January 20-26, 2003: Gabriel Ariel Levicky and Barbara McEvoy

week of January 20-26, 2003

Gabriel Ariel Levicky and Barbara McEvoy

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Gabriel Ariel Levicky

Bio (auto)

Gabriel Ariel Levicky was born in the former Czechoslovakia into the family of the Holocaust survivors After going through the series of indoctrinated school system, he accomplished basic education and soon after joined the ranks of many skeptics
This “protective coat” allowed him to see a troubled and confused society from the different point of view and soon he joined the unofficial dissident movement (Charter 77), led by V·clav Havel
As a young poet, inspired by the American Beat and music, he embarked on his own search and clandestinely published his first book of poetry Nezn·ma Poèzia (The Unknown Poetry) in 1977-79
In 1979 he decided to escape the persecution by the State Security and via number of neighboring countries managed to make it to Italy and to the USA
After a brief sting in NYC, he left for California and settled in San Francisco where he had ran a series of poetry readings as well as got involved with a renewed Beat magazine publication Beatitude, commemorating the late, great American poet Bob Kaufman In San Francisco he published his second book of poetry The Unknown Poetry # 2, directly linking it to his first Slovak publication
After so called Velvet Revolution in his native country, GAL has returned back for a short period as deputy editor-in-chief of the bi-weekly Mosty newspaper, published in Prague (in 1996)
Upon returning to the US, he decided to resettle back in NY where he lives since then He is involved with many poetry projects and readings, ran his own reading Hear & Now in the Raven Cafè in the East Village and has been published in numerous publications nationally and worldwide
His new poetry collection B(lack) & W(hite) Wet Paint Poems, encompassing his NY experience, has been published and released by Xlibris and is available on the Web via: Xlibris, Amazon, Borders, and Barnes & Noble
He is also a recent author (as Emir Gabpashaberger, the founder and destroyer of Jews For Jihad, orgasmization) of his sporadic, weekly socio-political farce and lampoon, reflecting these trying & hilarious times, poking his below the belt hits at almost everything and everybody In his spare time ~ he still draws cartoons and constructs collages, called Gablevages.

The following work is Copyright © 2003, and owned by Gabriel Ariel Levicky and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsover without written permission from the author.


Like the diligent ants tattooing
Their well-explored paths
Into a weather beaten granite step
So do I
Shout at the stars above
Until I no longer
That incredible light/darkness divorce
Somehow await
The first winter slap
Landing on my face If the night turns out to be the map
Of our madness,
How come
Our bright future
Has no shape or form
When the sun caresses
A single drop’s curvature
And the noise below
Competes with a silent howling
Of the roof garden?


(homage to Albert Camus)

You can dream as much as you can
Sniffing the odors of
Your childhood;
Counting lean swallows’ red beaks;
Fingering lost rivers
With a foam that patiently drifts
Towards the invisible seas;
Tasting the fresh well
Where tiny fish left their shiny tail shadows
Reflecting your big, amazed eyes and a howling, transparent soul But
At the end,
It is all about
Squeezing your sponge heart
Of everything Everything.

For Yehuda Amichai

When a poet dies,
Rewind his piercing fingers
Open the gates!
When a poet flies by,
Brush your remaining hair
Build a tent
In the heart of a new poem When a poet is born again,
Learn how to walk on the water
Reinvent long-lasting kisses.


The sea leaves foam behind
That remembers
Aphrodite’s surprised smile Nations come & nations go
Just like in the B movie
Softness of history
Matches the appetite
Of those
Who came to conquer
Those who decided to stay Apollo’s white knee
Still jerks in the distance,
Hoping to make it to a museum
One day Girls wear nothing
Only their best selves
The Sun has an Egyptian grimace My skin likes what it feels,
Absorbing the aroma of life Myth & dreams
Leave their business cards everywhere,
Distributed by the curious stray cats And the sky,
Yes That blue sky Closes its only eye
When it’s time to go.

Barbara McEvoy

Bio (auto)

Barbara McEvoy has published some poems previously on Poetry Super Highway and other stuff in other places She lives in Boise, Idaho, upon that high and lovely desert plain She tends to look closely and critically on this American Scene She likes to whittle there (here).

The following work is Copyright © 2002, and owned by Barbara McEvoy and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsover without written permission from the author.


I said Goddamn Goddamn! Goddamn!
For the first time when I was thirty-five;

I was feeling suicidal Self-destructive Nothing happened
I said Jesus Christ Jesus Christ! JESUSCHRIST!
Practicing in the mirror;
Flossing my teeth
Nothing– –
I didn’t get sick, hit
by a truck, struck
by lightning Didn’t lose my job
I said Jesus Christ! Mother
I said Goddamn! you, Mother

She died.

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