February 25-March 3, 2002: Shane Jones and Bruce V. Bracken

week of February 25-March 3, 2002

Shane Jones and Bruce V Bracken


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Shane Jones

Bio (auto)

Shane Jones lives in Buffalo NY where he attends school He has one chap out with another one on the way this March from Boneworld Publishing He has a love/hate relationship with snow

The following work is Copyright © 2002, and owned by Shane Jones and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsover without written permission from the author.

Getting Creative

I heard on the radio
while drinking
a Natural Light,
that a man from Kentucky
was planning to cut off
his own feet
with a homemade guillotine He was broke,
injured from a motorcycle accident,
and his insurance
wouldn’t pay a cent
for an operation
or prosthetic limbs You could watch
the thin blade drop
to his bony ankles
on the Internet
for only five bucks I turned off the radio
and began drawing a long table
with sets of plastic straps,
thick ropes, 
and hanging knives It was possible I could get a new liver.


I’m twenty-two years old
and living
in my parents basement I don’t have a job or car This is perfect
because when my mother
says to get a job
I just say I can’t-
I have no car My father doesn’t like
this excuse,
and tells long stories
about how it was when he was young I imagine him
on those ten mile hikes
through white blizzards,
fingertips frostbitten
and toes fighting for movement
under thick socks,
plastic bags,
and boots four sizes too big I imagine myself in five years Snoring into the same set
of stained bed sheets A two-day-old bowl
of macaroni and cheese
sitting on top of the television My ten-speed Huffy bicycle
on the front lawn
buried under snow,
instead of a red corvette
idling in the driveway.


Sitting outside
picking at
dry grass and struggling soil,
I hope this breeze
will soon
clear our hearts You talk about
life in the city Feed me images
of rain tapping yellow taxis
and corner coffee shops Later we talk on the phone
and make plans
for next week Fall is coming Cool September air
cuts across my bare feet,
and I picture you
brushing the hair
from your eyes .

Bruce V Bracken

Bio (auto)

My name is Bruce V Bracken, I have lived in Seattle, WA for the last two years My work has appeared in a local ‘zine called Spread, Beautiful Lumber, an anthology of Seattle poets, and my website, Bruce V Bracken’s All-Purpose Poetry Thing I was also a semi-finalist at the Seattle Poetry Slam I have recently published my first chapbook, “Poem Poem”

The following work is Copyright © 2002, and owned by Bruce V Bracken and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsover without written permission from the author.

Fruitbat Depression-The Hidden Epidemic

The dichotomy between drab olive
And bright lime is a false one,
Says Lord Nebbish, the Wise One
Slit-Skirt Susan, the Other Wise One,
Said the same thing about worsted tan
And dark brown polyester blend
Alas, I, Senor Antonio Arana,
Am absolutely color-co-ordinated,
Therefore, I must remain silent on this issue
But on this subject I may not be silent:
Do you know that millions of fruitbats
Suffer from depression brought on by 9-11?

Here to tell us more about this epidemic
In fruitbat depression is the official
Fruitbat depression spokesperson, Sally Struthers
Hello, I’m Sally Struthers for the Christian Fruitbats’ Fund,
In a shantytown outside Santiago, Chile
With a young fruitbat named Manuel!

Manuel would like to go to school
And become a pediatrician, but his depression
Has robbed him of his dream, and his future!

He says that his depression started
After the attack on the World Trade Center,
And he often contemplates hanging himself from a tree!

And this poor fruitbat, Enrique,
Wants to be a drag queen, and impersonate
Charo impersonating Allen Ginsberg!

All they need is thirty-four cents a day,
So they can buy prozac-laced strawberries
At the pharmacist’s in Downtown Santiago!

Thank you, Ms Struthers, now please stop crying So, won’t you please do your patriotic duty
And send your thirty-four cents

To the Christian Fruitbats’ Fund?
It’ll probably do your heart good, probaby more
Than feeding an African child Thank you.

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