September 29–October 5, 2008: Dorothea Grossman and Earl J Wilcox

week of September 29-October 5, 2008

Dorothea Grossman and Earl J Wilcox

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Dorothea Grossman

Bio (auto)

The late Allen Ginsberg called Dorothea Grossman’s poetry “clear, odd, personal, funny or wild-weird, curious and lucid ” The award winning poet lives, works and writes in Los Angeles Her work has appeared in a variety of poetry magazines and journals She has three published books of poetry: Cuttings: Selected Poetry 1978-1988; Poems From Cave 17, and Museum of Rain Her latest chapbook, The First Time I Ate Sushi, was published by Zerx Press in January, 2008 “Call & Response”, her CD on the pfMentum label, features her in performance with trombonist Michael Vlatkovich Visit Dorothea on the web here:

The following work is Copyright © 2008, and owned by Dorothea Grossman nd may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

Mendocino Coast, 1967

Inland, where the grasses and grapes lived,
we could not have imagined
the rocks, the cold clouds —
the surf that would surround us
like a headache,
and those long tubes of kelp
like noodles
from another world
where, with the music of foghorns
and wind chimes,
even the kind moon
seemed dangerous

Not Again

As if I needed
another reminder
of you
in winter,
when the lights dance
on the bridges
and a tune on the piano
draws blood You have invaded
my small country
like a bullet.


My innocent country
watches the Macy’s
Thanksgiving Parade,
then washes its hands,
puts on a clean shirt,
says a prayer,
and sits down to dinner.

Earl J Wilcox

Bio (auto)

Earl J Wilcox began writing poetry at age 71, a few years ago In his previous incarnation he founded The Robert Frost Review, published several academic essays and books, and was a university teacher in the USA, Greece, and England He held Fulbright grants to teaching in Greece and Thailand His current poetry appears in more than two dozen journals in print and online He writes about baseball, aging, Southern culture, birding, gardening, literary figures, and poets He lives in Rock Hill, South Carolina, about which he frequently also writes poetry More of Earl’s poetry appears on his blog, “Writing by Earl,” and in KAKALAK, AETHLON, New Verse News, and online at The Centrifugal Eye.

The following work is Copyright © 2008, and owned by Earl J Wilcox and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

Alice & Co

My backseat view mirror
shines: two teens, iPods
connecting the girls
to their secret world
beyond adults—
now voyeurs
once voyagers
sailing similar ships—
to ports beyond
looking glass worlds.

A Close Shave

Hearing a loud knock, knock,
I wonder who the hell
is pounding my backdoor The woman standing there—
tears almost frozen on her cheeks,
bathrobe flapping—snuffs back
sobs, asks me to come across
the street where her husband
has just died—and my next door
neighbor—she says—will not let
her in I urge her to come in out
of the cold, talk to me about her
dead husband Distraught—
of course—she does not want to
come in, just help me, she yells
Putting aside my life, calling
my wife,  I glance at the wild
woman, grab a coat, take her
by an elbow, start out Standing
in my driveway I am startled
to see her husband at their door
in his bathrobe—shaving cream
on his face—wondering what
the hell his wife is doing out
so early on a cold morning
bringing me to their house
where he has just revived
from fainting.

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