June 30 – July 6, 2014: Ellen Reich and Inez Andrucyk

Ellen Reich and Inez Andrucyk

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Ellen Reich

Bio (auto)

Ellen lives and teaches creative writing in Malibu for the Emeritus division of Santa Monica College. Her poems have been published in Los Angeles Times, Slant, Slipstream, ACM, Coe Review and others. She has won awards from DA Center for Arts, Blue Unicorn, Cape Cod Times etc. A chapbook, Reverse Kiss, was editor’s choice and published by Main Street Rag in 2005. Her book, The Gynecic Papers, deals primarily with women’s issues. A recent chapbook was published by Finishing Line Press, entitled Sleeping Guardian. Her next poetry book is forthcoming from Tebot Bach, entitled Sacrifices Have To Be Human.

The following work is Copyright © 2014, and owned by Ellen Reich and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

You Can Tell It’s a Girl Because
of Her Frilly Sleeves

The teen holds an off-white
balloon as she images an infant
her own
given away when she was sixteen

The infant
like a laughing Buddha
carved from cherry-wood
rubbed and rubbed

until oils from fingers penetrate
dark inner circles
that tell the age of things
She gave her baby away

to the old woman
who spends the rest of her life
feeling righteous
about raising the child

The baby lives in the mind
of the girl
who cradles balloons in her bed
in her kitchen, in her backyard

swings balloons until they fly away
into the neighbor’s yard
They pop and die
lie like puddles on the grass

until the compulsive neighbor
scoops them up and drops them in the dumpster
He is especially concerned
about what lurks in the deflated rubber sacks

The girl gave her baby away
her baby in frilly sleeves
The sixteen year old
gave her baby girl away


Inez Andrucyk

Bio (auto)

Inez Andrucyk has been a closet poet and writer during her outward existence as a visual artist. She has exhibited her artwork at The Hudson River Museum, The Jacob Burns Film Center, The Katonah Museum, The Arts Exchange, various galleries, colleges and universities, and was a guest speaker at The National Museum in Malta and Rutgers University. Murals are located in New York City (featured on Channel 11 News) and Port Chester, NY. Photos of her work have been featured in The New York Times, and in Crimes of the Beats and Unbearables. Her Community Mural was listed in ON THE WALL: COMMUNITY MURALS by Janet Braun-Reinitz and Jane Weissman Inez enjoys teaching art to adults, children, youth and at risk populations. Visit Inez on the web here: www.andinez.com

The following work is Copyright © 2014, and owned by Inez Andrucyk and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.


So! They said.
Art should be new
As “new and improved”
Much like gadgets, aps, toothpaste, cars and women.
Thinking in fresh and pristine ways.
Cleaned and bleached out.
Toss out the old.
Junkyards for
disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, cars,
and ladies with wrinkles or men in low paying jobs,
and used needles, nuclear waste,
Just dump it. Just heave it.
Some can be recycled
Through neo or retro
Or pulled from other people’s garbage.
such as appropriations
or certain kinds of pictures, movies, or fairytales.
Old roots sink deep. No idea is parentless.
Thoughts copulate in aesthetic orgasms
creating new beings
from ancestors continuously forming
so new is a flower is a life is a gimmick.
Slick advertising /Art exhibitions
Smart slogans are born, they live, and die
Only to rise up again. To roam in apparitional fogs
visible only to those who believe
in the complexity of it all.


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