The Great Poetry E-Book Free-For-All


A crazy project in which your poetry e-books will be freely available to all interested humans on Earth for a 24 hour period.

Throughout November we will collect e-books from poets and writers interested in participating.

Then on December 1st, for a 24 hour period, a special website will go live with links to all of the e-books. For 24 hours anyone will be free to download, for free, as many of these e-books as they like…a poetry e-book free-for-all.


To participate, read all of the guidelines below and then click on our Online Submission form. That’s it. It’s simple. By doing so, your e-book will be included.

The E-Book has to be written by you.

E-books should be in PDF Format for universal compatibility with anyone’s computer.

If you have an e-book in Microsoft Word or another format, please convert it to PDF. One way to do this (if you don’t know how) is to visit the website From there you will be allowed to select the file on your computer which will uploaded and e-mailed back to you in PDF format.

When creating your e-book file, please keep it smaller than 1 megabyte.

Once you’ve created your e-book (not before), click on our Online Submission Form to join in!

Do not fill out the form and then e-mail us your e-book later. Please fill out the form and use it to upload your e-book to us.

We are not accepting e-books or submissions by e-mail. The only way to join in is by clicking on the Online Submission Form below.

On December 1 at Midnight (the evening of November 30), we will distribute a special e-mail letting people know the location of the web page with links to all of the e-book files. People will be free to download any or all of the titles and your poetry will be freely, electronically, travelling all over the world. This web page will go off line 24 hours later at Midnight on December 2nd.

We will also list your e-book and description on this web page along with the link to your website for all to see.

To submit your book, please go to our

E-Books In So Far:

Agnostics Sing of Angels and Asks Why in Hell Not, the by Stephen Mead
Poems dating back to the 1990s & onward, revised but only typed in the last year, these words of spiritual seeking are rooted in the basic human need to find meaning to cope with and even celebrate existence.
Always One More Verse of the Motherfucker Blues Left to Sing by John Sweet
A selection of recent, unpublished work
April 2021 Poetic Madness by Jake Aller
Every April for the last few years, I have been competing in the annual April Poetry month competitions. This year I wrote 8 poems a day for a month. Here are the selected poems from that month of poetic madness.
Artists, Unknown by LB Sedlacek
Art doesn't hum, notes found in notebooks or dropped in a parking lot make for good poems, howling dogs, tattoos, pineapples that look like grenades, kissing, and cartoons, cereal, spark plugs and action heroes — all things that make these poems a little bit different.
Ballad of Billy the Kid, the by Joe Blanda
A re-imagined account of the famous outlaw
Betelgeuse Dimming by Jean-Paul L. Garnier
A collection of speculative poetry. Nominated for the 2021 Elgin Award. Comes with free musical audiobook version download.
Bokeh Focus: Poems by Raymond Luczak
With Bokeh Focus, Raymond Luczak trains his photographer’s eye as a gay man upon his subjects and examines the impact of imagery on one’s own identity.
Castles, wombs, armies, and pentecosts by R. Bremner
R. Bremner's second book of poems, originally written in the late 1970s, updated with a few additions in the 1980s.
Circling the Sun by Gaynor Kane
A micro-collection (from the Stickleback series, published by the Hedgehog Poetry Press) of poems about the early aviatrixes
Close Encounters Chapbook by Elizabeth Marchitti
A chapbook of my personal experiences, starting with meeting Santa on the elevator on my way to my cardioologist's office.
Concupiscent Consumption by LindaAnn LoSchiavo
Visit the love doctor: recall your first kiss, a sultry fling, that secret kink. "Concupiscent Consumption" is for anyone who's ever been in love — or lost in lust. ― Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ―
Dance is You, the by Shola Balogun
The Dance is You is a rich collection with the ordered flow of original verses and inventive colourful vibrations. This book of poems, presents dance as the autobiography of the soul, the expression of what we call life, and the encounter with the self.
Dancing Under the Moon by Joan Leotta
Poems that show the joy of loving all things moon-related. Written about the rising moon and the early morning moon-set poems all on one page and then foldable into a mini book
December 2014 by Jim Bennett
In December 2014 Jim Bennett wrote a poem every day. Many of these poems were later published but here these poems are brought together in the order they were written.
Discovery by Don Krieger
Discovery is a hybrid collection in three sections: America, Childhood's End, To Save a Life. It's an easy and interesting read — I don't think you'll be disappointed. Thank you for reading it. The PDF is formatted for "Two Page View" in your PDF reader. All my best – Don
Ducks by Don Kingfisher Campbell
Poems composed in the last baker's dozen years about anything duckie. Titles include: American Juror Pool, 7 AM Relativity, CNN Universe, May the fourth be with you, Love Arboretum, Magical Legg, and The Big Pineapple!
Fantastic Forms by Don Kingfisher Campbell
Poems composed in the last 24 years about things fantastic and forms. Titles include: How Did Heaven Begin, Just an Apple, Women in Starbucks, Facebook Newsfeed Sonnets, and A pair of lips for the apocalypse.
Fib Sequence by Larissa Shmailo
Like the seeds on the head of a sunflower, the poems, translations, and story in Fib Sequence whorl according to a special pattern. Here you will find arachnids, jealous women, numbers, and half truths..
Flatman: Poems of Protest in the Trump Era by Cheryl Caesar
This book chronicles the reign of a villain in villanelles — and other poetry forms.
Heyday by Bruce McRae
A collection of recent poems.
History of Love, a by Dmitry Turovsky
Romantic love poetry.
Horrific Punctuation by John Reinhart
Commas scratch poisoned marks in blood, Thor makes an enthusiastic appearance! shotguns make dark holes to mark the end…or maybe the beginning of something new. Zombies, harpies, Odin, yeti…they're all here in this chapbook of monstrous punctuation-themed poems.
I Am The Tang You Are The Handle by Jim Bennett
In this selection of poems Jim Bennett looks at relationships. From one end to the other.
Intricate Things in their Fringed Peripheries by Cheryl Snell
In Cheryl Snell's new collection of lyrical free verse narratives, the poet meditates on moments of light and shadow, and how the world is made and unmade by the least of us Intricate Things in their Fringed Peripheries.
Leaving Home: Discoveries and Reflections of a Once-Sheltered Heart by Randal Burd
Leaving Home takes the reader on a life-changing journey. There will be tears, the sudden burst of laughter, and a warm smile that will linger on your face like the glow of a fading summer day as you discover the truth of what it means to love, lose, and live.

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