July 20-26, 1998: Jerry Dreeson and Jeanne Khan

Week of July 20, 1998-July 26, 1998

Jerry Dreeson and Jeanne Khan

Jerry Dreesen


Jerry Dreesen, R.T is the radiology research technologist He has an Associate degree and is a registered and state certified radiologic technologist with over 30 years experience in the field, including over ten years as a radiology research technologist His expertise includes skeletal, gastrointestinal, urological and vascular and specimen radiography as well as assisting with miscellaneous interventional techniques such as angioplasty, stent placement, and vascular embolization Mr Dreesen also has expertise in minor surgical techniques and necropsy procedures.

Radiography his vocation for over thirty years, Jerry Dreesen has pursued writing as his avocation for nearly as long A few of his poems have been published in small press publications, a few more in electronic journals His poetry reflects his experiences, loves, and his losses

Also, he is the author of the online poetry chapbook Ceramics.

The following work is Copyright © 1998, and owned by
Jerry Dreesen and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsover without written permission from the author.

The Kitchen Table

On the way home from a long day
picking up speed
just north of the interstate
I pass a quarrel of cars

one telescoped
into another
There is an ambulance, 
someone on the ground

a woman kneeling beside, 
another standing her hands
masking her face Home, 
I place my briefcase and keys

on the kitchen table
watch for a moment as steam
rises deliciously from something
simmering on the stove.

Washing Dishes

I watch her as she washes the morning dishes, 
delicate hands dipping into the water, rubbing
then rinsing the corners and crevices of each piece
She knows them all by touch: the fluted edge
of a salad bowl, the smooth curves of a tea cup
She is intent in the washing, meticulous
as one might be bathing a baby’s ear
Something catches her eye: a movement
across the window, perhaps a flash of bird
or a leaf lifted by wind
she searches for a moment, wrinkles her brow, 
then let’s it go.


Her children
talk about the weather
tell her what a nasty cough
wait for her to catch her breath
offer candy and sympathetic glances
take inventory
while she agonizes over
nougat or chocolate almond

Jeanne Khan


A search in dejanews for jeannek@delphi.com or jeannekhan@aol.com will yield about 1400 entries since I began posting regularly to rec.arts poems.

Have written several hundred poems and essays and may be catching on to writing by writing ;> Abigails List and several entities within the delphi community are regular recipients of a wide variety of poetic forms and practice shots at ryhmes, meters, sonnets and the like.

Reside in La Mirada California, educated through and beyond grad school (NEU MPA’80) in Massachusetts Executive in audit agency position drew me to So California in 1982 after death of son; returned to marry friend raising his son alone and brought them to California, too Subscribe to atheism, humanism, feminism and support literacy, human rights and cat rescue/spay/neuter projects as evident from links from my home page at delphi.com.

Hold view that this moment is the only certain moment, hence, write at least one poem a day of late as time flies when one is having fun which I am!

The following work is Copyright © 1998, and owned by
Jeanne Khan and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsover without written permission from the author.


She affirms the permanent possibility of sensation in her journals
as John Stuart Mill, one of her heroes, would recognize; she writes
Displays a hyper-sensitivity to persons, places and things; words matter,
they cause euphoria, but she may fall ill after an acidic social intercourse
She lives the present moment as the only certain moment;
applauds and nearly adheres to Zenish form of Buddhism
Holds life in all shapes as sacred and she seldoms kills;
she marchs for choice, but chose not to have an abortion

She reasons her way through situations until she’s rational,
intuits what’s good without a faith or common belief system
Agrees with Carl Sagan about the follies of psuedo-science,
but sees the coincidences in numbers, cards and odd signs

She practices vegan living and works to end animal research;
eating ham and cheese on rye is a lingering mote in her eye
Abhors some effects of organized religion as anti-woman and anti-life,
but observes rituals, honors differences and lives as one man’s wife
She enjoys music in all of its forms, but can play no instruments;
singing, dancing, mathematics and puzzles provide her pleasure
Smashes like an iconoclast, but she often displays an American flag,
a casket-draper icon the U S Army supplied when her only son died

She supports a dozen causes and votes for excellence with her money,
will not waste a dime on crap; she’s thrifty, shrewd and an able haggler
Rejecting violence in all forms, she labors to end it in her lifetime,
but wouldn’t hesitate to hurt predators harming children or animals
An avid reader with hundreds of books, she’s learning to write by writing;
as audio-videophile, she often acquires tech toys, then cavorts with cats

Imagines she lived in other times and places, sees familiar faces here,
has no proof of life after death and laughs at notions of heaven and hell

A feisty female, a pushy broad in public, professional and political arenas,
she chooses peace, quiet and a clean house; seeks the solace of solitude

Consults with trees and many living things and listens because they speak, 
but talks too much with humans because she’s as vain as they seem to be
She does a dozen archaic tasks like ironing and mending, not craft-crazed,
although she supports all arts, including domestic arts; she pays cleaners

Defers only to Mary Daly, philosopher and author; she defies systems like
Pankhurst, Dix, Goldman, Sanger, Abzug, Steinem, Stuber and Sappho did
She has no Venus or penis envy; she’s comfortable with her body, enjoys sex
and food, but wishes to be fitter or taller at her present weight; she’s

A simple, direct and honest person who’d rather flirt than flaunt credentials,
she’s ordinary, but wild, a hedonistic pagan full of bull and contradictions.


The number of Viagara deaths is rising among men,
but women can’t get a pregnancy preventive RU286,
or HMO coverage for simple effective contraceptives
Animal researchers continue to waste unvoiced life
rather than use discarded placentas, cords, blood
or tissue from childbirth toward human applications
Mutant monkey-pigs multiply for muted murdering
even as cloned sheep and cattle replicate for study
while egg harvesting and sperm gathering proceeds

Rainforest burns; air is unbreathable; anti-biotics fail,
AIDs reigns nearly unabated; successful vaccines may
later manifest in diseases including post-polio syndrome
Children kill children with semi-automatic weapons
adults kill adults with a handgun, a drug or a car;
all appear quite expendable as lab animals now are
RRRs dance a jig generating call-in apocalypse dollars
to their coffers for controlling elections and the masses;
few vote, few notice, few resist, few fight and fewer care
Marketeers profit from created greed and consumption;
third world labor works; our service sector flourishes;
stock indexs spiral, earnings climb and tax shelters rise

Child care is unaffordable, insufficient or non-existent,
welfare isn’t faring well or well-fare, but a ticket to hell
Children are more like prey or panderers pets every day
Few of us select simple vascectomy Is anything amiss in all of this?
Could Mother Nature know something we missed or have forgotten?
Maybe we were already screwing ourselves to death before Viagara?