April 21–27, 2008: Bob James and Melanie Lefebvre

week of April 21-27, 2008

Bob James and Melanie Lefebvre

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Bob James

Bio (auto)

Bob James grew up in England and now lives in NYC He is currently working on a children’s story about a chicken called Trevor.

The following work is Copyright © 2008, and owned by Bob James and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

The Pajamas of Death
Death’s pajamas arrived in the mail
One pair plaid flannel
The other a blue and white stripe
Death is not known for his choices
I knew they were Death’s pajamas
From Death was written in the top
left corner of the package
A PO Box underneath
It’s so nice to get pajamas from Death
The feel of fleece upon my skin
Instead of the rattling chains
And the shrieking in the night
Scaring the willies out of everyone

The Writer
He wrote his whole life
It wasn’t much
They liked his laundry
Piled in colors
On the bathroom floor

My Funeral
Uncle Dave died last week
The church was full of people
He was so popular dead
Of course his wife was there
and their children,
seven of them all married
so their spouses came, too
and they’d had children of their own,
most of them Fourteen grandchildren
in different sized shoes But it didn’t end there
the cousins also showed
and their spouses and their children,
the circle of relatives widening,
concentric rings on still water Yet still it didn’t end,
the neighbors came, and people
who just happened to be passing
the church by chance
entered on a whim
along with the perusers of obituaries,
and shoppers, all come
to show their respects  
I’m sorry Dave died but I’m wondering
about my own funeral,
not the dying bit I’ve no worries there But that no one will show,
that no one will even know I died
much less care enough
to let it intrude upon their schedule  
My wife will make it,
that is if her Pilates class
doesn’t conflict.

New York City
How I love Sundays
In New York, all day looking
For a parking spot

At least the days
have all got better jobs They speed through the week
in their red Ferraris,
top down, scarf
flapped out behind
them in the wind  
Just last week Tuesday
went by in a Lear jet I hear the snap of sound
breaking as they tear past  
Right before they collapse
in on themselves
like black holes,
I think I see them waving goodbye.

Melanie Lefebvre

Bio (auto)

Melanie Lefebvre lives in a cute shoebox somewhere in Montreal, after 3 years of living in NY It is a little like being forced to eat plain vanilla after a taste of dark chocolate She is currently working on a novel, and some drawings for a poetry book to be published this summer: The Apricot Tree 3 of her poems will be in an upcomming issue of the Word Riot.

The following work is Copyright © 2008, and owned by Melanie Lefebvre and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

The Englishman

It was a New York City summer
Everyone was reduced to a stop like a fly in melting amber’s heat,
The afternoon light scattered on the bed sheets around us
Like slices of moon, my fingertips lost in your wheat hair,
Bodies tied into knots, a perfect knit,
The yellow cabs buzzing outside your Brooklyn apartment,
Lined up like fat working bees in the stuffed pollen air
In the other room, your roommate consuming my girlfriend
Like a product found at a sale
And I kept opening legs to take you in
Like a junkie who keeps shooting in the same hole,
Before the cold turkey
Before the flight you already had postponed
Before the big pit that follows love like an unwanted stalker
Before we knew exactly what it was we were in the process
of losing.

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