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Reading at Hollie Hardie’s “Lions Like Us” Publication Event

I got to read with a fantastic roster of poes at Beyond Baroque to help celebrate Hollie Hardy’s new book “Lions Like Us.” Check out my set in this video! And check out Hollie’s book here.

It’s Spritz O’Clock Somewhere – My 28th Book – Out Now!

I’m excited to announce the release of my 28th poetry collection, and latest travelogue in poems, It’s Spritz O’Clock Somewhere, written last summer in a few delicious cities in Italy, and Paris.

Elizabeth Iannaci says about it: “He holds his wit and wisdom lightly enough to pack into a carry-on, quietly noting contradictions/hypocrisies, and absurdities that humanity is heir to along the way. I lost track of how many times I laughed out loud, but enough that my son’s cat felt compelled to leave the room.”

Read a few poems and get yourself a copy here.

New “Mothers” Poem up at Silver Birch Press

Silver Birch Press published this new assemblage of “mom” snippets in a poem I’ve called “The Mothers I’ve Known” in their “All About My Mother” series. Check it out here! (And thanks, Silver Birch Press!)

New “Princess Bride” Poem Read at BackStory

I had a great time reading at the BackStory series. This month’s theme was “The Princess Bride.” It goes out to anyone who’s aging (like the actors in this film whose characters are indelibly ageless. Plus I read almost 24 haiku for Addie. Thanks for including me in the event BackStory!

Two New Poems up at Dashboard Horus

I’ve got 2 new poems in today’s issue of Dashboard Horus. Both are from my forthcoming collection “It’s Spritz O’Clock Somewhere” – poems I wrote last summer while in Italy and Paris. Thanks Dashboard Horus for giving first light to these poems! (Link to the publication in the first comment.) P.S. They also published this photo I took in Paris on the last day of our trip! Read them here!

Rick Lupert on Rick Lupert

Thanks to the internet, Rick Lupert (Los Angeles) has discovered Rick Lupert (Vienna) and the two will convene at the first ever Rick Lupert Summit this Saturday, April 6, 2024 at 1pm (Pacific) / 4pm (Eastern) / 10pm (Central European)


  • Rick Lupert Interviewing Rick Lupert Interviewing Rick Lupert
  • Brendan Constantine explaining “What is a Rick Lupert”
  • Rick Luperts reading work from their new books.
  • Questions from the audience!
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