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17 Holy Syllables – A haiku for Every Aliyah of Every Torah Portion

17 Holy Syllables by Rick Lupert

eBook (PDF)

17 Holy Syllables E-book (pdf): A haiku for every Aliyah of every Torah Portion, by Rick Lupert. (instant PDF download after purchase)

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Poetry from 17 Holy Syllables


It took six days to
go from no world, to all that
we know. Very good.

Meet Adam. Eats a
lot of fruit. Names animals.
Alone in garden.

When seeking knowledge
trust the serpent to show you
what you’re not wearing.

Moving day. First two
sons. Then just one. This isn’t
going as we’d hoped.

If you play the flute
your origin story traced to
these words. The lyre too.

Great great great great grand
father Cain killed. They say it
was an accident.

So much begetting.
God starts to regret all this.
Water is coming.


One family wins
population lottery.
Time to build an ark.

I’d always learned two
by two. But some got seven.
Pays to be Kosher.

No umbrella saves
you from forty days. Others
not on the boat, gone.

The normal seasons
resume after this flood from
our Sponsor on high.

Never again God
promises. Then signs the sky
with all the colors.

Planting vineyards leads
to drinking wine and no clothes.
So much begetting.

Let your life take its
course. Building a tower won’t
get you to Heaven.

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