June 25 – July 1, 2018: Poetry from Carol Barbour and Clyde Always

Carol Barbour and Clyde Always

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Carol Barbour

Bio (auto)

Carol Barbour is a visual artist, poet, and art historian based in Toronto, Canada. Poems, fiction, and essays are published by the Fiddlehead, Canthius, Sein und Werden, The Toronto Quarterly, Transverse, Impulse, and Matriart. A graduate of the University of Toronto (MA) and the Ontario College of Art, Carol has exhibited at galleries and book fairs in Canada, the United States, and Europe. Artist books are collected by the National Gallery of Canada (Art Metropole), the British Library, Museum of Modern Art (Franklin Furnace), the Woman’s Art Library, Goldsmiths at University of London, and Virginia Commonwealth University. Art historical research involves the intersection of words and images in books and art from 1500-1700. She has delivered conference papers at the Renaissance Society of America (Chicago), Biblyon (Lyon), and the International Society of Emblem Studies (Nancy). A new collection of poetry is forthcoming from Guernica Editions.

The following work is Copyright © 2018, and owned by Carol Barbour. and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

Manitoulin Sediment

The island is inhabited
by lunar moths, daisies
and ebony spleenworts.
We walk slowly, listen, resist
the force, the coercion of others
who have settled on the land.
The shores are softened by waves
and the paths are worn from use,
though the north side is craggy.
Aggregate of lime, calcium, silica,
minerals sift along the river,
gathering, and swelling.
The whole place sings
with the chatter of rare species.
A pathologist, nurse and engineer
Collectively decide to resuscitate
the flowering fern, the delicate
urchin who cowers on the footpath.
Meagre in size,
yet radiating, it demands
our attention.

Clyde Always

Bio (auto)

Clyde Always (the Bard of the Lower Haight, San Francisco, California), being the All-American tall-talesman and dime-a-rhyme vaudevillian that he is, has successfully provided audiences, both at home and has successfully provided audiences, both at home and abroad, with the refreshing splash of laughter and the snug comfort of joy; to inspire creativity is his primary objective here on planet Earth. You can catch his act any Friday evening at Cafe International where he serves the community fostering new talents as host and ringleader of the weekly open-mic showcase. His writings and artwork have recently been accepted to exclusive publications: Poetalk, The Broke Bohemian, 17 Very Funny Very Short Stories and others. Melanie Bell and the Story Salon, the bard’s debut novel, published by Rational Malarkey Inc, placed as a semifinalist in the Faulkner Society’s William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition in 2017. He lives in San Francisco with his wife Haylee the Ukulele. Visit Clyde on the web here.

The following work is Copyright © 2018, and owned by Clyde Always and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.


What ruthless warrior am I,
to cause this crimson flood?
Remorseful now, I stand and cry
above a sea of blood.
Oh, slaughterhouses everywhere
will crumble down in shame;
and Tarantino’s kiddie fare
seems infantile—tame.
The Chupacabra’s drank a sip
compared to all this swill.
Count Dracula would curl his lip
and call it ‘overkill.’
Was Gettysburg a lousy joke?
Were Spartans rarely rough?
Felt Caesar but a measly poke?
Was Patton just a puff?
Attila’s savagery’s now moot,
that tender, gentle Hun…
and Genghis Kahn would lick my boot
to see such horrors done!
            Perhaps a tiny trickle fell
            from Christ upon the cross,
            but none have raise such gruesome Hell
            as I, who’s tried to floss.