February 10-16, 1997: Lawrence Schulz

week of February 10-16, 1997

Lawrence Schulz

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Lawrence Schulz is founder and associate editor of NEXT .Mag, the word about what’s going on in Southern California poetry He has two books of poetry out on Orange Ocean Press “American Streets” and “Say It Strong ” He has been published in many local and national poetry anthologies He performs where good or bad poetry is served And he is on AOL.

The following work is Copyright © 1997 and owned by Lawrence Schulz and may not be distributed or reprinted in any manner whatsover without written permission from the author.

They Call It Jazz


They call it jazz Mississippi to Chicago
back beats and blues
mixing the wail
of lonely midnights
where no one cares
about anything except that sound:
They call it jazz
carrying what’s been burried
deep, soul down deep
it has to come out It has got to come out
in some way where words
can’t even touch it SKID-A-BOW-DU-BOP-BOP-WOW
They call it jazz
speaking its own language
to a world of non-believers Living its own langauge
of sevenths,
ninths and augmented
diminshed solids
four-four time
and 16th notes Bebop blues, backbeats
Scats and high hats boppin ‘
Heard that sound somewhere
in a voice that had
no one to talk to
and wanted
so bad
to fill an empty sky with a sound,
a sound as bright as sunlight
in expected places,
cool as fog hangin’ around
got nowhere else to go
Saxphone is rising, falling
notes from midnight to midnight Fill that empty sky with sound,
make that rhythm real SKID-AH-BOW-DU-BOP-BOP-WOW

  Yeah, they call that jazz.

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