November 29-December 5, 2004: John Dorsey and Britta Kallevang

week of November 29-December 5, 2004

John Dorsey and Britta Kallevang

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John Dorsey

Bio (auto)

John Dorsey [Toledo, Ohio] is 28 yrs old His work recently appeared in many fine publications He is the author of “The Dusty and Lofty Dreams of Middle Class Fairy Princesses” James River Poetry Review Printings, 2004, “Little Boy Beat:Selected Poems” Paladin M & E, Inc , 2004, “The Price of Sunshine” with Iris Berry, Feel Free Press, 2005, and “Harvey Keitel,Harvey Keitel,Harvey Keitel” with S.A Griffin and Scott Wannberg, Butchershop Press, 2005.

The following work is Copyright © 2004, and owned by John Dorsey and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

the majestic sea

was crashing into .the window
scattering my thoughts
.on divinity
when david told me james bond
killed kennedy and
that if i still believed in santa
then everything would be
alright you’re different he said
noticing the warhol book pressed
up against my bookbag
he told me to stay that way
as if i had a choice in the matter
and i was ready to say
yes virginia
.i believe
but it wasn’t that easy and
.i couldn’t

and .he kept
if i knew latin
.attempting to show me
the peace sign on dollar bills
he’d found god sitting
in this very bar in 1962
.supposedly on leave from the
navy smoking havanas
.attempting to solve
the riddle of the missle crisis in his midlife
fortune cookie it had been a warm day but hell
i hadn’t even read
.the devinci code
let alone spoke in
the ghost of a gambler not even able to break
even in english looking as if he were dreaming
this was motown the design
for humanity at 7:23pm
where they no longer play
the jackson 5 without realizing
6 trillion $’s was taken from
the world trade center it was
stolen from dick cheney’s
gym bag in the basement
by carrying a puppy under
one arm a seeing eye dog
used to read
between the

and all i kept thinking about
is a land where punk rock girls have
bad teeth and how barbara dug
my poems but how she
looked like a drag queen
in heat so when we went to
this party
in downtown detroit
i didn’t argue when good ole’ dave
said that marie was beautiful because
it didn’t take the wisdom of the
ages to know that was the truth or
even the backing of the british empire
which they had on tap
it was A B C
easy as
.1, 2,3

so i sighed .thinking
bless you barbara
god save
.the queen
here i rest in the moonglow
out with the tide
sex pistol sid rubbing an angel’s elbow
the shadow of

praying with my
fingers crossed let’s hope
it’s enough because
heaven only knows
i’m not waiting
to be

Britta Kallevang


so i wanna go surfing and have quit the jobs that don’t do anything for me and my hands hurt and there’s not much to say, really, that i haven’t already my name’s britta i live in boulder colorado and that’s about it
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The following work is Copyright © 2004, and owned by Britta Kallevang and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

Newbie Here

in a trance
i am suited green
for a cabbage garden
i have my blue bowl
to back me up
see there is a
for more than one
i can testify to that
serious state
an inventory surplus
.of geeks
but i am fed
up and adam i
want to say
that i am
to change
i am ready
to switch voices
with the oracle
orange master with
forks for arms
bees for eyes
i’ll trade you bees
for eyes and ears
to withstand my
i feel it
suddenly break a window
pop a pillow
my piles of papers
find a new
i never could keep up with them

life is weird so weird it’s weird
and i most contrary in the
grass the roof in the mud
outrage decide the length of
multiple technologies
to find me out
i see loads of mud and ignore do i
see what i want or is it
bridges and glacial ice i see my
face in back of the train on
a trip to the boat i am familiar
with alphabet but
haven’t learned skateboard
or mower that grass riding
i mow with my eyes
i cannot explain
i am i am
on a very train
to the desert
in the heat i move
my hands to keep
bad thoughts away
i am i am holding on
to mud and i take
a long
to keep open my
mind to your
it has gestures i see it a
while once more than enough
and i find myself
responding simultaneous
to my departure my
subversive enunciation that
i am not in the right room
interesting enough i have bike
shorts on when i get in the
i’ve had to stop myself
more than once with my head
in the clock i saw eyes
take shape
of the calligraphy
groped by the pen
and a candle
a candle always makes
its way in i see
dozens of eggs
broken on
.the sculpture outside
and a dozen centipedes crawled
through the bedroom window carried away
two of its legs
isn’t that strange
i think it
read at the seed of the thought before
the text was taken and rubbed
pulled taught

i have a fundamental responsibility
to visit graveyards and
instead i continue to use
in signing documents to seize
protected lifeguards
oh how i wish i had used
a multi-purpose cleaner on
those sea-shells by the sea
horse in my dream i
dreamt of scorpions
and how
seek them in boats seek to
catch them
in boats
undisturbed cages careening
in clear water
i adopt a chalk
drawing broken
by cracks in the driveway
of mistakes
i owe them crackers
for their pains they have
pains i suppose
we all do

this is for the scholastic
penguin party
your hair
around the tree, yellow
tying up our front
porch to the front
door to the
order in store
for every bird
who takes
on the embarrassing entity of shutting
down a
in case you don’t care
in case
you didn’t see it
i fell down
i crossed eyes
the phone book moved too fast
i lost my place
in War and Peace
what they say
gets mixed up
in all kinds of potential heads
and i still haven’t
decided whether to let this thing
go this
contagious complacency
we castrated the pig
so long ago why
does it keep showing up
to father the mother of its second
removed first cousin in-law? like i
said my mind does
without a swing-set know
yellow from green
i haven’t fainted
though i’m losing the feeling
in my left big toe
which is on my left foot
the only big toe i have on my
left foot
in case you were
thinking i had more than two
i tell you
sometimes i swallow my hair
at night and i dream i’m a bird
thing building
a nest for my head
my gigantic head
that’s made a dead
yellow number one
i take a look
and see you make
no seasonal job
look year-round
like you take no
road wholly around the heart
but straight
in and out again
a needle
but not really

so when i come out
you will be there
by the fountain
that looks like
i intertwine them
with gradations of
around the wheel
therein lies grass
stick figures
hips and heads
may your mind be active
it says but also
curves in the road
you eggs
over and over
again the rotund
i place a stick of
by your side
you stick
your fingers in it
i am bleaching my mind
widening my palms
i have almonds
too many
too often?

tonight i spend
in my ear
here i am
fruit at noon
at midnight at noon again
over water
i spend you spend more
i save
i lose


a deja-vu to
break into a room
in a hot house
to turn off a tape
no one was watching
to rewind it must rewind
the thing
so no one hears it
and remove myself
shut the door

i stole a bunch
of grapes i guess
some sort of juicy jewel
i draped them around my neck
and walked down the streets
with my mom oh my
she wasn’t happy with me
she said i’d get caught let me
wear them i’ll save you
she put them around her neck
we took off with everyone
they caught her
put a cage around her
that moved like a net
but she wanted to keep walking
so we did
with the cage on and everything

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