September 18-24, 2006: Colin Galbraith and Teneice Delgado

week of September 18-24, 2006

Colin Galbraith and Teneice Delgado

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Colin Galbraith

Bio (auto)

Colin Galbraith is the author of several books of poetry Fringe Fantastic: The Poet’s Experience of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, was his first paperback release and met with critical acclaim in December 2005 Brick by Brick was published in April 2005 and his most recent, Silly Poems for Wee People Vol.1, in March 2006 His poems have also appeared in Zygote in my Coffee, Ultimate Hallucination, and Circadian Poems He is Associate Editor at The Scruffy Dog Review and his website can be found at Colin lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, with his wife and daughter

The following work is Copyright © 2006, and owned by Colin Galbraith and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

Always the Clown

The clown sits in the shade
removes his red wig
lights a cigarette
glowing smile

Been working all day
playing silly pranks
now all he wants
is for people
to stop

But I can’t stop looking
at his weary face
because it is so
much funnier
than his

Festival TV

in a coffee shop
by St Andrews Square
I sit in the window
frothy coffee in my hand

behind me the staff
shout out fast orders
to clear the line
of thirsty customers

people pass the window
and sometimes they look
at me, looking at them
like a silent movie

a moment to relax
from festival bustle
the street outside
like festival TV

National Portrait

tattooed warriors
in kilts and sporrans
chant in time
to ancient beats

to drums and skirls
they dance and jig
in the shadow of
the National Gallery

on the door of which
a small sign reads;

quiet please

Teneice Delgado

Bio (auto)

My name is Teneice Delgado and I live in Toledo, Ohio with my husband and two daughters I am about to finish my MFA in Creative Writing at Spalding University I have publications appearing in or forthcoming from The Heartland Review,, Soundings East, and Finishing Line Press I am a co-founder and  co-editor of the on line journal BloodLotus

The following work is Copyright © 2006, and owned by Teneice Delgado and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

Spinning Straw

I am back there
with you again, an intoxicated
space between the bar’s 3 a.m
alley and my Rumpelstiltskin
bed We talk but alcohol
has stolen our alphabet
I know what you need
by the crook in your smile;
it makes the years we spent

together and apart overlap
in the beacon of a streetlamp Your teeth are a lighthouse

guiding me to the breakers I try to remember
what you said

right before you left me
inside a darkened taxicab,
the curb an easily crossed

threshold I am certain it wasn‚t
I want you, but that’s what you‚re
saying tonight while I tangle

myself into these threadbare
sheets, spinning straw into gold You
can’t deny me if you aren’t here.