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Vote for my Muppet Inspired Poem / Video in the Fantasy Poetry Slam!

Help #TeamMuppetTheater bring home the 2021 #FantasyPoetrySlam trophy by “liking” this video over on YouTube! (It’s pretty ridiculous…I fully recognize you may watch the video and not like it. Double your money back if that’s the case! (Watch on YouTube here to click the “Like” button.)

Poem for Infrastructure published by Silver Birch press


Thank you Silver Birch Press for publishing my three-part poem “Prayer for Infrastructure”, inspired by Jewish texts and originally written to commingle with a song written by Ben Pagliaro as part of his Sacred Space broadcast. It’s a salute to everything (and everyone) that’s keeping us alive these days! Read it here.

Poem for Ruth Bader Ginsburg published at Oddball Magazine

I wrote a poem for Ruth Bader Ginsberg which got picked up today by Oddball Magazine (probably where all of my poetry should go…). Thank you Oddball! (And thanks to Joshua Corwin for asking me to write this.) Read it here.

Ode to My UPS Guy published in Silver Birch Press’ PRIME MOVERS Series.

Talk about fast turnaround – I wrote this poem yesterday morning, submitted it in the early afternoon – They accepted it, and published it last night. Thank you Silver Birch Press! Now let’s hear it for our UPS Guy! (And all the UPS people of every gender out there!) Read it here.

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