June 29-July 5, 2020: Poetry from Shirley Hakim and Andrew Darlington

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Shirley Hakim

Shirley Hakim came from Tehran to Los Angeles at age fourteen. She’s a CPA by trade, with a degree in Business-Economics from UCLA. A student of poet/teacher Jack Grapes, Shirley’s poetry in English has been published in ON THE BUS, and in several publications in her native Farsi. Shirley is the mother of three children. She and her husband live in Los Angeles.

The following work is Copyright © 2020, and owned by Shirley Hakim and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.


I am a robot like the rest of them.
I sit in a chair at the carwash
Waiting for my car.
I look dazed like everyone else,
Don’t have a book to read
Or a notebook to write in.
The right thing is to look straight ahead.
Like everyone else,
My gaze is fixed like the dead
Nobody dares to turn.
I dare. And I turn.
An older woman sits on my right.
She wears yellow, flat shoes
And a yellow shirt.
Her white hair is nicely done.
Her blue eyes are locked forward.
A tall, handsome man sits in front of me.
He wears a stripped blue suit.
He stares straight at his car.
He looks very important.
A girl in her twenties
Pretends that she’s busy with her phone.
No one notices me.
I should have worn a funny hat,
Or a brighter shirt.
I did not notice
what shirt my daughter wore today.
I don’t know
If the trees in front of my house
Have blossomed.
I don’t know
Who lives in the second house
Down the road.

Andrew Darlington

Andrew Darlington has walked the magma crust of the Nisyros volcano. James Lowe of the Electric Prunes is his Facebook friend. And Kink Dave Davies answered his Tweet. He writes about music for ‘R’N’R’ (Rock ‘n’ Reel), and counter-culture for ‘IT: International Times’. His latest poetry collection is ‘Tweak Vision: The Word-Play Solution To Modern-Angst Confusion’ and his Scientifiction Novel ‘In The Time Of The Breaking’ are both from Alien Buddha Press, USA. His writing can be found at ‘Eight Miles Higher’: http://andrewdarlington.blogspot.co.uk/

The following work is Copyright © 2020, and owned by Andrew Darlington and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

All the Space Between /
A Part, And Yet Apart

on Mars the trees grow red
and cast a rose glow,
through Martian twilights
I feel you squirm inside my mind,
and know you are close,
on Mars the grass grows red
and whispers secrets
in the thin breeze,
it tells me you are close,
on Mars the moons are red
and cast scarlet shadows that
hint the contours of your face,
in silence there is music
in separation there is touch
where there is you
is where I choose to reside
on Mars the constellations
flit like fireflies
to tell me you are here,
I taste the storms roar in your mouth
I taste your breath in my nostrils
the map of your blood is in my veins
your heartbeat is the pulse
that moves the stars…