December 21-27, 2009: Renee Summers and Joyce Swing Goodlatte

Renee Summers

Bio (auto)

As a poet, I am always amazed when I am published and have been proud to have a Holocaust poem published on Poetry Super Highway I am a volunteer at the New England Pension Assistance Project, Pension Action Center, Gerontology Institute UMA Boston where I am a pension counselor, not an attorney I live in Scituate, Massachusetts I have appeared in a number of local venues – MAX Magazine of the Community Newspapers, Aurorean, Ibbetson St Press, Spare Change News, Hoi Polloi: A Literary Review for the Rest of Us and others I have self-published a collection of poetry entitled If the Potter’s Hands Shake, two chapbooks and three/now four poetry books in the form of art works

The following work is Copyright © 2009, and owned by Renee Summers and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

Poetry Reading
(at the Cape Cod Cultural Center)

In the midst of a mixed media exhibit
A large bank vault door hung heavily
Next to oils, acrylics, collages and watercolors,
Across from banners and posters
At a raised dais in front of the door
A diminutive woman, winner of the Center’s
Annual poetry contest, read, sipped water
From the small table beside the mic,

To the delight of the audience Next a bear of a man, Martin Espada,
Was introduced as “one of our political poets
Born in Brooklyn, poet or renown.”

Hands delineated his words as he raged
Against Latino despots, spoke softly
Of his father and his native land
Held the listeners enthralled
A break for wine and cheese and grapes
At this annual fund raiser was to be followed
By a second prize winner and Robert Pinsky,
Poet laureate and originator of the Poetry Project
An amateur poet, white haired and stoped
Walked over to view the weird hanging
And overheard “Isn’t it wonderful what
The Center has done to this old bank building?

Eureka! Not an art hanging, but a real door
With an opening revealing a room
Where fine photographs were displayed She stepped outside the room, smiling

And promptly stubbed her toe, tripped
And fell over the dais floor A loud thump,
A splash of water, and then silence
As a group jumped to her aid
Robert Pinsky followed with a dramatic narrative.


Joyce Swing Goodlatte


Bio (auto)

Joyce Swing Goodlatte lives in Oakland, California She has published poetry in The Milvia Street Review and Street Spirit This has ben a year of continuous changes and challenges.

The following work is Copyright © 2009, and owned by Joyce Swing Goodlatte and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.


After the food raids

They collect shellfish from fetid water
cook with kindling of tennis shoe
the air fills with bitter black smoke
In Port-au-Prince thousands sift
through debris for bits of food
risking dysentery
they look up at the photographer
lift shirts and point
Mothers fill their children’s bellies
with mud mixed with oil
to fend off hunger pangs
for a few hours more.

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