August 11–17, 2008: Jeffrey Spahr-Summers and Randy Van Otterloo

week of August 11-17, 2008

Jeffrey Spahr-Summers and Randy Van Otterloo

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Jeffrey Spahr-Summers

Bio (auto)

Jeffrey is a poet and photographer living in Boulder, Colorado His poems and photographs have been published in numerous print and online magazines; most recently Media Cake, Unlikely 2.0, Kritya, Downtown L.A Life Magazine and ygdrasil His memoirs of growing up in South Africa are published every month in Sketchbook (along with selections of poetry) Jeff is the editor and publisher of The Poetry Victims, Bent Backed Tulips, Liar Liar Pants on Fire, americana photographic and Frank Talk Blog He is a featured blogger on AMP (Artist’s Meeting Place) Jeff is also the new Art Director for Unlikely 2.0.

The following work is Copyright © 2008, and owned by Jeffrey Spahr-Summers nd may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

strip poetry

one poem for each piece of clothing
she says so i read her some carver
the first poem is short but poignant
off comes my shirt tossed to the dogs
i count the many poems she requires
i quickly pick another poignant piece
and i am curious about socks after all
they are identical .now two poems
she says this is harder than you think

next to me

in the cafe a man pours
his coffee onto his saucer he
slurps from it like a horse
greedily but slow
deliberate he
pulls a half-eaten bagel
from his tattered
yet magical paper bag
smears a psychedelic sort
of soft serve butter
with a flourish
across the top
and suddenly he
like a chicken/there it is
like a chicken
by the task at hand

octopus’s garden

no one has seen the octopus
in some time and
the garden is unkempt
peering through the murky
brewing underworld
of mud and poison and oil
we see the old bone yard
skeletal remains of old feasts
and bloated half-eaten fish
that nothing will touch

it looks like there may
have been a struggle

Randy Van Otterloo

Bio (auto)

Randy lives in Fargo, North Data Visit him on the web here:

The following work is Copyright © 2008, and owned by Randy Van Otterloo and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

Chronicles of the Coldlander #2

Early morning on the snow
Covered mountainside
The majestic elk stepped
Out like the proud king
Of a snowy domain.

Raising his head high
Bleating out his song
With hot breath in
The morning air

Undected –the Coldlander
Surveys the magnificent beast
Food, shelter, protection from cold
All are just one shot away

Only two bullets left
“One shot, one kill”
He says to himself as he
Releases the safety
The lay of the rifle

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