February 12-25, 2001: David Gershator and Andy Baron


week of February 12-25, 2001

David Gershator and Andy Baron

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David Gershator

Bio (auto)

Artist, poet, songwriter, children’s book author, former prof Univ.of the Virgin Islands, St.Thomas, USVI Born Mt.Carmel, Israel, raised N.Y , Assoc Editor Home Planet News, New York Editor & translator: Federico Garcia Lorca: Selected Letters, New Directions Press Latest chapbook: Elijah’s Child, Cross Cultural Communications Press, latest children’s book: Palampam Day, Marshall Cavendish, N.Y , current home St Thomas, U.S Virgin Islands Recipient of NY State CAPS award and NEH grant Work has been featured in Confrontation, Caribbean Writer, Antaeus, Home Planet News, Frogpond etc

The following work is Copyright © 2001, and owned by David Gershator and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsover without written permission from the author.

Dividing Jerusalem
In Memoriam: Yehuda Amichai

I’ll take the figs
you keep the sparrows
I’ll take the doves
you take oranges
I’ll keep pomegranates
you take red grapes
I’ll take green
divorce divorce
and there’s no divorce
I heard a prophet cry
divorce divorce
I heard a prophet weep
you take the rose
I’ll die by my jasmine
you take the clouds
I’ll treasure the rain
you take the thunder
I’ll keep the lightning
divorce divorce
you close your roads
I’ll open mine
you take the rocks
I’ll take the bones
you take the skulls
I’ll keep the tombs
fifty fifty
on the seven gates
to the City
Lion’s gate for you
Zion Gate for me
Omar for you
Moriah for me
we divide Gehenna
we split Siloam’s waters
we share Via Dolorosa
we flip coins
for David’s Tower
yes yes yes
you take no I take yes
you take yes I take no
divorce divorce
I heard a man talking
to his echo
divorce divorce
I heard a man’s voice
calling from a minaret
divorce divorce
I heard a blind man
whisper to the deaf
divorce divorce
I heard a widow
talking to the Wall
divorce divorce
an orphan’s vow
divorce divorce
an orphan’s wail
divorce divorce
you take the voices
I’ll hold the visions
you take the tears
I’ll hold the cries
you hold the breeze
I’ll hold the air
Solomon Solomon
how do we split
this nuclear baby
you take Mohammed’s horse
I’ll take Messiah’s donkey
you keep Koran prayers
I’ll take the psalms
you beat the dourbakee
I’ll blast the shofar
you take Allah hu Akbar
I’ll take the Shema
you take the pita
I’ll take the matzah
you make whole
the maimed and crippled
I’ll ask Ezekiel
to liven up
wake up
bring back the dead

Soon to appear in Home Planet News

Andy Baron

Bio (auto)

My name is Andy Baron I am 23 I live in Houston, Texas Since my previous publication at the Poetry Super Highway a few months ago I have: Temporarily dropped out of college, been promoted far beyond my competency, acquired a taste for mayonnaise, and through a revelation of desperation and a terrifying image of me at sixty, alone, in pee stained underwear- decided to get a girlfriend- soon I am, however, still incredibly silly.

The following work is Copyright © 2001, and owned by Andy Baron and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsover without written permission from the author.

Baffled By Your Casablanca Kisses

You make a kiss
seem epic The start of a beautiful friendship
would be proud
everytime you whisper
your tongue into my mouth
I feel the applause of
history’s greatest film
rush through me
just like the perfect cinematic
it never seems
to last long enough.

What If The Sun Was A Child With A Name?

What if the sun was a child with a name like
‘Peter’ and all his friends laughed at how
hot and bright and gaseous he was, but
then one day after his friends grew old
and began to bald
and understand pain-
they would be forced to notice
the rain
and the flowers
and the warmth on their faces
and they would weep
and feel far too ashamed
to even get a tan?

It’s All Relevent

The buzzing of evening cicada
depress me Perhaps because
I only seem to notice them
when I am alone.

Nothing Ever Changes

When you say,
“I need my space “

I almost wanna say,
“You can have your own
little space
complete with a galaxy of
nebular silence and
you can live and breathe the cosmos
in a black hole of perpetual
fucking solitude
for all I care!”

But instead I say,
I understand “

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