December 31, 2000-January 14, 2001: Derrick Brown and Elizabeth Fuller


week of December 31, 2000 – January 14, 2001

Derrick Brown and Elizabeth Fuller

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Derrick Brown

Bio (auto)

Derrick Brown was a paratrooper for the 82nd Airborne
Derrick won the Bank of America award for drama but banks at Washington Mutual Derrick won 20 dollars at age 18 diving for jello and he cheated
Derrick kissed the lead singer of Save Ferris on the mouth and she1s Jewish
Derrick lives on a small sailboat in downtown long beach
It’s called the Billie Ocean
Derrick is trying to coerce the free methodists to release the enslaved methodists
Derrick loves pudding but not Bill Cosby
Derrick was the intercollegiate champion in drama and poetryin 97
Derrick was the #2 performance poet in the nation in 98 and knows what the #2 means in medical terms He was fired as a local weatherman in Flagstaff Arizona for making fun of Yuma on the air
Derrick writes kids show pilots at InVision Studios
Derrick has a cd called ŒIt1s a jolly holiday with specialist derrick c brown1 that won album of the year, kinda He has 3 books and has been published in Poetry Slam, the art of performance poetry, the Valley Contemporary Poets anthology, Tabot spillway press, Far star fire press, Laguna Poets Series,  Altasheth German poetry anthology, Poetry Super Highway, and the New England Journal of Medicine
His Father raises emu1s in Houston and his mother prays for people like you

The following work is Copyright © 2000, and owned by Derrick Brown and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsover without written permission from the author.

The Declaration of Interdependence
for the recently robbed buzzy and beth

There is a portion of my back that is very, very dirty
I just- can’t- reach- it I want to The body incapable by design Ugh
Married people have very clean backs
The slow education of cleansing each other
The lessons of perfecting stillness
Difficult if the water and heart are cold

And the lover is now taught kissing as listening
Laughter follows her flowing eye black make-up
The voices echoing around the embrace
Everything is slippery

And you are silent with your head to his chest
the water beating the back of your brain
searching for the heartbeat
You hear something spinning in his chest
You hear horses wandering
A double feature of Black Beauty with Black Stallion
the book, scrolling up the screen
and captivating us something endless

The broken down water heater is coughing
The caramel lightbulb can only whisper

In the dark gray sparkling steam
lids close
and you see something you never saw when your eyes were open
The breath spilling like heavy French fog over her lower lip
His tight fever arms gliding around her ribs
The calm chorus in the clearing of her throat
The volumes of yes in her eyes
The room is expanding with his every sigh
The FBI are thankful they decided to tap your walls

They jot down the undocumented facts
about the suspicious power of breathing naked in a hard love
soaped in the arms of senseless trust and silly silly
They jot down other things which are of course, classified Filed under Union Shampoo
These unions:
Stars and Travelers
God and Mystery
Cheech and Chong

the details
the details
the details make us whole

Our worlds are dizzy giggle spinning carousels
that get shut down, cob webbed and quiet
and we can’t find the controls to get the thing running again

But hoorah for the unions
which give birth to curious children inside
and tonight we release the children
and we’ll watch the children run to the carousel
ripping back the dusty cloaks from their favorite painted creatures
like wee matadors
Theres a crimson and green striped dragon with a twisty gold mustache
Theres an neptune blue seahorse with a magenta smile like your mamas juice
There’s a gypsy angel in a marigold dress with wild voyaged eyes
and the black horse is for you

they grab the rails and run this carousel into momentum
set it spinning with force
and if this merry go round spins our children fast enough
you will feel alive enough to forget yesterday
and you will call the horses; horsies
and yell to them for more speed
until it rips faster and faster
snapping from the base
spinning into space

and the children giggle and listen and realize
that some broken down machines
can always spin again

Elizabeth Fuller

Bio (auto)

Elizabeth Fuller has been writing poetry for many years, with great success in the last four years She has been featured in over 150 literary publications and has won many outstanding recognitions, including Best of 1997, Council on National Literatures Award, First Place, for her poem, “She Wore Teal ” She is the former editor and publisher of “The Sunday Suitor Poetry Review “

The following work is Copyright © 2000, and owned by Elizabeth Fuller and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsover without written permission from the author.

When Mother Returns

the solid door sings
of her departure, and yet
the disease of her former presence
still penetrates the cross-legged air

we wait, my brother and I,
for the haggard return of the raven –
wings frantically stirring the still,
beak red with angry blood

perhaps, this time she will return
soaked to the bare bone with apology
and cradle our mistakes
with a softer whip

but the door is alive again
with the wall marking its intent –
we huddle in team spirit:
two shelters in an approaching squall


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