June 13-19, 2005: Bill White and C.P. Aboobacker

week of June 13-19, 2005

Bill White and C.P Aboobacker

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Bill White

Bio (auto)

Bill White lives in Orange County, NY where he is a local writer and musician Sarcasm and cynicism run rabid through his veins, a result of bitter experience His short stories and poetry have recently been published online at www.pigironmalt.comwww.thievesjargon.com & www.asininepoetry.com

The following work is Copyright © 2005, and owned by Bill White and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

random thoughts from the driver’s seat

a twelve year old girl
walks down the
street showing
more skin
than a flailing tuna
as my
I find out odd facts at
odd times about
my past bloodline
television strikes
another blow
on the
that once sustained us
the middle class is infected
the youth crave
the material
in risen tides of
what’s on?

the assholes are everywhere

a quaint cafe downtown
standing far too close,
the war-mongering of my
personal space
tattoos and work-boots
I must be
a high-school
just another peasant
in the class-war
she left her patience
in the waiting vol-vo
out front
I’m sure the heated seats
will keep it warm
and waiting diligently
but now she wants
her status
served on steaming
smothered with cheeses
hard to pronounce
with a
blue-collar tongue
and I need not inquire-
it’s clear the numerical
figures that sustain her
self-worth and debonair status far surpass
my own
she desperately needs a

but please-
put the steamed milk in
first and make sure it’s
not too hot,
but not just warm either
I’ll take a fuckin’ coffee-
to go.

C.P Aboobacker


C.P ABOOBACKER, Retd Professor, P.G.Dept of History, and Retd Principal of a govt college under the dept of collegiate education, Kerala State, India Born 18th March 1945 Married to Zarina Three children -all girls, Neelima, Shonima, and Sasinas Alias haritha, a renowned chess player Published three collections of poetry Recently published an anthology of poems translated from English, of South African poet Joop Bersee The new volume is entitled in his mother tongue Malayalam as Kavithakal Ezhuthunna Oraal (Writer of Poems) spends time in reading and writing Have written huindreds of poems in mother tongue Malayalam and scores of poems in English Was poet of the week in Poetry Super Highway during one of the weeks last year A follower of Karl Marx in India Founder member of the Students Federation of India , the leading student movement in the land Worked as an organizer of govt college teachers while in govt service Now, in fact, seeking a vocation in any branch of human resource Work also as guide to research paper submitters for KILA (Kerala Institute of Local Administration ) One of his wards was awarded gold medal in research on an aboriginal tribe in Kerala.

The following work is Copyright © 2005, and owned by C.P Aboobacker and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.


Be a deer
Run like a star
Days and nights
Remain thou young Bite the buds
Strengthen thy softness
Spread thy horns
To the peaks of love
Then be thyself
Be a sapling
Tall thou rise
High thou creep
Buds and buds and buds
Invite the deer herds
Running in wilderness,
Be a sapling

Be a melody
On a lute or harp,
In a stream or lake,
And be a dance Be a prayer too,
Be a blissful peace,
Be a slogan in struggle,
Be a melody
Be a string of lute
Be the praise gods
Be the law of life
And decide the course of time
Change it into a harmony,
Be a string of lute
Be a loaf of bread
Be hunger and wisdom Be food to poet the beggar
Be victim to shooter the hunter
Be a pregnant fragrance
Be a sprinkle of nectar
Be thyself, be a deer,
Be a melody, a sapling,
Be a string of lute,
Be thy own entity.

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