April 20-26, 1998: Janet I. Buck and Michael Wenzel

Week of April 20, 1998-April 26, 1998

Janet I Buck and Michael Wenzel

Janet I Buck


Janet Buck lives in Medford, Oregon She teaches writing and literature at the college level and is widely published in journals, e-zines, and anthologies around the world Her poetry sites on the web have received more than thirty awards, including the distiguished “Predators and Editors: Author’s Site of Excellence” and “The Circle of the Muses Award of Inspiration ” “Writing,” she says, ” is a tuba in a long parade that chases pain and sorrow to its dissolution “

The following work is Copyright © 1998, and owned by Janet I Buck and may not be distributed or reprinted in any manner whatsover without written permission from the author.

Catheters and Fountain Pens

Impervious to artistry
unless I really need to pray Windsor Castle dreams
becoming pillars for
the Parthenon and
other symbols of despair Dinner guests like static cling Stood-up expectations
hanging in the quiet air
This pen is too related to
the wings of eagles pinned in flight
Or clouds above election night
and waiting for the hand of fate
to slap its slap without
a glove like Arnold’s
“long, withdrawing roar “

Admitting this is catheters
of nepotismís happy hour Writing this is dyeing hair
and other evidence of time
a lighter shade of bitter gray It nicely frames the agony
in pewter for the world to see Owning this is Demerol and
yogurt running down the throat
behind a tonsillectomy.

Wounded Doves and Open Eyes

Godiva chocolate sex appeal Melting in the mouth of years Tall and long and silk and right Barbie for your bust of bronze You had it all, or so it seemed I had well-digested dregs Satin slippers empty as a
disappointed Christmas stocking
Santa didn’t stop to fill
Manacles around my waist
that held the wooden parts in place Scoring flesh and heart as well,
despite the many surgeries applied
to lighten burden’s bricks
like wheelbarrows hauling dreams In my mind and on your plate:
legs that matched Mattel’s for real Upon the chaise as wires crossed
and playing music in my ears Upside-downing frowning crowning
glory raping what I had replacing thighs
The night was long It still exists Artistry is throwing sand, but all I had
to match such grace and elegance Unless you count the streams of will
that rest so unacceptably
at pity’s raging waterfalls Or maybe puppets of a smile
that know the echo of the wind
as wounded doves and winter caves
and very, very open eyes.

Expecting Maps

For fountain pens Convoluted streams of ink
that borrow their integrity
from emperors and mistresses
that have me by
my fettered bones
The threat that comes
with looking glassing
facing suns that overheat
from tragedy and
rolling, boiling evil eyes
Expecting maps for artistry
and other obligations tied
to taverns of a smoking mind Manacles of dying love Under flesh upon the page Raw exposure to the dawn
with all its streaks and
screaming fits
Roosters crazy in a pen
and waiting for the heavy axe Handcuffs of the metered sky
I need I need I need to pick At least a time or maybe two
before I drop and die.

Olivaceous Eyes

Your presence slick Like olives sliding from a can The darkness was acceptable
because you lost your job Then the shackles of regret
for selling assets of the dawn
to cater lunches meeting need
Two-thumbs-up for fantasy I blamed it on the booze We both would move
like sliding doors that cross
a path and never touch Depressionís darts
They ate the air and
melted plastic valentines A dozen roses C.O.D They’re dying on the severed
vine of reciprocity in love
Olives work in twos or threes No one eats entire cans
without regurgitating coal Hearts and minds will soon rebel Turn away the tragedy
like envelopes without a stamp
for traipsing on another soul.

Shackles and Chains

I’m not a shrink but
here’s my take on pity’s couch You ask me why you lost again
in rapids of romantic seas Shackles of your bleeding heart Cleaning guns of suicide
you waved like flags
above our heads She and I grew very tired
of hauling pity’s books to school “Please don’t dump me”
loose grenades
Cashing in before the rain
Impossible to stretch
the dimes of falling tears
to symbols of enduring love You told me that
I loved you too
so many times I nearly
bought bikini dreams
that didn’t fit my soul at all So many times I nearly
traded in my own and
settled for your chains.

Michael Wenzel


Mike Wenzel is 20 years old My claim to fame other than being on the cover of the Valley section of the Los Angeles times is that I was the mystery reader at the publication party for the book “I Am My Own Orange County” I plan to publish a chapbook the year 2002

The following work is Copyright © 1998, and owned by Michael Wenzel and may not be distributed or reprinted in any manner whatsover without written permission from the author.

Peanut Butter Girl

She truly enchants me
She is the most spectacular girl
She reminds me of the perfect
Peanut Butter and jelly sandwich
She has this real creamy look
Yet her personality is chunky

She has the sweetness of good jelly
Yet the high class of preserves
So she is my peanut butter girl
And she is so perfect
I don’t want to consume her

The Phone Calls

She made two phone calls
Since I have been sitting here
One were she pointed in my direction
And another were she actually looked at me
I hope she isn’t calling the police

And if she is I hope she is describing me in
.an attractive manner

Pixie Stick Whore

Mandy was a cool kid
Never talked to me
’cause I was an outsider
I had cooties

One day I had a lot of pixie sticks
She asked to have one

I saw an opportunity
I asked for a kiss
She thought about it

Then demanded them all
We haggled a bit

I got two kisses on the cheek
She got half my pixie sticks
And the nickname
Pixie stick whore

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