowary Press), The Gettysburg UndressMaking Love to the 50 Ft. Woman, Professor Clown on Parade, Romancing the Blarney Stone, and Donut Famine (Rothco Press), Beautiful MistakesHunka Hunka Howdee!, The Tokyo Van Nuys Express, I Am Not Writing a Book of Poems in Hawaii and The Low Country Shvitz (Ain’t Got No Press), and the spoken word album Rick Lupert Live and Dead.

He also writes the Jewish poetry blog From The Lupertverse for the Los Angeles Jewish Journal.

He  hosted the long running Cobalt Café reading series in Canoga Park for almost 21 years (which launched again as a virtual series in 2020) and is regularly featured at venues throughout Southern California.

The author’s eight free e-books are To Hell With Rick Lupert (Ain’t Got No Press, May, 2006), The Rick Lupert Fun Club (Ain’t Got No Press, May, 2007), On My Eventual Death (Ain’t Got No Press, May 2009) , Today We Bombed the Moon (Ain’t Got No Press, May 2010) and Rules for Poetry (Ain’t Got No Press, May 2011), Economy Candy (Ain’t Got No Press, May 2012), Unrequited Potato (Ain’t Got No Press, December 2013), and I Am From Ork (Ain’t Got No Press, December 2014 (Click on the titles to download them for free.)

Rick created and maintains the Poetry Super Highway, an online resource and publication for poets.

Rick also writes and occasionally draws the daily web-comic Cat and Banana with fellow Los Angeles poet Brendan Constantine.

Rick works as the music teacher and graphic and web designer for anyone who would like to help pay his mortgage.

He lives in Newhall, California with his wife Addie, son Jude, and 3 cats (most of whom used to live outside. [he’s not allowed to feed outside cats anymore.])

Vital Statistics

(weren’t we all) 10/10/68
not that much
see weight
Newhall, California


Simpsons’ Character
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Watermelon, Pizza (not together)
Harold and Maude
hate numbers
Richard Brautigan
Jane’s Addiction
Violent Femmes, Indigo Girls
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