August 9-15, 2004: Carlye Archibeque and Jeannine Bouchard

week of August 9-15, 2004

Carlye Archibeque and Jeannine Bouchard

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Carlye Archibeque

Bio (auto)

Carlye Archibeque is a native of Los Angeles and a friend to all cats She has been writing poetry for 20 years and currently hosts a reading in Silverlake, CA A more complete bio can be found at: or check out Carlye’s Blog at:

The following work is Copyright © 2004, and owned by Carlye Archibeque and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.


I would rather be water
able to hold an object without
destroying it, and often thought
well of, by more
than the occasional cook
or glass blower
No one ever dips their toe
in me and says, ooh, the fire’s
just right Or let’s take the day
off and go to the fire No one
every plays “fire sports “

Of course, no president’s
grave is presided over
by the eternal drip.

Poem for the Full Moon

In the future
others will imagine
requited or otherwise
They will be wrong
Until tonight
I never knew
the impossibility
of a handfull
of water.

The Poets Achievement Test

“Suicide is, of course, the opposite of a poem “
–Anne Sexton

Answer the following questions Answer even if you don’t know the answer Points will be subtracted for unanswered questions
1 Quantative Ability

There are 60 questions in this section Everyone knows that poets are not good at math If you are a poet, 60 points will be subtracted from your final score
2 Verbal Ability

Look for contrast or opposition Use the process of elimination Read the sentences Mentally fill in your own words

Mother is to Love
God is to Sand
Blade is to Wrist
Cat is to Kitten

Be sure your choice is stylistically correct
3 Tell us about yourself
This section has no rules It is the most important section of the test
Ready Begin.


If Dumbo had been born today,
Plastic surgery might have been an option Smaller ears, perhaps some liposuction
Why settle for being a flying elephant
When you can be perfect?

Jeannine Bouchard


Jeannine Bouchard is thirty-two years old and lives in Jersey City, New Jersey

The following work is Copyright © 2004, and owned by Jeannine Bouchard and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.


ive got the blues
the low down dirty blues
the hands down my pants its a crying shame im alone blues
the naughty baby doll blues
the itty bitty bumble champagne and coke for a lap dance blues
the straight up polish vodka blues
the transcendental i cannot sit still to meditate blues
the post mortem, 21st century blues
the existential angst co-morbid with perpetually bittersweet blues
the life’s a bitch then you die bumper sticker blues
the where are you going, where have you been? blues
the not so downy fresh blues
the i’ll never bend it like beckham kick ass blues
the mtv total request dead blues
the jimi jim janis kurt cobain blues
the where are my pills, i need them quick blues
the interstate 95 up and down my arm blues
the say it, but don’t really mean it blues
the kicking the dead cow blues
the sugar free jazz blues
the intergalactic but never connected blues
the anything dot com, dot org, dot gov, dot edu blues
the preppy mega cunt blues
the non-maternal, nothing close to it blues
the lipstick lesbian blues
the no smokes, last call, where’s that sweet bastard? blues
the 353 groove street blues

jane does ferlinghetti

i am waiting for the second coming of mary magdelene (she was here but was edited out)
to resume her rightful place at the left hand of the lord or at least in jesus’s bed
woman have fucking mercy on them, not me (she was here but was edited out)

i am waiting for the restoration of sylvia plath’s mental health
and the extended play, remix version of “mad girl’s love song”
covered by mazzy star .all royalties donated to NAMI please, thank you let the bell jar be shattered and poppies grow wild all year round
so that every morning, i pick a few to weave through my hair
mad girl that i am, always was and will be

and i am waiting to turn john currin into my own personal wench
sans pearls, i’ll opt for big bad ghetto gold hoops
perhaps he’ll want me to pierce him too
i will gladly pose, legs splayed
i am beautiful inside, out

and for sure, i wait (it won’t be long now)
for the man on the moon to come out of the closest
fantabulously queer, glorious faggot, I predict (saturn and himself) will
marry on two/fourteen…
the post-ceremonial and prandial festivities profiled in a piece in the
sunday metro-lifestyles section
ann coulter reporting on o’reilly as first usher/flower boy/ring bearer
dress code will be come as you are & matching nosegays at the door for all
and i am waiting (certainly not in anticipation, mind you)
for the coming of the year of the britney spears presidential campaign
(fox hastings help us all)
no one has the right to claim that much and give so little –
barring the occasional rise/dampness in the sweaty nether regions of
pubescent boys and girls alike
but I am also waiting for patti smith (donde esta ustedes?)
to spring from the morass and kick her perfectly formed ass

i am waiting for all women to proclaim
the mighty mystery of faith
in the clan of the cowgirl, the gospel of ruby red manalos and cherry-less
in the name of the womb, the slick cunt and the lovely clitoris, yeehaw
and I am waiting for the sun to come
waiting for my time to come undone
it may have passed already, but I just can’t be certain
the panel of 12, the inquirer and page 6 haven’t issued judgment on that
one yet

i am waiting for the transubstantiation
of my own personal revelations to be transformed
transfixed into a quasi-metaphorical, allegorical discourse on ethics and
(gotta figure out what that means first)

i am a patient girl
i wait i wait i wait I wait.…
….in the waiting room

i’ve been liberated and confiscated (married in other words)
but I still wait for the man who really knows what tipping the velvet is
hey joe .where are you going with that tongue in your mouth?
did you say to your wife “eso era buena come” ?
name changed to protect the wedded and not so innocent

there’s an off-chance that i am also waiting for the chance to hump Hamp’s
because that is a really good groove he’s got going on there
more more, I want moore, stanton
finally, i am waiting and hoping and praying
that the day never comes when i don’t understand
what it means to be slam dancing to the blues

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