February 4-10, 2002: Carol Sircoulomb

week of February 4-10, 2002

Carol Sircoulomb


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Carol Sircoulomb

Bio (auto)

I have been writing about 4 1/2 years I still am a novice but love most forms of poetry I have had a sijo published in The Art of Haiku 2000, Haibun in Nightingale Poems and Haiku in Ezines Arrabella Arachnid, Interactive Photo Haiku, World Haiku Review Zimmerzine, Prairie Poetry, Transparent Words, Caught in the Net, Poetry Super Highway, and Images Inscript I have won Charnwood Arts Mini words Competition 2000 in Haiku, and commended in Charnwood Arts Mini Lives competition in 2001 I am a professional photographer, wife, mother, grandmother, potter, sculptor, gardener and zookeeper to 2 dogs 4 cats, 2 rats, a cockatiel and a tank of guppies

The following work is Copyright © 2002, and owned by Carol Sircoulomb and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsover without written permission from the author.


Kansas autumn
leaves blow up and down
a hard wind

bassett hound
how your helicopter tail
swings the baby

fuzzy slipper
a kitten purrs
soft old bed

ice on the pond
water hyacinth
wilted crystals

Many Road

The heat is making the road
waver ahead
the road I follow
is marked
I think

On the road to Rome
I walk
over rough stones
laid many centuries ago
marked with shrines
to bid me safe travel
and help me find my way

I turn
by smooth round rocks stacked
into pyramid shapes
coming from Lake Superior
stacked by some ancient tribesman
to guide me safely from harm

A straight road
steel bridges
with massive girders
billboards advertising
Lucky Strikes
small town grain elevators
stinky town’s with their oil refineries
the road sign
Route 81
guided my parents
to both sets
of grandparents
and safe warm arms

the road I travel now
is marked
I think
by yellow arches


The muse left this week
she went on vacation
to see beauty
leaving me

for inspiration
my own genius
writing the wonderful words
all in vane nothing silence


in old age
he holds them tight
forty years of warmth and security


I asked the man with the tiger cub
if he knew Ray
the wild old guy who raised lions
on a buffalo ranch
he said yup
Did ya know he died I asked
His son Robert took the place over
I visited him a while back
He talks like the old man now nonstop
the man said

I asked what of Maude
oh she died a while back
after Ray

My mind went to Maude
oh what relief no more pain for her

I met her leg
the first time I went to visit Ray
it was on top of the dryer

my daughter whispered did you see the leg
after I had finished using the bathroom
and mom what about the smell
did ya hold your breath

We had gone to talk art with the old man
but talked lions and buffalo
most of the afternoon

the second time we went to visit
we met Maude in her wheel chair
and the house smelled ok
The lion cubs no longer lived
in her basement she told us

Her legs were so swollen and blue
one amputated laying on sheep skin
she would not talk much
it was Rays story
not hers we wanted

I wanted hers
She told me Ray would travel
she would stay home and tend the Kids
watch after the animals
like whenever he would go
judge buffalo
or to the Artic circle on the dog sleds

Thats all of my life the Ranch, kids
and Ray
I never wanted to do anything else

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