The Great Poetry E-Book Free-For-All

The mission of the Poetry Super Highway is to expose as many people to as many other people’s poetry as possible.


A crazy project in which 52 poetry e-books were freely available to all interested humans on Earth for a 24 hour period.

Throughout November we collected e-books from poets and writers interested in participating.

Then on December 1st, for a 24 hour period, anyone was able to download, for free, as many of these e-books as they liked…a poetry e-book free-for-all.

E-Books and How Many Times Each Was Downloaded:

April 2019 Poems by Jake Aller (downloaded 48 times)
starting in 2017 I took part every year in an annual competition to write a poem a day for April Poetry month. Due to space limits I am including 2019 poems only. the rest are on my blob.

Childhood in the Third Reich – English/German by Kaye Abikhaled (downloaded 53 times)
Childhood in the Third Reich: World War II and its Aftermath. English and German translations by the author.

Club des Poètes. by Kaye Abikhaled (downloaded 38 times)
Generations of artist pilgrims have visited Paris. Everyone should do the same… at least once.

Coat of Arms by Michael Estabrook (downloaded 37 times)
Life is serious business, dog-eat-dog and all that. But even The News, which intensifies and promulgates all the daily horrors it can find in the world then rubs our noses in it, slips in 2 minutes of amusing moments towards the end. Well, this collection is my 2 minutes.

Conversation the Wolf With the Man by Pawel Markiewicz (downloaded 27 times)
The wolf has become as friendly as a dog and began to bounce with joy. A wildness of his nature during this meeting fled like stardust during an evening druidic mass. The poet wanted to write a chapbook.

Dante Called You Beatrice by Rodney Wood (downloaded 28 times)
34 songs as one long love poem dealing with the swirl of memories, loops of obsession in a tight tercet form with lines combined and recombined.

Dead Letter Office by Alex Stolis (downloaded 31 times)
Originally released in 2012 Philistine Press as part of an anonymous poetry project. Dead Letter Office is a series of poems, in letter form, that were sent but never received. It was also published, in two parts, in 2012 & 2013 by Origami Poems Project

The Endless Frontier: Poetry for Space Explorers by David Vandervort (downloaded 40 times)
In The Endless Frontier, find visions of the wonders, the triumphs and the hardships of a space-faring civilization. There are poems telling stories of world ships and colonies, strange aliens and even stranger humans. Step away from Earth and into a greater universe than you have ever known.

Eye Whispers by Victoria Elizabeth Ruwi (downloaded 48 times)
Eye Whispers reflects on surviving cancer, the Army, parenthood, and life.

The Faith of Heretics by David Chorlton (downloaded 29 times)
A little group of poems from the past, which had gone unpublished until last year. Here are some of the themes that occupied me, from desert Padres to European railway stations.

Fib Sequence by Larissa Shmailo (downloaded 39 times)
Like the seeds on the head of a sunflower, the poems, translations, and story in Fib Sequence by Larissa Shmailo whorl according to a special pattern. Here you will find arachnids, jealous women, numbers, half-truths, a dangerous dictionary and a few naughty words.

Flying South by Chella Courington (downloaded 37 times)
Flying South is a collection of poems inspired by my experience in the Appalachian South of North Alabama.

Hey Jude by Rick Lupert (downloaded 116 times)
New and selected poems from late 2018 through 2019 from Rick Lupert including poems from the forthcoming collection “The Tokyo-Van Nuys Express.”

Hold, Hold Your Darling Tight by I.B. and Mari Lyn Rad (downloaded 32 times)
This chapbook the charts the course of my relationship with my late wife, Mari Lyn, from passion through grief and arrival at an understanding. The final poem was written by Mari Lyn. I hope others will profit from my journey.

How to Dance Naked in the Moonlight by Lenny Everson (downloaded 32 times)
Lenny Everson and Katherine L. Gordon offer poetic advice on how to dance naked in the moonlight without getting caught by the bylaw people. They also offer advice on why to do such a seemingly silly thing.

Kindred Places by Richard Westland (downloaded 27 times)
These are poems inspired by my life experiences growing up in London UK and my live in Southern California many years later. My title reflects the photo on the cover of my book comparing Malibu and the White Cliffs of Dover.

Love Poems for Michael by Joan McNerney (downloaded 25 times)
Hey, know you’re jealous but it does happen. Always knew I’d be lucky in love.

Lyrics of Lebanon by Kaye Abikhaled (downloaded 32 times)
Lyrics of Lebanon, the poets third book, invites the reader to share in the lives and traditions of an ancient middle Eastern people who, affected by historical and political upheavals, are forced time and again to adapt and re-align their lives.

Marionettes by Ken W Simpson (downloaded 27 times)
Marionettes consists of twenty-five free verse mannly political poems.

New Mexico Zia by Catfish McDaris (downloaded 34 times)
This chap is about my home state and Mexico. Where I grew up, I moved to Milwaukee and found work. Catfish McDaris

The Plains of Heaven by F. J. Bergmann (downloaded 52 times)
Ekphrastic poems, including, in full color, the paintings by Kelli Hoppmann that inspired them.

Political: An Annotated Illustrated Trilogy by Howard Debs(downloaded 28 times)
“…a modern-day potpourri of Americana…In some ways reminiscent of Whitman, Debs seeks to uncover America’s poetic nature through our time of political strife and division.”—Emily Jo Scalzo, Assistant Teaching Professor, Ball State University, author of The Politics of Division, a 2018 Eric Hoffer Book Awards chapbook category honorable mention

Repulsion Thrust by Magdalena Ball (downloaded 48 times)
“Repulsion Thrust is a collection of intelligent, thought-provoking, 21th century poetry that both celebrates and disavows our technological dependency.” (Ken Wade) “Ball’s verses will cause a paradigm shift.” Kristen J Johnson

Road to Utopia by Susan Beth Furst (downloaded 28 times)
In this short collection of haiku and haibun, I find myself wandering back and forth somewhere between Oz and Utopia, as I revisit the times of my life, searching for the Truth and finding He was there all along.

Selected Poems by Dave Lewis (downloaded 38 times)
Dave Lewis is a writer and photographer based in Pontypridd, South Wales. He has always lived in Wales except for a short spell in Kenya in 1993-94. He runs the International Welsh Poetry Competition, Writers of Wales and Publish & Print.

Selected Poems by r soos (downloaded 37 times)
Selected poems by r soos published between 1965-2015.

Sleeping at the Van Gogh by Vincent Zepp (downloaded 31 times)
Vincent’s 15 volume of poetry written while dreaming of sleeping on his futon at the Van Gogh Museum

So Be It by Ralph Culver (downloaded 37 times)
This splendid chapbook of thirteen poems by Ralph Culver continues to add to his reputation as one of New England’s most respected and authoritative voices. “So deft and moving are his poems that they will long abide as reminders of what it is to be human.”–Sydney Lea

Taking the Road Where It Leads by Andrena Zawinski (downloaded 42 times)
The poems in this collection embrace many landscapes. From California to South Carolina, from Pennsylvania to Prague, Zawinski’s strong descriptive powers evoke places – and imagined places – with energy and precision…These are serious, richly metaphorical poems. Take them where they lead you!—Maggie Anderson

Territories by Antonia Clark (downloaded 37 times)
Territories is a sampler of poems previously published in literary journals. Some of these are from the author’s full-length collection, Chameleon Moon. Others will appear in forthcoming books. Antonia Clark has taught creative writing and co-administers an online poetry workshop, The Waters.

Towards An Unresponsive God by Bruce McRae (downloaded 27 times)
A chapbook-length collection, the title sums up its theme nicely.

A Train Tale and Other Poems by LB Sedlacek (downloaded 27 times)
Moving trains, designing your train ride, bandits & outlaws, too much stuff, playing in the snow, being late all the time, palm trees, sunrise, and the Fountain of Youth in Florida – a smattering of travel poems from the wild west to present-day – off we go!

Twelve Months by Joan McNerney (downloaded 28 times)
A dizzying trip through all twelve months and all four seasons of the fabulously beautiful northeast.

We All Saw It Coming by Bill Yarrow (downloaded 29 times)
15 poems by Bill Yarrow. First published as a Locofo Chapbook (2017) by Bill Allegrezza and Moria Poetry:

When the Moon Is New by Joan McNerney (downloaded 21 times)
Travel through the last century to this one. Enjoy the trip.

Without Dorothy, there is no going home by Alex Stolis (downloaded 39 times)
A modern day take on Dorothy and Oz. previously released in 2014 by ELJ Publications. “Alex skillfully takes the reader on a voyage of self-discovery, the meaning of intimacy, and what it means to find Home again”. —Lynnie Gobeille & Jan Keough, Editors The Origami Poems Project

Words for Sundry Occasions by Walter W. Hoelbling (downloaded 25 times)
My e-book brings together 95 poems written over several decades on a variety of topics, ranging from global politics to very personal. The six thematic sections – life, love&lust, loss, nature, world, words – also employ different poetic styles, from free verse to traditional rhyme and sonnets.

Words that Live by Rajnish Mishra (downloaded 34 times)
Poems from my heart rising from the soil of the city of my birth from where I’m in exile.