June 20-26, 2016: Poetry from Shelly Blankman and Erren Kelly

​Shelly Blankman and ⁣Erren Kelly

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​Shelly Blankman

Bio (auto)

Shelly Blankman’s poetry has appeared in Silver Birch Press, Ekphrastic, and Verse-Virtual. This author has been writing poetry for many years, but professionally has focused mostly on public relations and journalism. Her news releases and feature news articles have appeared in national newspapers and magazines. After working many years as copy editor, she now spends her time enjoying scrapbooking, cardmaking, refereeing four cats, and of course, writing. She resides in Columbia, Maryland with her husband Jon and is the proud mom of two sons, Joshua, 29, who lives in Texas, and Richard, 31, who lives in New York.

The following work is Copyright © 2016, and owned by ​Shelly Blankman and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

My Father’s Typewriter

You never knew, did you,
how your typing lulled me
to sleep, saved me
from starless nights,
when I lay in bed, afraid
the sun would never rise?

You never knew, did you,
how much I laughed inside,
watching you hunt and peck
faster than others who’d been taught
the proper way?

You never knew how I loved the smell
of carbon ribbon or how I hated
the “c” so faded it had to be
pounded to show on paper,
those thin yellow sheets that ripped
if you pulled just a little too hard
from the carriage.

I wrote my first paper on that typewriter
and your grandsons used it, too,
long after science slew the dinosaur
and left the typewriter in its wake
a useless fossil.
The typewriter is silent;
two years now, you’ve been gone.
It’s caked with dust, the “c” still broken,
but it doesn’t matter anymore.

I can still hear you tapping,
smell the carbon, see the paper,
and remember how all those
years ago, you and your typewriter
saved me from starless nights.





⁣Erren Kelly

Bio (auto)

Erren Kelly is a a Pushcart nominated poet from Los Angeles. He has been writing for 25 years and hasover 150 publications in print and online in such publications as Hiram Poetry Review, Mudfish, Poetry Magazine (online), Ceremony, Cactus Heart, Similar Peaks, Gloom Cupboard, Poetry Salzburg and other publications. He has also been published in anthologies such as " Fertile Ground," and Beyond The Frontier.” My work can also been seen on Youtube under the "Gallery Cabaret" links. Erren is the author of the book, "Disturbing The Peace" on Night Ballet Press and the chapbook, "The Rah Rah Girl," Forthcoming from Barometric Press. Erren recieved his B.A. in English-Creative Writing from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. He also loves to read and to travel, having visited 45 states and Canada and Europe. The themes in Erren’s writings vary, but he always has a soft spot for subjects and people who are not in the mainstream. But he never limits himself to anything. He always tries to keep an open mind.

The following work is Copyright © 2016, and owned by ⁣Erren Kelly and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

Flower Lady Of Echo Park

Rumor has it
She once tried out for
The Miss America pageant
In ’76
And narrowly missed the preliminaries
Some say she was once married
To a guy
Who worked with Donald Trump
But she just changes the subject
Whenever she’s asked

Her flower stand is in
Front of
Sometimes, I say hi to her as i’m
Going to a bookstore across the

You can never read too

Outnumber whites in L.A.
Yet are killed more than
Mexican girls pretend to
"No habla.ingles," when they
Don’t want to be
Condos are quickly replacing
The old school houses

A Chicano poet
Thanks me for showing up
At a poetry reading on LaBrea Drive
Otherwise, he would’ve been
The only colored person there

I watch a white girl
Doing stand up
Wearing an NWA. t-shirt
She does an impersonation
Of a Mexican
cheech. and chong.
Would appreciate.

I joke with her
Telling her, "she does mexican

Donald Trump is obscenely
Popular and no one
Laughs at the thought
He could be president

Mexican girls look like
Kate Upton
And white girls pay hundreds
Of dollars
For a tan
some blacks and chicanas

I give the flower lady a
Five dollar bill
She tries to give
Me a bouquet
But I refuse

I know now the dirtiest
Word in the English language
Isn’t the words
I hear hipster girls use
As they talk over

The dirtiest word is


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