April 1, 2016: Poetry Writing Prompt – Bill Gleed

Imagine you’re a super hero. Not one of the existing fictional super heroes, but a brand new super hero of your own invention. You don’r have actual super powers, though. You’re just an ordinary real life super hero, or maybe you’re the secret identity of the new hero. What’s your back story? Is there a narrative? Who do you save? How do you do it? You can go in almost any direction with this. You can be socially conscious…You can be a cynic super hero who is burnt out and doesn’t give a damn. You can be a frustrated super hero, or you can be a small super hero for just one person. You can be whatever you can imagine for whatever reason.

Or you can flip the whole thing and be an arch nemesis. (Which might be more fun.) You can do this as two poems side by side, too, if you want to go for it.

This poetry writing prompt submitted by Bill Gleed.

If you write a poem from this prompt, post it as a comment underneath the prompt in the Poetry Super Highway Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/poetrysuperhighway

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