April 26-May 2, 1999: G. Scott Hughes and Dan Nielsen

Week of April 26-May 2, 1999

G Scott Hughes and Dan Nielsen

G Scott Hughes


G Scott Hughes plays well with others His work has appeared in: Spillway, Blackcross Magazine, Wings & Medicinal Purposes He loves his wife Evelyn very much He likes: Animals, Bodyboarding,  Mountian Biking, Pantera, Matthew Sweet, Illegal Fireworks & has been known to frequent dive bars in his locale, not to drink,  but to soak up the atmosphere.

The following work is Copyright © 1999, and owned by G Scott Hughes and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsover without written permission from the author.

Milk Money

Prowling Tiajuana
for X-mas trinkets & beer Edgar hurls every two blocks
while John & I howl A club barker leaps
in front of us:
“Heeey grande gringo amigos!
Innsi we got tetas, chichotas,
panochas n muy bonita muchachas!
Alll for ju fuckin’ guys!
C’mon innn! C’mon innn!”
We move our wallets
into front pockets
& walk inside-
subdued red lighting,
huge velvet paintings
of bullfighters & Elvis
dangle on the walls,
scratchy mariachi music fizzling
through a cheap P.A system
We grab a table
near the stage
A little girl serves
Coronas & shooters Edgar hoists his shot,
gags & runs
for the bano He staggers out ‘Love To Love You, Baby’
almost blows the speakers The curtians peel open A few locals clap She rips off her bra;
wiggles, grinds
& squeezes her knockers-
miks squirts out Edgar beelines to the stage,
digs in his pocket
& tosses cash at her She motions for
him on stage Edgar hops up,
drools & sucks
her lactating melons Everybody roars,
throwing pesos
& dollars at them.

Delivery & Installation

Chaz rings me-
friend of his girlfriend
wants to purchase
his clothes dryer He needs her money
& my truck Say yes, start the engine
& hope for adventure After a few knocks,
a slevete latin temptress;
phone in hand
opens the door We oogle,
she curses rapidofuego
& kills the conversation:
“Hi Chaz & friend I’ll have your money tommorow Got to run;
mi amore is tripping hard “
Chaz nods:
“Won’t take us long, Claudia “
She bolts outside We manhandle
the appliance into position;
gouge paint & linoleum Grab a monkey wrench,
connect the gas:
“Chaz, it’s too bad
we don’t have Teflon tape “
He kneels on the floor:
“This isn’t quality work, Greg “
Twist the valve:
“Chaz, got a light?”
He slaps his forhead:
“Shit! I forgot Search the pad, Greg “
Shakedown obsrevations-
cat trays loaded
with shit & piss,
bras & panties everywhere,
the fridge reeking
from contents
of greasy paper bags Chaz yells:
“Found ’em, Greg!”
Stroll back & find Chaz
between the dryer & wall He opens the valve,
hands me the burning match:
“No matter what, 
keep the fire kit, Greg “
Grab the match
& wait for the fuel.

The Last Time At A Strip Club

We roared through
the streets of Downey
& into the parking lot
of ‘The Paradise’;
parked our ride
next to a camper van Its flimsy door opened A buxom blonde glided out,
ready for work She accepted our catcalls
with professional poise:
“See you inside, boys “
Inside- a menangerie
of flat beer, writhing flesh
& heavy perfume Loud top 40 music
rattled the mirrors The guys oogled
& gave money
to anything that jiggled I always held out
for that dancer that
was new or different Suddenly, the top 40 music
was replaced
with Frank Sinatra-
“Fly Me To The Moon” She sauntered on stage
& stripped so well,
male angels
swung low & wept Other strippers ceased cliched gyrations
& looked embarassed
as they vacated the stage Waitresses became envious
as the song cresendoed ‘The Paradise’ went quiet I stood up
& shok her hand
with everything I had.

English As A Second Language

A small mexican restaurant
on Anaheim & Molino I opened the door,
marachi & cumbia tunes
blasted from the jukebox I grabbed a table, waited She came by w/ chips,
salsa, a smile & bright eyes:
“Como estas, Greg?”
I inhaled the aromas:
“Es tambien, Florita “
She placed the menu
on the table I pushed it aside Florita caught on,
swished to the kitchen
& began to cook Curiosity killed me I peeked inside the kitchen-
Florita glistened over the stove;
her white blouse became transparent A slow, sexy salsa number
came on the jukebox She swayed her lithe body
to the music The passion & heat
from the kitchen became unbearable;
my legs quivered
back to the table After the song,
she emerged from the kitchen Sweet onions,
sweat, Chanel No.5
& cilantro followed
her to the table Florita gently offered the meal I looked at her:
“Muchas, muchas gracias,”
then the meal-
it was perfect I picked up a taco,
took the first bite
& wept.

Dan Nielsen


Dan Nielsen is a poet / film maker living in Racine, Wisconsin His poems have
appeared in THE RANDOM HOUSE TREASURY OF LIGHT VERSE, STAND UP POETRY: THE ANTHOLOGY, University of California Long Beach Press,  CREATED WRITING: POETRY FROM NEW ANGLES published by Prentice Hall and hundreds of less impressive places His latest films are: WHAT DON’T I LOVE YOU FOR? I DON’T LOVE YOU FOR INSTANCE,  and SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD AT

The following work is Copyright © 1999, and owned by Dan Nielsen and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsover without written permission from the author.

The Swami Sky Dives

thoughts while waiting
for the parachute to open

thoughts after realizing
the parachute will not open

reflections on how circumstance
affects thought

James or Jim

last night I watched
Rebel Without A Cause
for the first time in years

I used to want
to be more like
James Dean

Now I wish I was
less like
Jim Backus

My Mother Never Forgave Me

for not liking
her milk

Saturday Morning Ultimatum

she said
“how come you never
pay attention to me?”

he said
“can’t you wait a minute?
Heckle and Jeckle is almost over”

she said
“decide right now
which is more important”

he said
“Heckle is more important
but Jeckle is very important too”

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