December 20-26, 2010: Pamela Miller and Marie Lecrivain


Pamela Miller 


Bio (auto)

Pamela Miller lives in Chicago, where she has been writing, publishing and performing her poetry for more than 30 years She has published three books of poems, most recently Recipe for Disaster (Mayapple Press, 2003), and has just completed a fourth collection, Miss Unthinkable Her work has recently appeared in After Hours, Concho River Review, Bare Root Review and The Great American Poetry Show 2

The following work is Copyright © 2010, and owned by Pamela Miller and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.


The Body Through Time 

The Body at birth is a blob of dough
jiggling with unbaked promise
The Body at ten is rubbery as a hotdog
At fifteen the Body mutates and shape-shifts,
a skittery kaleidoscope of flesh
At twenty she’s part catapult, part ocean
The Body at thirty is a riot of roses
in a buxom Baccarat vase,
commanding the lobby of the Ritz Saint-Tropez
in an art film about aristocratic knaves
But in the thinning air of the upper decades,
when icy blasts run shrieking through the theater,
what desperate carpentry of bones and breath
will keep the rattletrap Body standing
as the petals plummet like a Wall Street crash,
the crystal degrades into streaky plastic
and the boarded-up Ritz drifts out to sea,
trailing ribbons of dingy wallpaper?

The Body at fifty walks on eggs
that may one day hatch into ravenous monsters
or roll her, flailing, down a crumbling gulch
to a wasteland under a sputtered-out sun,
a ghost town of shadowy shapes
with long-forgotten names Yet the
legs keep pumping
and the lungs keep whooshing
and the brain keeps clacking
and the heart keeps roaring
and God only knows what glorious glue
holds the whole heroic thing together
as the Body marches on, a defiant deer
in time’s oncoming headlights.





Marie Lecrivain

Bio (auto)

Marie Lecrivain is a Puschart Prize nominee and is the executive editor of poeticdiversity: the litzine of Los Angeles Her latest book of poetry, Antebellum Messiah (copyright 2009 Sybaritic Press), is available through

The following work is Copyright © 2010, and owned by Marie Lecrivain and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.



Culver City Culture Clash

black-&-white sweater
paired with
a scotch plaid shirt
with worn tips
horn-rimmed glasses
sit slightly askew
upon a pug nose
a slender pianist’s hand
clasps a Pabst Blue Ribbon
one shot away
from spewing foam
onto the bartender’s
row of garnish
between a pair
of studio execs
who trade witticisms
over a succession
of dirty martinis
he’s a colorized version
of La Dolce Vita
trapped in
the middle of
a Mary Pickford
double feature.










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