October 25-31, 1999: Tim Leonard and Adam Kaiserman

Week of October 25-31, 1999

Tim Leonard and Adam Kaiserman

Tim Leonard

Bio (auto)

tim leonard; vietnam veteran, writer, photographer, visionary addict.

The following work is Copyright © 1999, and owned by Tim Leonard and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsover without written permission from the author.

Watch Your Step

I said stumbling
over my words
walking softly in fear’s regret,  hidden sequence
inside long memories packed in a simple
pouch slung over slender shoulder
dressed in tears by misunderstood
pregnant authorities

You see he angrily interjected
a spiteful therapeutic
heavily medicated sort of self
studying human skulls carved from
Tibetan yak animal bone
strung out on threads of mercy.

For Marianne

They drained a poor old death tooth
Relieving pain, searing eyeball socket
Your voice received a photo?
Train engines hum and whistle down fault lines

I sit by the shore, all the shores
Listening to the waves sing all the waves
Washing all the moss, all the sharp eyed seagulls
Expanding their wings

As you attempt sleep in a Chicago room
With the fan on, doors bolted against crime
Dancing in your underwear dreams

We sleep in separate beds in distant cities Christ hospital offers you a job Too much cell work
As heart machines groan and moan
And trestles expand and contract
Sharp pinpoint strands of light invade
Your letting go; smearing tomatoes on toast
Reading, seeing Spirit and Unfinished Women
Casting their net into undiscovered dreams,

Across deep water in medium security prison
Someone is having their sentence commuted
To life Give me a cardboard box and let me outa here.

Adam Kaiserman

Bio (auto)

Adam Kaiserman a recent transplant to Santa Barbara is living in what the state of California is providing him with, a bad hotel where one must share a room with a stranger and take their shits in public places He also is free on Saturday, so if you’d like to you can contact him at soberboy@hotmail.com

The following work is Copyright © 1999, and owned by Adam Kaiserman and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsover without written permission from the author.

Amish God

I see thunder and lightning clouds
on my showercurtain They zap each other with lightning
as if to say, “hello “

One of them zaps a cloud that looks like the face of God
If God were a slacked jaw
Amish Man
Boy does he looked pissed Good thing I’m an Atheist I don’t believe in the Amish.


She has an old soul
And she has a pair of firm breasts I can dig, it man.

Modern Day Jacosta

My mother fakes
orgasmic wails at the dinner table a la When Harry Met Sally She then procedes
to tell me about porno movies
she saw in the 70’s on dates,
Deep throught comes to mind,
and about big black two-headed dildos I think she is trying to give me an Oedipus complex I can only hope she wants me to kill my father.

Su culo

Your asshole
is the wierdest thing
you will ever see Do not trust your ass hole It is out to get you While you sleep,
it will shit out long arms and legs First it will strangle you,
then it will run away Your ass will leave you Beware!
The ass hole strikes at midnight.

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