January 17-23, 2005: Dr. Charles Frederickson and Ilene Huffman

week of January 17-23, 2005

Dr Charles Frederickson and Ilene Huffman

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Dr Charles Frederickson

Bio (auto)

Dr Charles Frederickson is a pragmatic idealist, chronic optimist and heretical believer who has wandered intrepidly through 206 countries, spreading rejuvenated roots and wings in Thailand 70+ publications on 5 continents Pax vobiscum.

The following work is Copyright © 2005, and owned by Dr Charles Frederickson and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

Hope Dying Down

Lame ghosts distinguish fragile children
Fathomless strident sea secret listeners
Bare shell-shocked footprints running scared
Breathless silt swaying without movement

Inspired by watching darkness freefall
Prophetic forebodings surfacing after drowning
Sunset and twilight interlocking passionately
Predestined hindsight suffering last details

Filling time-gap blank spaces between
Somnambular dreamscape and wakeful trance
Gritty saltwater washes away stonewalls
Infinite circular recycled selfless permutations

Where Oh Where

Where clear darkness is alight
Clumsy flipper snorkelers borrow grace
Warped surface underside distorting reflections
Fragile deep-dive mortality suspending disbelief

Where ocean has no floor
Shifty tentacular octopus puffing quicksand
Fairytale castles neon rainbow shoals
Coral reefs nursing chasmal wounds

Devil-may-care Angelfish

Endless drifting horizon growls threats
Pale metallic glow muted stillness
Shaken anticipation gradually stirs disquiet
Battering greenery slam-dancing off slabs

Bodies bent against outpouring floodgates
Unremitting pressure urgent wondrous visions
Burst open kaleidoscope crescendo shatter
Sprinkled infinitesimal stray glass blades

Molluscous bivalve oysters coming unhinged
Stranded mauve pearls multifaceted imperfections
Roundish sinuous black imminent carnations
Drifting clouds former life shadow-puppets

Submarine Reflections

Interlocking fingers jostle for position
Clenched fist nudging open wingtips
Trembly palm witchdoctors unfold traces
Sunken driftwood coming to grips

Undecipherable baffling symbols obliterative lifelines
Sprawled hieroglyphs untold never-ending rings
Silver leeches draining body fluid
Refreshing whirlpool wellsprings of dharma

Tossed wake starfish among plankton
Detached shadows arranged like seashells
Wrapped in cool transparent shrouds
Secured with stingray spinal cord

Twin Miracle ^ Yamok Patiham

Meditating beneath tropical evergreen branches
Prismatic mango droplets pitted tears
Challenged by heretics saffron robes
Forbidden from exhibiting supernatural powers

Lord Buddha conjuring bejeweled stairway
Ascending heavenward exuding spitfire flames
Stream of consciousness overflowing compassion
Emblazoned spirit thinking fountain source

Overflowing Whirlpools

Starched morning laundry sets sail
Cloudless reflections shimmer rarely disturbed
Stiff whiteness growing bearded stubble
Clinging shadowy folds hangnail curses

Reversible afternoon virtually passing unnoticed
Overcast steely glare ordinarily complaisant
Calloused spun clothespin crumpled flutter
Gray pigeons walking precarious tightrope

Restless night shaking dreams awake
Golden twilight glints aching silence
Black-star sapphires lingering diadem crowns
Tapes unravel remote life replays

What Language Silence?

Displaced roots belonging lost forever
Branchless treetops stunted limbs axed
Falling serrate leaves plummet earthward
Embedded smears streaking porous soil

Feathered nest torched in spite
Forced evacuation dumbly stranded flock
Migratory songbirds return to sender
Address unknown homing instinct clipped

Heavenly retreat cagey sunlight barred
Starling eggs billowy magical wisps
Empty picked clean pockets muffled
Rattling deep-set guilty echoes stillborn

Willful tug upstream spawn crosscurrent
Fierce snapping turtle stepping stones
Starfish breathing through hidden gills
Radially symmetrical bubble farts let

Crowned Drama Queens

Against life goes on backdrop
Masquerade reflected in unsuspecting mirrors
Lips pursed behind sanguine smiles
Sworn oaths concealed passion coverup

Second act understudy curtain raised
Off-book script abandoned pages aflutter
Snuffled dusty corners turned back
Break-a-leg superstitious ghosts haunting memory

Improvised final act forgettable epilogue
Deserted prompter wings missing cues
Coarse textured costume interwoven patterns
Makeup removed unrecognizable virtual self

Ilene Huffman


Ilene Huffman has been writing for over 15 years She has poems published in various magazines, both print and online She writes a column called The Venting Room which is published by Xray Cincinnati She lives in Las Vegas but will soon be re-locating to Pittsburgh to pursue a career as a Funeral Director.

The following work is Copyright © 2005, and owned by Ilene Huffman and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

Gladys’s Ovaries

Not round or square
maybe slightly dented They are out of place,
removed during summerís heat She sits by her window
looking at the children play;
None are her own She daydreams of breast feedings
while she sits near her window She memorizes their faces Her ovaries are lost Somewhere in a jar?
Somewhere in a box?
No cocoon to look forward to,
no womb to caress Her ovaries are in a tin,
in a drawer,
in her brain,
tucked away deep in her thoughts.

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