May 31 – June 6, 2021: Poetry from Annette Gagliardi and Melanie Browne

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Annette Gagliardi

Annette Gagliardi has poetry published in the Southwest Journal, Dreamers Creative Writing Online, Down in the Dirt Online Magazine, Trouble Among the Stars, Poetry Quarterly, Poetic Bond and others. She has work in three State’s poetry anthologies and her poem “Gourmand of Orange” has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Her poem “Lakota” won 2cd place in the South Dakota State Poetry Society’s Annual Contest. Annette is also the author of the children’s books “Resourceful Erica” and “The Three Betty Goats Griff.” Visit Annette on the web here.

The following work is Copyright © 2021, and owned by Annette Gagliardi and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

Summer Moon

Once the night swallows
the moon rising over the water

and the neon porch light returns the song
to crickets, katydids & frogs,

she creeps back into
the shed to sleep

and gives him the key to the room behind
the lake to use as he chooses.

The lake has only been used
forever in myriad ways

but, just for tonight he
winds his wishes into

her threadbare walls. Her body
offered up like the daily special,

could be anyone’s plate. As the cabin
settles into the night, their love is shaved

like the thanksgiving turkey –
sans gravy. Save the pie for later.

Melanie Browne

Melanie Browne is a poet and fiction writer living in Texas.

The following work is Copyright © 2021, and owned by Melanie Browne and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

Little Riata (Driving around the LBJ Ranch)

the cattle are branded
with a big “LBJ”
They are used to
people and we
roll down the window
like we are at
a safari park

We pass the ranch
which somehow
doesn’t seem
that impressive,
It doesn’t
look like Reata
there’s not
enough room
for a Bar-b-que
picnic to meet
the neighbors
or faint
because you
are newly
pregnant or
can’t hack the heat

I lose interest
but we visit
the graves
of Lady Bird
and Lyndon
my 15 year old
says it looks
like an ordinary
grave and that
is because he was
recently in DC
and thinks every
president’s grave
has the pomp and
of JFK’s

We leave the ranch
and count the
wineries dotting
290, some
transplants that
may care less
about cattle
or the
thousand yard
stare of the
Vietnam veteran


Daylight Savings Time

I watch Rick James with the sound off.
Can’t sleep. it’s the Daylight Savings. It’s after
midnight. My scalp itches. Grandpa used
to sit in the easy chair and watch golf with
the sound off. He didn’t play golf. Maybe it
was a form of meditation. Golf is the same with
and without sound. Grandpa. Chair. The no-Sound Golf.
Rick. James. you just can’t help it.
He had those tight sequined outfits and
silver threads in his hair. A woman in his
video is violating a lamp post.
He says there were girls you
don’t take home to mother.
He kept a lot of secrets from her.
I think he used the term “mother”
existentially. This existential Mother
could read the tea leaves in groupie lipstick.
Fuchsia means good luck. can’t. keep my eyes open
Silver threads fall in front of my eyes.
I turn the bedside lamp on but it doesn’t help.
I’m falling now, silver thread on the pillow.
Silver on the floor.

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