April 28-May 4, 2003: J. Kevin Wolfe and Victoria Locke

week of April 28-May 4, 2003

J Kevin Wolfe and Victoria Locke

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J Kevin Wolfe

Bio (auto)

J Kevin Wolfe’s poems have appeared in over 60 ezines and in a dozen print publications His ebook, ‘The Year of Purple Lawn Furniture‘, is the first launchable Palm OS ebook.

The following work is Copyright © 2003, and owned by J Kevin Wolfe and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsover without written permission from the author

Bosnian Coffee

Grind beans to graphite ‘Not fine enough’ Mensura says
Mohammud’s chuckle rumbles

Roast half-a-minute in the pot Gilded handle arches
Pot smalls at the brim

A teaspoon heap for each half-demitasse ‘Refuge tore
the shirts off our backs
This ritual of coffee
is all we could carry’

Add half-a-pot of boiling water Stir A froth tans the surface
‘Blood’s not this thick’

Add the other half Mohammud lights a Drina
It demures in his hand

Secrete blackvenom into thimbles The oil’s skin rises
into a rainbow of indigoes

Don’t let it sit ‘Bean ghosts grow bitter’
His laugh thunders
It frightens the Drina’s smoke

Place two sugar cubes beside each Sockheads bombed his house
They missed his laugh

Dip the diamonds Nibble War gnawed Sarajevo
His dirty jokes kept them sane

Swig the silt Repeat at 4pm Specks pepper the bottom
and haunt the cup


Ethel I thought I’d stop by Henry what are you doing here?
-Oh hello dear

You told me
you put on your best sweater
for a lodge meeting
-I’m having tea dear

Tea? With Ethel?
We’re not having sex
We’re having tea

You’re not capable
of sex anymore
You’re capable
of tea

Drown Out

God tries to fill
a church with light
He never

Or maybe
He uses darkness
to accent
His point

The windows
bleed sun
It drowns out
the pastor

shifts focus
from the sermon
to Himself

A hundred souls
sequestered in pews
None listen

Each wonders
what God is doing
on His day off

Victoria Locke

Bio (auto)

Victoria lives somewhere in Southern California with her family of cats and dogs She is currently making a career out of finding a career She has been published by Shiela-Na-Gig, 51%, Black Cross Magazine, and a few others too embarrasing to list

The following work is Copyright © 2003, and owned by Victoria Locke and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsover without written permission from the author

Ass Transplant

Granted it’s not life threatening
Like say needing a heart or a liver
But still I’d like it
An ass transplant
They can keep their brain and fake tits
But some of those bitches out there
Need their ass stolen
Taken in a whole new way
They’d run out real quick to get their hair or nails
But instead they’d meet me and I’d switch my big ass
With their little one
Knock them down
Say mean things
Pull their hair
Drag them into public restrooms and then it’d be on
And I’d emerge beaming with their ass
But what’s really good is they’d have mine
Can you imagine the phone calls?
The rotten things they’d say about me to
Their best girl friends
Aaawww, it’d be so damn fun!
I’d buy the skimpiest underwear
Hell, I’d buy thongs and drop
My keys a lot on busy boulevards
Try to perfect that “Who, me?” look
Victimize men with a shock of hair
Seen from behind of course while I
Bend at the waist in my mini skirt
And then some guy would want a piece of my ass
That wasn’t really my ass and
He might even say something like
“You have a great ass”
And he’d think I was just making excuses if I said
“Well, I like it too but it’s not really my ass
it’s someone else’s I had to beat some raunchy
bitch up and then I stole her ass”
See, it just sounds lame
Like I don’t really want to sit across the table and
Watch the man chew and that might not be the case
So I’d have to lie about it
I hate to have to lie
Nothing worse than a liar
But I would still like an ass transplant
I’d still like somebody else’s ass
Yeah, I’d still like to steal some ass
Yes I would

Advice From Mom

“If a man doesn’t want to fondle your breasts and
Stick his finger up your snatch, don’t get involved
with him, Vicki “

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