May 30-June 5, 2005: Karen Stram and Cherilyn Ferroggiaro

week of May 30-June 5, 2005

Karen Stram and Cherilyn Ferroggiaro

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Karen Stram

Bio (auto)

I’m a former lawyer metamorphasizing into a poet, author, painter Recently transplanted from Staten Island, where I witnessed the fall of the WTC and the Wreck of the Andrew Barberi (Staten Island Ferry) I moved to LA in August The rain started in July It’s not my fault Really!!

The following work is Copyright © 2005, and owned by Karen Stram and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.


Living in an upscale concrete jungle
LA stretches out beneath my feet
Which long, ache for wide green pastures
Never satisfied
I distain the beach I longed for
In my mountain days
A beach at the end of my street
My heart’s desire
Seems more like a briny
Built-in swimming pool
Water too warm and tame
At night I dream of snowy summer beaches
In early morning light
Daytime it’s January
And I wear shorts
Not missing New York City’s dour winter
Getting just a hint of the smell of spring
Through the smog and scent of
Oh so many restaurants, bistros and fast food joints
Not an inkling of ocean in the air
Though it’s only 28 city blocks away
28 blocks of glitzy auto dealerships
which stretch from the edge of LA
to the Santa Monica Pier
Sun setting into the surf
Seems symbolic
And I’m ready for the dark days
Looming on the horizon
It rains
The waters rise
Hills slide into the sea
Jack boots march half a world away
Oil, earth’s black blood
Sucked up by a greedy giant infant’s maw
Gaea begins to crumble
The world rocks
Waves swell
And the weather changes
Desperate beauty and gaiety
Do not veil the burden concrete lays
Upon Gaea’s mantle

Cherilyn Ferroggiaro


Cherilyn Ferroggiaro Italian brat from Northern California, currently in school to become a Physician’s Assistant and has appeared in a variety of poetry, photography and art journals, both online and in print She the Assistant Editor for The IBPC, Chief Photography Editor for, the author of Scenes From the Station, avaliable at Foothills Publishing, Between Sand and Stone, due for release this fall, and the board owner of The Versifier Online Poetry and Art Forum

Some publications include: Quercus Review, The Beat, Poetry Canada (The Canadian Federation of Poets), Reflections, Penwomanship, Tapestry, Meeting of the Minds, Write Away, 63 Channels, a one time contributing editor for Tony Spivey, Thunder Sandwich, Spent Meat, Underground Voices, Zygote in My Coffee, 12 Gauge, Moondance, The Melic Review, Surface Online, All Things Girl, Erosha, Poems Niendergasse, Haggard and Halloo, Tapestry, Poetree, Moriaty Papers, Locust, Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry, and Babel Magazine

The following work is Copyright © 2005, and owned by Cherilyn Ferroggiaro and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

The Aftermath

I wrote a poem once
on the art of sex, but
did not mention
.the aftermath
Somber mornings caught
between the sheets,
his scent on my thigh
.and a cigarette
.burning in the fire.

Beneath Mother’s Roof

The scent drifts
into the hallway,
the smell
of lavender, her gown
and the flesh
of gentlemen callers
.In the evening
she lies against the sheets
without discretion,
a cigarette in one hand,
.his name in the other
He, the storekeeper,
seeking something more
as she lets him
drink from her glass,
wiping the spill of curls
.from his brow
The sounds of pleasure
fall through the door
like the sharp red thread
of his cry—
and I can almost taste
.the longing
My thighs squeeze together
as fingers become entangled,
twirling into the softness
.of chestnut hair
I try to run, but I have to
stand still before I can move then all at once my feet
break free, voices carrying
me out into the night, restless
and adorning
.her movements
.on my tongue.

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