September 9-15, 2013: Dr. Geoffrey A. Landis and Marius Surleac

Dr. Geoffrey A. Landis and Marius Surleac

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Dr. Geoffrey A. Landis

Bio (auto)

Dr. Geoffrey A. Landis is a scientist, a science fiction writer, and a poet. As a SF writer, he has won the Hugo and Nebula awards for short fiction, and is the author of one novel, Mars Crossing, and a collection of short stories, Impact Parameter (and Other Quantum Realities). As a scientist, he has been part of the science team of the Mars Exploration Rovers mission, and works on technology for advanced space missions. As a poet, he has twice won the Rhysling award for best short science fiction poem, and is the author of several hundred poems and one collection of poetry, Iron Angels. He lives in Berea, Ohio, with his wife, writer Mary A. Turzillo, and four cats. More information can be found on his web page,

The following work is Copyright © 2013, and owned by Dr. Geoffrey A. Landis and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

One Breath Poem

I think
that a one-breath poem
is not enough to say everything
that can be said in a poem
or that needs to be said in a poem,
but it is enough
to say
even if it is only
to praise
cherry blossoms.

Open Mike at the Neon Cup

Tires ripping across wet asphalt
tear like paper across the neon city night.
Through the window luminous rivers
orange and blue streak the pavement,
going nowhere.

Behind the blue-neon coffee-cup,
the door is propped open with a chair.
Swirls of night cool cut through hot smoky air
like sudden mouthfuls of lemon.

a single poet,
back to the flickering neon darkness,
recites in a jerky stutter
barely louder than the rip of wheels on wet asphalt
the undecipherable poetry of cars.

Mohammed & Jesus

Bright bits of color:
only thrown-away cigarette packs
on rain-slick grey asphalt.

Mohammed and Jesus,
riding their skateboards;
they loiter in the Seven-Eleven to play video games
still bickering, until
finally Krishna chased them out.
Buddha never showed.



Marius Surleac

Bio (auto)

Marius Surleac was born in Vaslui, Romania. He is a physicist. He lives in Bucharest. His works appear in poetry and prose anthologies. He published poetry in the journals: Pif Magazine (US), Dear Sir (Austria), Novo Slovo (Serbia), Atlas Poetica (US), Boston Poetry Magazine (US), Convorbiri Literare, Hyperion, Conta, Vatra, Tiuk, Oglinda Literară, EgoPhobia, Feedback, and others. He translated to Romanian poetry by Marc Vincenz, Valzhyna Mort, Peycho Kanev. In 2011 he published his first poetry book called Zeppelin Jack, Herg Benet publishing house. Visit Marius on the web here.

The following work is Copyright © 2013, and owned by Marius Surleac and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.


the elephant rips off all stanzas
dreamed by his ears
his Indian mistress
throws in the air
all kind of colourful
making the rice bread more tasty
spanning the tale over
the hieroglyphs
narrating his death
transparent tears
in front of the chefs

a devilish sneer
all of a sudden
a mouse head swallowed

a provocative fart
his poetic proof

a red puff of wind
through the guests