April 5, 2016: Poetry Writing Prompt – Robert Wynne

Go to the kitchen. Pick something (a food item, a piece of cutlery, a small household appliance) and write a Creation Myth for it. How and why was it created? Make something up. Be creative with your thinking, and generous with your language. Here’s an example:

Creation Myth: Toast

The stubborn sun rose, not because it was riding
in a chariot, but because it couldn’t sleep any longer.
Bread brushed crumbs from its face and remembered

last night’s dream, the crunching sounds like footsteps
on fresh snow. The knife, when it came, was a relief
from the simple sentence imposed on each loaf

by oven after oven, with their promises and lies.
Crust crumbled at the edges, and questioned
how dawn light stretched the blade’s shadow

past the table and onto the floor. It is important
to remember that fire is a form of love, the way
energy embraces some things until they become

something entirely new. So it was that flames
tongued the soft slice until it blushed golden brown.
So it was that even peanut butter softened

at the sight of such beauty, and grain learned
what it could be: crisp and hot, firmer over time
and able to carry so much on its back. Still,

no one knows what hand guided the transformation
but toast has no time for such mundane concerns.

This poetry writing prompt submitted by Robert Wynne.

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