Poetry Super Highway Great Poetry Exchange


…to the 89 poets who offered to send their book to another randomly selected poet in exchange for receiving a book from another randomly selected participant in the Poetry Super Highway’s 20th Annual Great Poetry Exchange.

We’ve contacted all participants with the details of who to send your book to. Thanks in advance for sending your book out within 2 weeks of receiving that e-mail and for notifying us via e-mail when you’ve sent it. If you didn’t get that email, please send us an email and let us know!

Look for the 21st annual Great Poetry Exchange in February 2022

Books Pledged This Year:

10 Stories Down by Vincent F. A. Golphin
Poems in, 10 Stories Down, are an attempt to look at the world from a different angle, while in pursuit of harmony and balance. They reflect my three years as a Visiting Expert at the national teachers college in Beijing, capital of the People's Republic of China.
A Woman's Place in the Dictionary, A Collection of Before and After Dictionary Poems by Kimberly Burnham
In an Oxford English dictionary, "woman" an adult human female is after "woma," a brownish-grey Australian python found in sandy desert areas. A woman finds herself between a snake and "womb" a part of her own body. In other languages "frau", "wahine" or "biscuit" is unique to that language...
ABC of Fruits and Vegetables by Stanley Barkan
This is a collection of poems about fruits and vegetables ranging from A (Apple) to Z (Zuccini)
by Stanley H. Barkan. Cover and other text art by Mia Barkan Clarke.
Alphabeticon by Corey Mesler
26 poems, A to Zed.
Anna Mae Lee is My Name: COVID 19: A Compilation by Poet Caldwell Lee
The Poet Caldwell Lee's newest book of poetry released in the summer of 2020. Poetry includes poems about the current virus COVID 19, the Poet Caldwell Lee's mother and a compilation of other poems written by Caldwell Lee through the years.
At the Table of the Unknown by Alexandra Umlas
At the Table of the Unknown includes both formal and free-verse poems — subjects range from parenthood to Bob Ross to worm-bins and beets.
Betelgeuse Dimming by Jean-Paul Garnier
Collection of speculative poetry. Comes with CD audiobook/album version.
Between Two CIties on a Greyhound Bus by Pat Anthony
A deconstruction of a dysfunctional trip through childhood and beyond.
Blowing Smoke In The Face of Darkness by Lob Instagon
A collection of poems written between 2005-2016. This is my first chapbook of poetry in a decade..sorta just a way to get my feet wet and back into the field. This chapbook is limited to only 28 copies, each hand-numbered.
but the flames by Emily Vieweg
In “but the flames,” Vieweg finds the exotic (the “fire”) in the everyday and reveals an examined life. She finds the beauty within and without and all around. Through her verse, she polishes an ordinary day and makes it extraordinary. ~~ Kevin Rabas, Poet Laureate of Kansas, 2017-2019, Elizabeth’s City
Carousel by Judith Robinson
Poetry and Fiction, Lummox Press, 2017.
Century Farm by Jessi Peterson
Poetry chapbook focused in the Midwest, exploring relationship with the natural world.
Counsel by Kelley White
Hard to describe, poems focused on the mythic and mystic in daily life and the woods around us.
Crackers in Bed by Lynda Bullerwell
Inspirational poetry focusing on challenges and survival, and the strength to overcome obstacles. In her second collection of poetry, Lynda Bullerwell gives us selections that are ethereal, poignant and reflective of that delicate balance between love and hate, joy and sorrow, life and death, childhood and adulthood, and love and
Dead Shark on the N Train by Susana H Case
Poems about gender violence, New York City life, travel, the disjuncture between public and private life. The middle section is inspired by the crime scene dioramas of Frances Glessner Lee, considered the "mother" of modern forensic investigation.
Digital Pompeii: The Lost MySpace Archives by Christian Garduno
On the 1st of Feb 2021, while searching for an unrlated document, a long lost cache of writing was discovered, dating back to what archeologists refer to as The MySpacesoian Age. This is a collection of actual facsimiles, of which there exists only one.
Discovery by Don Krieger
Discovery a full-length hybrid collection in three sections: America, Childhood's End, To Save A Life,100 pages, 10,645 words. / " ... writing that will touch anyone ..." Judith Robinson / " ... poems that are political in their soul ..." Mark Pawlak / " ... heartfelt, lyrical, pungent, wise ..." Margo Taft Stever
Dogs and Other Animals: Poems by Julianne Carlile
A book of dog and other animal poetry by the author of The Little Red Hound.
Elementals by Robert Lima
ELEMENTALS, inspired by the four classical elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) "reveals unions that are organic and ongoing--uniting the human and the natural world, the corporeal and the spiritual," as per poet Shara McCallum. The poems cover many areas of the world as the Elements manifest themselves.
Elohi Unitsi: Poems [2013 - 2018] by Dee Allen.
In the language of the Tsalagi Nation, Elohi Unitsi means "Mother Earth". Oakland performance poet Dee Allen shows respect for our planet in his fifth poetry collection. The innate beauty, the consistent harm from humans and occasional travels through nature unfurl inside its printed pages.
encircled by John Reinhart
These narrative poems focus on the people who encircle us. From reflections on his daughter using the urinal at the amusement park to the child who died across the street, stories of dreams and loss, simple waves and deep connections that make up the sea of human connection.
Escaped Without Injury by Carol Clark Williams
Escaped Without Injury is a saddle fold chapbook from Anthem Press. The poems express facets of our daily lives as social and cultural commentary. Williams borrows from actual observations and mythology to take you on a journey from a cat caught in a clothes dryer to the Garden of Eden.
Falling into the River by Debbie Hall
"How many close calls before we become ghosts?" wonders the author of this award-winning chapbook, where she reflects upon her partner's yearlong battle with a life-threatening illness. Threaded throughout these poems is the presence of the natural world-always a source of solace, but now more acutely and deeply felt.
Figures OF Humor and Strange Beauty by Kath Abela Wilson
A personal Odyssey of 18 poems written in real time over two years. PUBLISHED BY Glass Lyre Press with drawings by author plus short chapters of archival, archeology.
Floored by Betsy Mars
Floored is an anthology featuring the writing of 27 contemporary poets prompted by a line from a poem by Alan Walowitz. Writers explore childhood hurts, grief, and even humor!
Florida Speaks by Chris Bodor
Florida natives, tourists, and wanderers celebrate the Sunshine State in poetry, essays, and throw back vacation photos.
For the Love of Poetry, LB Sedlacek is a Woman by LB Sedlacek
A compilation book of favorite and new poems, haiku, prose, and short stories.
Hades Ladies by Marnie Heyn
Journeying between this world and the next, between this world and the last, verse that is slant and straight, formal and free, rich and muscular, invites unhistoried women to step from the shadows. Sometimes, there is laughter.
Hand on My Heart by Anara Guard
Thirty-five poignant and sensual poems, in which the poet performs word ballet, pirouetting her way through regrets, childbirth and parenting, floods and heat waves. Deeply personal and sensual, these poems offer sympathetic looks at love, both certain and uncertain, plumbing the depths of memory and imagination.
Hurricanes never apologize by Carrie Magness Radna
Excellent poems for hard times.
If a Fish by George Burns
A book of poems written over many years to stay alive. A redemption by words that seeks to probe and heal the lost, betrayed and shamed. I could be part of the human race and there is a great font of joy in us ready to leap into the day.
Lady Bay Bridge and other poems by David Supper
A collection of poems written over the last 20 years.
Landscape of a Woman and a Hummingbird by Joe Milosch
My second book, Landscape of a Woman and a Hummingbird, is about our life as cancer survivors. It illustrates how we coped with her disease. It begins with a poem of her recovering, and ends with a poem about her Great Aunt’s, Felipe, home in a mountain village in Mexico.
Let Winter Come by Elizabeth Marchitti
A chapbook of poems about family and friends, published in 2000. So nice to read now, and remember.
Little Creatures by Julia Carlson
Poems about "the ebb and flow of everyday life, and the pain and poetry of the mean streets."
( WIlderness House Press, 2019)
Lost City Symphony by Indrajit Bose
A book about real and imaginary lives of people living and emigrating to a big city, the city in the present and its many past selves, now lost. A book about growing up and finding oneself, one's true identity. A reminiscence of times past and times present, welded in poetry.
Magic Words: Lively Poems for Clever Kids by Phil Huffy
Published in 2020. A full-length poetry collection written for kids, yet entertaining for adults. You will be invited to consider the advantages of flying spaghetti, the anticipation of a snow day, the pride of learning to swim, and the challenges of fractions, finding lost items, and getting up on time.
Manual destructivista/Destructivist Manual by Tina Escaja
A book of destructivist poems and a Manual for resistance. With translations by Kristin Dykstra.
Mein Krap by Daniel Irwin
Poems created by a wandering mind. Reflections on the bizarre, life in general, encounters in prison. Some poems happy, some sad, some just what comes to mind. Not terribly vulgar, not sexists, but burned at my sister's church. Canada just sent it back. And they think I'm strange.
Morning Sex and Pancakes by Dan Abernathy
Each morning I open my journals and pour into them myself. These are thoughts, ideas and contemplation of beliefs, all of which arrive from unlimited sources. This is the second volume in an ongoing series of Chap Books.
My Heart Is Broken (It Needs Fixing) by Catherine MacKenzie
Poems have always been Cathy’s release. After her son Matthew died unexpectedly from a rare heart cancer, she began writing a poem every month on the eleventh, the monthiversary of his death, along with other poems commemorating meaningful dates. Writing these helped her grieve, and she hopes they’ll help others.
Nebraska--Conflicting Reports by Charles Peek
Poems and essays from sixty-some years of experiencing life on the Great Plains by a writer whose previous work has won the Nebraska Book Award for Poetry.
Night Songs & The Innocence Of Flight by Scott Venus
A collection of poetry that explores the facets of love, emotions, various other aspects of the human condition and the natural world around us. It's unlikely that you won't find something you can connect with among these pages.
No Guns Left Behind by Mickey J. Corrigan
A series of poems illustrating a chronology of mass school shootings on American campuses. Perpetrators are unnamed, the victims listed at the end of the book. Vivid descriptions in lyrical language highlight the need for stronger gun laws.
No, Don't by Elena Karina Byrne
Elena Karina Byrne’s NO, DON’T, offers a restless portrait of identity that reflects shifting terrains of desire and gender, of personal loss and punishing empowerment, and of political and cultural abuse. Under the influence of language's “steeplechase hours,” this book’s “carnal ambition” becomes a cinematic crash in the wild imagination.
Ocean is My Name ( Long Poem ) by Seshendra Sharma
This is one of the important long poems written by global poet Seshendra Sharma ( http://seshendrasharma.weebly.com )
On Summer Solstice Road by Jerry Garcia
This full-length collection of poems is rooted in mid-twentieth century America and expands from that era of disruption and exploration. Over half a century later upheaval and terror are still watchwords in society. This poetry strives to balance stories of evolution, redemption and hope.
Open Sky by Carol Carpenter
From the middle of nowhere beneath an open sky, this new collection of nature based poetry portrays a deep spiritual connection between the author and her environment, from flood to drought, from prairie wind to bitter cold, from yelling at the coyotes to robins dancing in the rain.
Open The Fist by Elya Braden
In Open The Fist, Elya Braden navigates the primal impulses of sexuality, violation and reclamation. She shines a light into the dark corners of her family dynamics, grappling with what it means to be born a girl and to survive into womanhood, with poetry as a path to forgiveness.
Palaces of the Ages: Poetry of the Fantastic and the Strange by David Vandervort
You are invited to a place outside time. Here, the past, the future and the never-was all come together in a powerful mix of wonder and revelation, joy and heroism, terror and hope. Astronauts mix with cavemen and ancient kings, dragons and phantasms, amazing visions and strange forebodings.
Palebound by Lisa Ludden
Palebound explores the constantly evolving relationship of the self and the world through love, illness, and endurance.
Plexiglass by Margo Perin
"A beautiful dispatch from the sea line of human oblivion," Plexiglass pays homage to the millions of men and women sequestered in jails and prisons in the United States due to racism and poverty.
Poems on the Hills by Bhisma Upreti
This is the bilingual poetry book about Himalayan lives. The book includes 26 poems and its translation into English. Happiness, sorrows, courage, conflicts, beauty of nature, love and hardship of lives are presented in the poems.
Poetry of War vol. 1& 2 (single set) by Larry Bubar
Verses of the various faces of war and people thereof.
Political by Howard Debs
“In some ways reminiscent of Whitman, Debs seeks to uncover America’s poetic nature through our time of political strife and division...Debs’ previous book, Gallery, earned a 2017 Best Book Award and 2018 Book Excellence Award. From the moment we open it, the book shatters expectations...” From LitNuts book review
Red Thread Through a Rusty Needle by Gay Guard-Chamberlin
Published Nov. 2019 by New Wind Publishing, organized around four themes of Rust, Thread, Rust, and Needle, my collection of 36 poems has been described as full of "witty and contemporary comments on modern life", and "poems for the times-in-between".
Samantha Muffinbaker and the Funny Land of Flinck by Clyde Always
This riotous adventure features several works of verse and two dozen hand-drawn illustrations by the mad storyteller himself.
Saudades Tuas/I Miss You by Barbara Duarte Esgalhado
This collections of poems, artwork, letters, and dialogues with two Portuguese texts explores the relationship of love, memory, and longing, from personal, familial and cultural contexts.
Selected Poems by Richard Soos
Poems 1965-2015 selected from over 20 books. Good overview of 50 years in poetry.
Skipping Across the Lunacy Bridge by Seth Adam Kallick
The ABCs of skipping lunacy. This highly illustrated abecedarian verse chronicles the quirks of 26 of the characters who romp through the brain of actor/writer Seth Adam Kallick--and sometimes escape.
So Be It by Ralph Culver
"The tenderness in Culver’s observations of the everyday is the highlight of the collection; he gives small moments great power, making the seemingly quotidian beautiful. ...Culver’s poems weave together the world’s light as well as its darkness, and he finds that the light ultimately wins out." --Despy Boutris in *Entropy*
Springtime in Moldova by Hanoch Guy
"Open the book and find yourself in a new universe. You will glimpse peculiar characters in striking poses. The book is a haunting time in a surreal place. There is a magic here-some so dark you can see scarcely see it." ~Mike Cohen
Stark Raving Calm by J. Barrett Wolf
My first volume of poetry.
Sugar Fix by Kory Wells
Narrative poems that explore kinship, desire, Red Velvet cake, buttercream icing, personal and public memory, and the complexities of American history and life, particularly in the South. “Wonderful and inviting…turning the pages is easy and urgent” - review in Glass: A Journal of Poetry
Susan@70 by Susan Olsburgh
Memories and Musings, A Collection of Poems
Swimming in the Shallow End by Ron Kolm
Published by Autonomedia, some of the poems in this collection deal with the COVID-19 crises. The poems previously appeared in Before the Dawn, The Cafe Review (Fall 2018), Feuerstuhl #3, Live Mag!, Maintenant, NYSAI, The Opiate, The Poets of Queens anthology, the Red Wheelbarrow #13, Sensitive Skin and White Rabbit.
Tales From Grindstone Creek by Kimberly Bolton
This is a book of narrative poems that tell a story. Each poem in the book is a chapter of that story. Tales From Grindstone Creek follows the journeys of the Redford / Hall families as they travel over the Cumberland Gap to settle in Missouri.
Thawed Stars by Alice Pero
Alice Pero’s book, “Thawed Stars” was praised by Kenneth Koch as having “clarity and surprises.” An accomplished flutist as well as poet, she is the founder of the reading series, “Moonday” in Los Angeles. Pero has created dialogue poems with over 20 poets. She is 10th Poet Laureate of Sunland/Tujunga.
The Anatomy of a Cratedigger by Eric Evans
"Evans' is making photos out of words here, capturing what's sad and amazing, grainy and memorable in each moment, reaching for what is worth hanging on to and hinting at what exists
The Darkwater Horizon by Kendall A. Bell
Released in 2019, The Darkwater Horizon is Kendall A. Bell's 25th chapbook, inspired by the music of Emma Ruth Rundle.
The Deer’s Bandanna by David Oates
Haiku and senryu, family, nature, the little strangenesses of humans
The Earthmovers Daughter by Jackie McManus
A book of poetry about grief and loss, including suicide. Haunting language and movement toward healing.
The Falling In and the Falling Out by Akshaya Pawaskar
These poems mix the mystical with the mundane and result in an elegant array of perceptions that charm the reader, transfix and cause pause.
The Higgs Boson and Other Phenomena by Michael Estabrook
60 poems (science, metaphysics, commonplace) based upon the realities confirmed by science and upon the metaphysical regions surrounding those realities, in particular what we like to call the “human condition.”
The Language of My Lake and Other Poems by Mary Langer Thompson
The poems in this chapbook center around Big Bear Lake, California.
The Sharp Edges of Water by Angélique Jamail
These are stories and poems. The characters swerve between the rain-drenched, tree-lined, concrete plains of Houston and the voluptuous, dynamic terrain of Los Angeles. They face multiple realities, and though they’re earnestly grounded, they sometimes swim in the waters of magic realism. Their story is both relatable and surreal.
The Tokyo-Van Nuys Express by Rick Lupert
Rick Lupert's 25th book - a collection of poems written in, and on the way to and from, Japan. Written with loving inspiration to Richard Brautigan.
The Voiceless Quill by Jim Hirtle
Pandemic, politics, addictions, and God. The poetry of J Hirtle knows no bounds. With brevity, eloquence, cutting words, conversations with God and the voice of Opium, the author’s collection of poetry, will move the heart and the soul of the reader bringing a voice to The Voiceless Quill.
The Widow at the Piano: Poems by a Distracted Catholic by Sue Lick
What is she thinking while she sits at the piano every Sunday morning? Probably not what you think. The poems in Sue Fagalde Lick's chapbook The Widow at the Piano confess what's really going through the pianist's mind.
Thousand by Glenn Ingersoll
"Thousand" is an epic prose-poem that expresses the breadth of the inter-dimensional and inter-temporal deliberations of Glenn Ingersoll as his rotating protagonists go from body to body, from era to era, turning over every rock in the current universe along with many other proposed universes.
Through the Kaleidoscope by Carey Link
THROUGH THE KALEIDOSCOPE by Carey Link is about what it means to embrace life by finding the extraordinary in everyday ordinary experience. For Carey, poetry is"...the circle of a prayer/born between twilight and dawn."--From "Poetry" THROUGH THE KALEIDOSCOPE (Blue Light Press).
Un- by Laurel Blossom
A lively series of prose poems in quest of one of Esther Williams’s understudies and other unacknowledged bathing beauties of 1950s Hollywood.
Under the Overstory by Rick Rayburn
Mixed bag of poetry, including a crown sonnet re travels in So France, 6 haiku, one flash fiction, artwork. Maybe 20% ecopoetry. Published Dec 2020, only one Covid poem.
What Is BEAT? by Chris Vannoy
This is a collection of new and selected poems. They span almost 50 years and cover the gambit of of a emotional rollercoaster. Published by the National Beat Poetry Foundation.
What the Owl Taught Me by Annest Gwilym
Written on the lines of a 'bestiary', this book chronicles my lifelong love of animals, showing that they have their own unique and intricate lives. Animal-centric, not human-centric.
Words Bound in Skin by CW. Hobbs
A peek behind the locked doors in a mind once sane ...