February 9-15, 1998: Ha Quach and Gavin Heck


week of February 9-15, 1998

Ha Quach and Gavin Heck

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Ha Quach


lastronin avoids writing poetry at all times and gives in only when the mood hits, which amounts to an average of 2 a year the poetry is, surprisingly, much brighter than lastronin’s usual doom and gloom quirks a collection is slowly being compiled at lastronin’s saddest songs http://rgo.simplenet.com/ha/800/ .

The following work is Copyright © 1998, and owned by Ha Quach and may not be distributed or reprinted in any manner whatsover without written permission from the author.

Poetry Submission

“Try it,” he said, as if
it were a new brand of microwavable TV dinner “What’s there in me
that’s worth insomnia and a bucketful of dead pulp?”
He looked out at the sky, down
to the ground, took a drag of his Marlboro “Do you believe in free will?” I said At this, he flicked the spent things into the courtyard “If there’s a god,
we must be free,” but his fascination
with ashes gave him away.

Buying a Hat for a Swedish Cowboy

This is the new media of love These are the impulses of keys tapping
Heads rapping
Bellies churning
On Burger King belated dollar movies Hide your voice in waves of files
And file me under Received How cold the cable connections
Can’t capture your smile;
Our silly songs dosey-dosing strangers I’ll brave the mall rats
And hunt you down
An appropriate
Masculine hat made in the U.S.A This is a piece of my world This is the best I can do Wear yourself to primal customs
And hum me an Alan Jackson tune I’ll be online soon .

Scab Fetish

I’ve changed my religion to godlessness,
and the fire on Sugar Candy Mountain burns
the tongues of old black women who tell folk tales I’ve seen too many retold myths break line urns,
the shards put together again, empty and cracked When I bleed, I like to believe
I’m the same color as everybody else When my genesis divides, people are too kind
and say I multiply in beauty Ten thousand yards of twine can’t
bind my torment I know for a fact
age and grace don’t go together;
and I’ll be damned for fighting grace
with this foolish itch.

Gavin Heck


Gavin Heck is a 33 year old Graduate of Rutger’s University College in English His father; Captain Norman Walter Heck, Jr , died in Vietnam on December 8, 1964 when Gavin was 2 months old His fathers death, the exploration of his spirituality and other childhood losses form the body of his work He has had work published in: A Half Dozen of the Other, The Rutger’s Review, The Livingston Medium, Poets-on-the-line, Images of God, In Vivo, Kudzu, So It Goes, Syzygy (“Sis-Si-Gee”), The Wicked and The Home Planet News He has been the poet of the week at Poetry Super Highway He has been a featured reader at The Squire Pub in NYC, The Court Tavern in New Brunswick, NJ, Java Market in So Orange, NJ, Chapter One in Highland Park, NJ, Cafe Improv in Princeton, NJ and The JCC of South Orange.

The following work is Copyright © 1998, and owned by Gavin Heck and may not be distributed or reprinted in any manner
whatsover without written permission from the author.

Final Meal

She requested a final meal of a banana, 
peaches and a tossed salad Dear Gavin He Chongkai,
Tan Aik Chin has sent you a Chinese New Year Card
Misplaced his good greetings

You can now create:
A Pilgrimage to Memphis
A New Baby Boy
A New Baby Girl
A soldier’s first exposure to enemy fire

Use The propensity to truck
Make a Cowgirl Salad
Anything is possible!
Not much is actually done Gravity is science, 
Falling down; your art form.


Baptism of fire
Balance or retribution?
Bury the hatchet
Bury the body
She will never kill again
But we will, we will.

Nocturnal Wax

Black, White, Blue, Yellow
Colors sing the nights’ long song Asleep or awake
Night slowly melting
Nodding; day decides it needs
15 more minutes
Nocturnal wax, wane
Colors too bright for these eyes
Crack the horizon


The umbrella men
Fall with the rain on New York’s
Dirty avenues

“Three dollars, stay dry”
What do they do on dry days?
Live high in the clouds.

Sputnic Mercury and Athena

Athena was blinking all 8’s this morning Calling someone out there
“Send out a note
I have downtime “

Sputnik and Mercury:
The controller
was showing fault this morning
I fallover
I rise,

This system is
Ruining normalcy Running normally.

Nuclear Traffic

Clarke’s Law (any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic)
Dirty Harry and real Constitution Down on the Johnson Farm
Drywall Contractor on Drugs
Fukunaga, Yasutomo, MD

HIV antibody home testing: the new craze How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Fashion
I felt like Mrs Howell on radioactive sugar beets
I heard it hit some cows
International food fest
Is a lecturer at the University of Paisley
It don’t affect us ducks “
Learning from Mickey Over the fence between their fields
Say cheese
So What’s the Difference Between Teenage Boys and Girls, Anyway?
The first cow said, “I tell you, 
The other cow replies, “Hell, I ain’t worried, 
There were these two cows, chatting
They say it is spreading fast;

This mad-cow-disease is really pretty scary
Working in an amoral world [editorial] Yes or no to NO?
Yes, I want to breastfeed! ; !Si, yo quiero lactar a mi bebe!
Yes, in our backyard
Yes, Mickey Mouse and his pals can be a great role model
Yes, we have no bananas [editorial].

9 Squat Over the World And.

Do not be alarmed if the horizon seems to collapse in a bright flash
of light
Or if your hallucinations turn into frightening animals Observe and enjoy the bright colored imagery
As it changes continually
In a flowing transformation of dream-like sequences
Then what?
History does have a way of swinging back
And forth now doesn’t it?
Re: Fucking wake up!!!!!
Re: Is this a group for Nasty Queens?

Oliver Owl
Henrietta Hippo
Freddy Frog
Oliver was an intellectual, 
Who also dabbled in the sciences
(he once created a “happy pill” for Henrietta
In their lone anti-drug episode) Re: Prozac As a Weight-Loss Pill?!

Zen Foot:
By reason of insanity Once you’ve lived a full life
Are ready for the next one, 
Sure, go ahead and eat
Goofball pudding

Athena was blinking
All 8’s this morning And the crows had x’s
As their eyes.

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