August 17-23, 2009: Jim Bennett and Elijah Kellogg

week of August 17-23, 2009: 

Jim Bennett and Elijah Kellogg

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Jim Bennett

Bio (auto)

Jim Bennett lives near Liverpool in the UK and is the managing editor of His most recent publication is a poetry collection called “The Man Who Tried To Hug Clouds” Bluechrome Publishing 2004 (2nd edition 2005) Jim teaches Creative Writing at the University of Liverpool and tours throughout the year giving readings and performances of his work
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The following work is Copyright © 2009, and owned by Jim Bennett and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

These poems are from a collection of 56 poems called “56”


the crushed
bent broken motorbike
lies on the roadside
the rider
dressed in black leather jacket
looking like
The Wild One
escaped with minor injuries
was cremated within hours
had road rash
broke a vertebrae in his neck
broke two vertebrae in his neck
needed to dry out
hurt his back
broke his pelvis and died
needed to go for rehab
did it as a publicity stunt
needed a rest
was tired of getting booed
didn’t go to hospital
went to hospital
is in intensive care
went to a local doctor
and stayed for a while
then went off with some friends
and made music in their
the truth was never tested
and the silent do not lie


the planets
are dust
that collect
and reflect the suns light
like pearls
strewn on a jewellers
black velvet cloth
there are no voices here
no air
just a rock
in a gravity well
anchored to Earth
and a US flag
stiffened to fly
in an imagined wind

Elijah Kellogg

Bio (auto)

Elijah Kellogg is a 20 year old resident of Santa Clarita, CA He is currently (and simultaniously) completing his Associates in English from a local community college while also working on his Bachelors in Biblical Studies at Eternity Bible College in Simi Valley Elijah has only one poem published It can be found in Reflections of Youth, which is a compilation of young poets produced years ago by The American Library of Poetry Elijah is hoping that he will not die having only achieved one poem professionally published Along with poetry, Elijah enjoys spending time with his fiance, music, culture, teaching and (apparently) writing in the third person

The following work is Copyright © 2009, and owned by Elijah Kellogg and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.


Mouth to mouth resuscitation
proves that breath is life Gum,
proves it is also death.


Floating, fuzzy, bloody numbers
in a sea of pitch Remind me how the hours pass
so slow without a hitch Furthermore, an orange glow
calls me from the corner;
whispering that sleep is free,
but often on backorder.

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