August 1-7, 2005: J. Graham Ducker and Genevieve Legacy

week of August 1-7, 2005

J Graham Ducker and Genevieve Legacy

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J Graham Ducker

Bio (auto)

My name is Graham Ducker and I am known as The Pragmatic Poet, a retired principal who has been writing poetry for ages, along almost any style, but mainly rhyming, not these mini-stories chopped up to look like poems
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The following work is Copyright © 2005, and owned by J Graham Ducker and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

The Elephant

There was an elephant
Of size most elegant,
but deemed it irrelevant
to his own important,
who became disenchanted
with life It was one constant
chewing leaves of every plant
nearby, or in distant
places “I’d supplant
this diet that I can’t
change! So redundant!”
Then he’d go and rant
and rave, (no social grace),
causing all to give him space,
though never showing a trace
upon their collective face
inner feelings of disgrace
he’d brought upon the place “I am quite sure
I need adventure Perhaps if I indenture
myself, I could cure
this feeling of censure “
Said they, “You’re cocksure
that a sinecure
would be an investiture What a pile of hot manure!”
“Join the circus is what I’ll do while someone cleans up my poo,
I’ll help with tents and wagons, too It should be better than the zoo
where everyone yells at you You’ll see! You’ll rue
the day you chided me!”
Just then a feathered Bandurie
landed on his head lightly
and said consolingly:
“Please excuse me,
Your Excellency,
regarding my preciosity
for assisting one whose verbosity
extends beyond his ‘proboscity’ I humbly would suggest
you approach the lioness If you’re nice, she may confess
how she performed under duress It’s up to you God bless “
Before the elephant could ask “What’s next?”
the bird left that pachyderm perplexed Was he expected to commute
across the plain and dispute
with a lady of ill-repute;
a female so dissolute,
her morals were an institute!
Not he He was too astute
to think she might contribute
something to his resolute Then again, she may refute
his notions anomalous So he began with steps impious,
knowing he was impervious
to something veracious
from someone so sagacious The trip was tortuous,
and extremely arduous,
for such a colossus,
even if his aim was spurious He approached the homogeneous
pride and said “Er, just a sec,
I don’t mean any disrespect,
(It wasn’t true, but what the heck),
I’ve just finished a long trek
to find the girl whom I suspect
was in the circus Am I correct?”
They all turned from their cosy nap
and contemplated the pile of fat
with too-long nose and ears so flat What would they want to do with that?
But one ol’ girl, a tawny cat,
slowly rose from her grassy mat,
and stared through slits unblinking
as to what this hulk could be thinking “I heard you were with the circus scene People say they treat you mean;
Feed you little; keep you lean They wouldn’t dare do me that way!
I’m too immense! I just won’t stay!”
Imperceptibly, he took note
how his voice constricted in his throat His eyes surveyed her frayed coat
of matted hair, some mangy dots,
various kinds of scruffy spots Her claws were dulled,
her teeth were culled,
her tail was chewed and bent One ear was ripped,
the other clipped,
this feline did not represent
the ideal sage or precedent
he was expecting He wasn’t rejecting
her out of hand;
she just wasn’t what he had planned His mind said, ‘Leave’, but he was pinned
to the ground when she turned and grinned Behind those cold-gold eyes
an inner power he could visualize Thus, it came as no surprise
when she spoke, there was no disguise “I may be wrong, but I surmise
I should not caution one so wise
as I might traumatize
someone your size
so you may compromise
your stand so paragon But, I could be wrong “
The elephant looked all around,
hemmed and hawed and pawed the ground;
did not know why he felt such dread,
but he curled his trunk and finally said,
“Every day, when there’s no more-a,
I search about for different flora
to make a sort of dietary change Seems as though throughout my range”
The Lioness interrupted: “A grange
is merely what you desire,
to supply the food when you retire “
“Is the circus such a place
where I can work and have some space?
When you were there and did your feats,
they gave you food and raw meats;
sometimes even gave you treats I heard that from a friend of mine,
who got it by the jungle-vine “
The big cat slowly swished her tail She knew that to prevail
over this typical stubborn male,
points must be made congenial,
almost distastefully cordial,
so the outcome would be rhetorical I understand your day is such
that when you want, you eat as much
as you physically can touch “
“Yes ” he said His voice was light “Sometimes when you’ve stayed up at night,
come morning you just might
stay in bed and have a bite
about noon Am I right?”
“Yes” He tried for the same conviction,
but he noted some restriction
in his voice: a prediction?
“So, you have fairly easy life:
no bills, no kids, no nagging wife Seems to me there’s not much strife “
Involuntarily, he stepped back
from those eyes The attack
although dispassionate, did not lack
strength: a preliminary mind-set crack She had, with verbal expedition,
and with gentle disquisition,
shown how a mental contradiction
can sometimes cause an affliction
it resembles an addiction Through bleary eyes he surveyed
this ragged cat that just saved
him from a life depraved
He felt ashamed how he’d behaved
towards her and others of her clan He resolved to be a better man,
and further grow to understand
how varied creatures on the land
survive together as THE MASTER planned He blinked again and looked at her She was long and lanky; so sleek of fur Something strange had transformed her!
Could it be his new mental state
had changed her to create
the proper picture instead?
She did not turn aside her head
when his trunk stroked out and humbly said,
“Thank you ” into her ratty ear Could she detect a tear
As she watched him disappear,
And glad he saw a new point of view Then she returned to her own crew,
which welcomed her for a job well done As all stretched out in the summer sun,
A dozy voice was heard to speak
“You know, that’s the second one this week “
Thus, did that pachyderm
trundle back and return
to his region to spurn
his foolish sojourn He did not yearn
for a panacea His friends said, “We’re glad to see ya!”
There he aged in his savannah,
counselling others who just might wanna
venture forth on errant paths He munched on plants, had dust baths,
improved his life and honed his wits,
because, an elephant never forgits.

Genevieve Legacy


Genevieve Legacy is a mother of 2 and community development credit union loan officer living in Rochester, NY With a background in the Fine Arts, performance and spoken word, Ms Legacy has recently turne her attention to writing for the reader and the page.

The following work is Copyright © 2005, and owned by Genevieve Legacy and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

City Haiku

zig-zag of traffic
teenagers and homeless man
four lanes SUVs

clamor of children
man with neck brace, crook necked cane
bus to social services

cement blooms red, pink
woman in black jacket waits
roadside flower sale

red-capped man stomps by
“you’re all motherfuckers, ha!”
easter sunday news

suburb pizza shop
blonde girl tells friend to “suck it”
aftershcool special

City Sketch

.urban neighborhood skyline drawn against mix of clouds, some fat and
hanging low, nearly pierced by the crucifix topping the St Boniface
steeple, others passing high and rangy, pulled apart by upper level
conditions of friday firmament It is midday with sun at it highest
peak, casting only foreshortened shadows, squashed and partially
concealed by the undersides of feet, cars, foundations of other
buildings, the roots of trees All exposed to full light- almost no
shadows to be seen Below the steeple, motion of uniform clad catholic
school boys, creates constantly shifting pattern of brown arms in sky
blue short sleeved shirts, legs in navy slacks and mostly sneakered feet
pursuing a worn basketball that spins and stops, shoots and stops,
hitches, lifts off and bounces across the winter salted asphalt surface
of the parish parking lot .

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