December 15-21, 2003: Jonathan Hayes and Jennifer Mitts

week of December 15-21, 2003

Jonathan Hayes and Jennifer Mitts

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Jonathan Hayes

Bio (auto)

Jonathan Hayes is the author of Echoes from the Sarcophagus (3300 Press, 1997), St Paul Hotel (Ex Nihilo Press, 2000), and self invented (split chapbook with Mark Sonnenfeld, Marymark Press, 2003) Recently published by M.A.G , Remark, and Sidereality; he edits the literary / art magazine Over the Transom.

The following work is Copyright © 2003, and owned by Jonathan Hayes and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

The Curse

Roger Clemens walks across the outfield grass

and rubs the plaque of a homerun god
like one would the belly of a golden buddha

looming above the stadium

a baby laughs

Like Eyes of the Tapster

When creation is hot
in the basement of a cool mind,
and dogs run through the street
without leashes or order,
your dark pint remains
unfinished on a wooden bar.


The announcement
of freshly-smacked after shave

The contamination
of armpit sweat in a yellow Izod

And the mistake of being human

Eisenhower paragraphs of tight logic

The smell
of coffee in a deli cup


star explodes
periodic table of elements

lifting skull
to nebula above

a circus beyond feeling

Harvest Moon

They come home at night
off rainy streets
Going into warm apartments
that reek of the past
And sleep on mattresses
that slowly break them.

Jennifer Mitts


Jennifer Mitts was born and raised in Chattanooga and now resides in Knoxville, Tennessee, with her husband, Pulitzer-nominated poet Scott Holstad She holds a BA in English and an MS in Education, both from the University of Tennessee It was at UT that Jennifer found her writing voice under the instruction of renowned poet Marilyn Kallet Jennifer currently teaches English and journalism at an East Tennessee high school She has been a regional judge for the annual National Women’s Club Poetry Contest since 1999 Her work has been published in various magazines and journals, including Poetry Motel, SaucyVox, and The Little River Journal
Visit Jennifer on the web HERE

The following work is Copyright © 2003, and owned by Jennifer Mitts and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

For Sleep

Read, toss, left side, turn,
right side, spin, tangled in
sheets while outside thunder pitches
The queen of repression can’t get to sleep
would rather bend to distraction
than do it alone
with his face in mind,
his hand on my throat,
ravenous, unhinged, and desperate
like I recall
from that hungry April night
Sharon O , 
could I borrow your husband?
I wanna be Primitive tonight.

Yayin Halal
(A psalm of wine)

My one-of-a-kind Schwartzbart kiddush cup
overflows with wine,
fruit of the vine,
blessed are You who creates it
Rabbi Asa dipped gauze in it for baby Levi
to suckle at the bris It was held high as he received his name,
was joyfully lifted at his first Shabbos five days
and will be tipped again
at his first Chanukah,
his Bereshit bar mitzvah,
and one day, praise G-d,
his wedding Baruch atah

I flinch as Christians kidnap the drink,
changing it to bitter blood,
human blood,
the Torah-forbidden sacrifice
Ignoring “I shall not change,”
they deliberately deny His plain talk B.C.E ,
Creator, eager Bridegroom, azvatany
I’ve seen Marnie shed tears
over their creation of another god I’ve spat on myself for blindly accepting
their beliefs I shudder for my dead grandparents
who were intelligent but blind
and therefore useless,
never bothering to read the Torah
in the book they carried every Sunday
I changed, Baruch HaSh-em!

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