January 10-16: 2011 Lori Romero and Peter Schireson

Lori Romero


Bio (auto)

Lori Romero won the 2008 Spire Spring Poetry Chapbook Contest (New York) for “The Emptiness That Makes Other Things Possible ” Lori’s first chapbook, “Wall to Wall,” was published by Finishing Line Press (Kentucky) Lori’s poetry and fiction have been published in more than one hundred journals and anthologies She has been nominated twice for the Pushcart Prize, and currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her husband Tom and Maine Coon cat Ripley.

The following work is Copyright © 2011, and owned by Lori Romero and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

Making Cannoli

Start with a broom stick
cut to the length of mother’s outstretched hand 

sand it as smooth as the moves of your aunts
playing penny poker with hoarded coins

mix ricotta with sugar, honey, vanilla, nuts and citrus zest
set aside and steal a sip of anisette

mound flour into a gentle dune
as in childhood days at the shore

make a well in the center, pour in wine, honey, sugar, salt, and egg
steal another sip of anisette

knead until the dough
is as stiff as your grandmother’s pillowcase

shape the dough into two disks and roll out so thin
you can read your father’s sports section through them

cut the dough, now sturdy as a Sicilian widow, into four-inch squares
wrap each square into an overlapping hug around the oiled form

anoint with egg whites to keep them sealed
fry in heated oil until browned like your uncle’s second wife

drain and cool – slide the pastry off the form while warm
spoon ricotta mixture into a pastry bag and fill to overflowing

sprinkle with powered sugar and chopped pistachios
close your eyes and grow small against the prattle of plates.




Peter Schireson



Bio (auto)

I am a Zen Buddhist priest, living in North Fork, California It’s a tiny town in the foothills of the Sierra mountains in the center of the state By way of biography, I was born and grew up in L.A and have moved around a fair bit, both in Canada and the U.S I am married and have a family My work life has been varied, including logging, carpentry, teaching, and business I was educated at U.C Berkeley, University of Victoria, and Harvard University I trained in Zen in America in the Suzuki Roshi lineage and in Japan at Tofukuji Monastery in Kyoto I have begun submitting my writing for publication only recently and have poems forthcoming in Grey Sparrow Journal and Heavy Hands Ink. 

Visit Peter on the web here: www.kuzanzen.org

The following work is Copyright © 2011, and owned by Peter Schireson and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.



At the Gym 

As I stand in this limbo
among so many fathers
unshaven and unsaved,
who appear, nonetheless,
to be on friendly terms
with their gods,
my shower towel falls
as I pause, barefoot
before the bathroom scale,
and though I am feeling rather small
waiting like this, face to face with
the apricot tart cocktail karma
of my body,
still I am happy
to be standing here at all
in this limbo’s
dogged grace.






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