August 25-31, 2003: Michele Lamberti and Maisie

week of August 25-31, 2003

Michele Lamberti and Maisie

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Michele Lamberti

Bio (auto)

Born (1973) and raised in Germany, Mülheim a d Ruhr; near Cologne My parents were immigrants from Italy I´ve studied economics (what a waste of time ;)) quite succesfully and I´m now working as a Controller for a german pipecoating company.  2 Months before my 30th birthday I had an epiphany: I love poetry

I also do you like chess, house music and italian food
How come: An Italian living in Germany who writes in English?

Why does somebody fall in love with the wrong woman and marries her?

Because she lets him bone her

The following work is Copyright © 2003, and owned by Michele Lamberti and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsover without written permission from the author

St James Park

The tufted duck dives, comes up late,
with nothing more than a single bead
of ice-white water, centred
on her back, between her black wings,
behind those always focussed eyes.

Totem & Teatime

“I can no longer shop happily”
Lost in the supermarket, Strummer/Jones

1 I trick the squirrel My brother
and his girlfriend did the same On my knees, upon the concrete,
(like them besides the meadow),
I show him my left fist,
as if it isn´t empty,
but full of first-class Spanish nuts I know: he will not resist The brown
blitz descends from a scots pine I open my fist
and it´s him Two spirits
As I weigh his claws in my hand,
he sees exactly, that I have nothing Then he stares straight into my filthy face For a very long squirrel-time
2 Who am I to mess with
the ruler of this park?
Don´t you know: the white swan
is busy fighting naked children;
the big-headed black swan sells
dull feathers on a seedy TV show All the others do not count Now:
Do you know who I am?

3 That night,
naked in front of my mirror,
I wrote: “You shall not
eat a squirrel” on my chest
and loved the living
colour of each letter.


Bio (auto)

i live in a seaside town called Lowestoft on the most eastern part of the United Kingdom I am a simple mind with many legs and interests
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The following work is Copyright © 2003, and owned by Maisie and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsover without written permission from the author


sitting so still its ridiculous
by the widest water in the world
watchful for the first ripple

staying by the line motionless
as a stature which surveys a town centre mindful whether the string will stop

its silent waving in the wind whether the fish will bite at
the tender flesh of the wriggling maggot

slowly drowning to death
in the still reaches of the pond
beyond the tall waving reeds

full of summer promise,
finds me a daydream
Dorset evening

Sudden Death

A cat chased by a dog
In a moment of sex-driven
Desire cannot run fast It’s stuck to the pavement

In wonder, how the earth
Still moves passes it’s mind
And whether there’s gonna be
Fish for tea, or milk

To drink, his last moments Caught by the death grin
Of the dog’s invasive grab
Scissors them away


Me I don’t do
I dont do drugs but ok, give me
Another asperin,
a glass of wine
freshly pour’d good
vintage, or a pot
Drop me a quick fix
Into a teacup Or how about a coffee
And a quick fag smoked over a nice
naughty cream cake I don’t do drugs But i’m still
Addicted .I’d say .

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