April 22-28, 2002: Jadid Khan and Larry Jaffe

week of April 22-28, 2002

Jadid Khan and Larry Jaffe

This week presenting poetry as part of Operation Semite:
The purpose of Operation Semite is to create communication and dialogue through
the warring factions of the Semitic peoples to show that in reality they beat with one heart We need to change the current method of communication from bullet to words and we will
start with the poets The purpose of this dialogue is not one of recrimination but to bring
enlightenment to each side


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Jadid Khan

Bio (auto)

Jadid Khan was born in London, England in 1975 but he lived and grew up in Karachi, Pakistan for most of hi teen years He moved back to London in 1993 Jadid is deeply involved in music, and is qualified line producer /director working on a several film projects and of course poetry One of his projects involves working in bi-lingual poetry using diverse musical instruments as part of a peace project
By day, Jadid is an investment banker but at night, he can regularly be seen as a feature poet on the Farrago Poetry circuit in London

The following work is Copyright © 2002, and owned by Jadid Khan and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsover without written permission from the author.

A Muslim to a Jew
I haven’t even met you Larry
But I’ve been trained to hate you Larry,
I’m only eight years old Larry
But I hate you Larry I hate you

I always knew I hated you Larry hated Jews Larry
But never knew why
Misguided, blinded
by society carrying on doing nothing wrong
not rocking the boat not bothering to note down why
just learning by rote id try sometimes and fail
to understand why I didn’t want to know
I didn’t need to
I joked about it sometimes
Saying man I hate the Jews but I have no idea why
I was surprised by how many people around me agreed

They said we don’t know either but its got something to do with land
Land Larry, Land Can’t be its got to be something more than that
All this blood all these lives lost because of land
What good will this land be to those who have died for it
Its only dust and to dust we must return so why bother fighting
For more space to bury ourselves in
Surely there must be something else

I haven’t met you Larry
But I’m not sure why I hate you Larry
I’m not sure I hate you Larry
But I think I should

Cos the TV says it Larry
The man on the mic says it Larry
He says the book says it Larry
I haven’t read the book but surely he cannot be lying He’s vying for revenge now Larry
He wants me to join him
I think I should

I haven’t even met you Larry
But I know I am wrong to hate you Larry
cos this hatred is not my own
This hatred is the hatred of ignorant society
Moulding me for their own purposes, to their own political preferences,
A bittersweet pill you swallow blindly,
This medicine for your pain, making you insane

I was wrong to hate you Larry
And I never knew how true
Until I met you Larry
Until I heard you Larry
Until I saw that you were just like me,
Like shylock you bled like me
You bled through your words
And the meeting you for the first time
Was like meeting you again after ages
Although we never knew each other
I felt we were long lost brothers
I felt we were eight together
Taught to hate together
Learned to love together
Rose above together
In your eyes I saw an ancient understanding
That went deeper than the foundations of the old city

And now we stand here and
We bleed the tears of all those who
Were not able to meet us here
Who swallowed those pills and now need them like
An antidote to a self created disease
Ignorance is bliss for sure
But ignorance like this ends up on the epitaphs of children
Lost to a cause that they are not old enough to understand

The biggest war is being fought in our hearts
Everyday, everyday children like me and you were
Are being taught to hate like you and me were
We survived, will they?

Lets show them how Larry

Larry: I love you
Take that as gospel
From a Muslim to a Jew.

Larry Jaffe

Bio (auto)

Larry Jaffe is the Poet/Host at the Autry Museum of Western Heritage and the International Readings Coordinator for the United Nations Dialogue among Civilizations through Poetry program and creator and host of the Poetix Spoken Word reading series at the world famous Rainbow Room on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood (formerly PoeticLicense at the Moondog) He has been featured at numerous readings and poetry festivals throughout the United States and abroad including the Hammer Museum, Japanese American National Museum, Comedy Store, Autry Museum, University of Texas, UC Northridge, UCSB, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles Poetry Festival, Austin International Poetry Festival, San Luis Obispo Poetry Festival, Bristol, Paddington and Birmingham Poetry festivals Jaffe is the Co-chair of Poets for Peace and has spearheaded organizing poetry hosts around the world through the Poetry Host community group His work can be found in numerous publications and anthologies like Urban Spaghetti, Saturday Afternoon Journal, Staple Gun Press, Poetry Magazine, Sic, Firefly Magazine, Daimler Chrysler’s Spirit in the Word, Will Work for Peace, Short Fuse, etc Jaffe’s books include Jewish Soulfood available from Dead End Street Publications, Unprotected Poetry CD and book from PoetWarrior Press Pudding House Publications has just released a special book of Jaffe’s Greatest Hits along with several other poets Salmon Publishing in Ireland will be publishing his forthcoming book Lying Half-Naked in the Doorway In addition, Lummox Press is about to publish his book of poetic noir L.A Rhapsody Each month Jaffe writes a poetry column for www.about.com Museletter and he is an editor for Web del Sol

The following work is Copyright © 2002, and owned by Larry Jaffe and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsover without written permission from the author.

Always Ready to Fight

You are always ready to fight my cousin I grew up learning how not to fight how to
Never be in contention never confront anything
for fear of reprisal I grew up to be a shadow
my cousin To never put any foot forward lest
it be the wrong foot A wallflower is what I was
taught was the best position for manhood to live and
thrive To never right wrongs and never fight
someone else’s battles and they were all
someone else’s battles I was taught to hide
the chips on my shoulders and never be seen
I was taught to be a shadow my cousin and having
patience “this too shall pass ” Only the angel
of death has stopped passing my cousin And
I wonder who really wins these battles that
pause at the tips of blind bayonets
I can hear mother’s screams and I wonder why
you don’t say Kaddish for my relatives when
I sit Shiva for yours This disturbs me greatly If you are going to condemn death then you
must condemn death for all, not just your side Violence is a plague that riddles our civilization
moreover, makes it bleed from dawn to dusk Why must
you suicide your bombers into my children, why
must my tanks roll over yours? I ask who builds bombs
who builds tanks? who benefits from this hate and
retribution my cousin? I sit in anguish, I do not know
whom to believe so I believe no one There is no violence
there is no hate, I tell myself but refuse to listen It is all
violence and all hate And I know it is neither You say
You love me If this is so tell your relatives to be quiet Tell them to shut the fuck up and I will do the same
with mine!

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