September 8-14, 2014: Mike Jurkovic and Maya Richard-Craven

Mike Jurkovic and Maya Richard-Craven

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Mike Jurkovic

Bio (auto)

Mike Jurkovic (Wallkill, NY) hates bios. He feels they add undue stress upon him to live up to the hype, a task he’s not always up for. Poems and music criticism have appeared everywhere but generate no reportable income. His latest chapbook, Eve’s Venom, (Post Traumatic Press) 2014. First chapbook, Purgatory Road (Pudding House Press) 2010. Anthologies: WaterWrites & Riverine (Codhill Press) 2009, 2007; Will Work For Peace (Zeropanik) 1999. Co-director of Calling All Poets in Beacon, NY. Producer of CAPSCAST, live readings from the Calling All Poets Series, available on and itunes. CD reviews and regional music features appear in Elmore Magazine, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange & the Van Wyck Gazzette. He loves Emily most of all. Visit Mike on the web here:

The following work is Copyright © 2014, and owned by Mike Jurkovic and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

Tell Them, My Love

If they ask, my dear
tell them I died behind the wheel
waiting for the light to turn,

Waiting for the ass ahead of me
to discover his left foot from his right.

Tell them, my love, I died simpering
while the road crew widened thoroughfares
smoothed the finish of my blackened heart.

Tell them, my love, should any be inclined to query
of my well-being, that I’m buried with the odometer,
the universal gear.

Tell them I withered in the heat.
The stewing froth of motion and mediocrity,
Prey to the rush and clatter,
the zooming zoom zoom of death.

Tell them, my love, I died in love.
With you, with them,
despite the miles between us

wishing I was home.


Maya Richard-Craven

Bio (auto)

Maya Richard-Craven is a junior at the University of Southern California. She is originally from Pasadena, but lives on campus during the year. She studies Creative Writing and Genocide Resistance, but spends most of her time writing as an Opinion Columnist for Neon Tommy, and serving on the editorial board for the FBOMB, a feminist magazine that was created by students at Columbia University in New York. She currently writes a column titled “Shameless” which focuses on themes and issues that prompt feelings of shame amongst Millennials. This June the National Society of Newspaper Columnists will award Maya with an 1,000$ scholarship, an all expenses paid trip to Washington D.C. and the prestigious Jeff Zaslow College Journalism Award for her controversial, “You’re Pretty, For A Black Girl” series. Because Maya enjoys public speaking, she is frequently asked to perform her own spoken word and poetry. Last November, she opened for renowned Poet, Dana Gioia, at the USC Vision’s and Voices event, the Poet’s Voice. She also recited her own lyric essay before the USC Board of Trustees in March. Her poem “My Sister- and Me” was published in the Altar Collective Volume IV this past April, and is available on Amazon.

The following work is Copyright © 2014, and owned by Maya Richard-Craven and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

Life is a Chasm

Of pots,
And pans.
Said they
In the sands
And then turned
The clocks
And then shook
The chimes.
Life is a chasm
So it said
in the rhymes
squalor squalor
Made the squawks
Against the wind
And so did
the squeaking
and the
of the aging webs of mallard ducks
between the dirt and dust
of old algae’s bed
true squalor!
Across the land
Filth of natural sorts
A foul, intrinsic cleanse
That slouched and sloshed
And shimmied and swayed
down gold encrusted riverbeds
And white shaved teeth of rich white men
What squalor!
What squalor!
It must have been
To never know
A chasmic life
To never fear
Some consequence
To have lived for
To have never feared

The End.



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