The Great Poetry E-Book Free-For-All

The mission of the Poetry Super Highway is to expose as many people to as many other people’s poetry as possible.


A crazy project in which your poetry e-books will be freely available to all interested humans on Earth for a 24 hour period.

Throughout November we will collect e-books from poets and writers interested in participating.

Then on December 1st, for a 24 hour period, a special website will go live with links to all of the e-books. For 24 hours anyone will be free to download, for free, as many of these e-books as they like…a poetry e-book free-for-all.


To participate, read all of the guidelines below and then click on our Online Submission form. That’s it. It’s simple. By doing so, your e-book will be included.

The E-Book has to be written by you.

E-books should be in PDF Format for universal compatibility with anyone’s computer.

If you have an e-book in Microsoft Word or another format, please convert it to PDF. One way to do this (if you don’t know how) is to visit the website . From there you will be allowed to select the file on your computer which will uploaded and e-mailed back to you in PDF format.

When creating your e-book file, please keep it smaller than 1 megabyte.

Once you’ve created your e-book (not before), click on our Online Submission Form to join in!

Do not fill out the form and then e-mail us your e-book later. Please fill out the form and use it to upload your e-book to us.

We are not accepting e-books or submissions by e-mail. The only way to join in is by clicking on the Online Submission Form below.

On December 1 at Midnight (the evening of November 30), we will distribute a special e-mail letting people know the location of the web page with links to all of the e-book files. People will be free to download any or all of the titles and your poetry will be freely, electronically, travelling all over the world. This web page will go off line 24 hours later at Midnight on December 2nd.

We will also list your e-book and description on this web page along with the link to your website for all to see.

When it’s over, we’ll produce a list of how many copies of each book were downloaded for no reason other than you may find it interesting.

To submit your book, please go to our

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you doing this?

To expose as many people to as many other people’s poetry as possible.

Why isn’t this a one-one exchange like the Great Poetry Exchange?

The immediate accessibility of the internet, and zero costs for producing e-books makes this a much more attractive opportunity for an immediate larger audience for your books. We don’t want to limit your potential readers to other producers of e-books, nor to one other person.

Why does the e-book have to be written by me?

Unlike the Great Poetry Exchange, were one can participate by pledging to send a book by someone else or an anthology they’ve edited, since e-books are not purchased physical entities, and because they will be available in unlimited quantities during the 24 hour period on December 1st, only you have the rights to your poetry. You can’t authorize the free distribution of someone else’s poetry, the rights of which you don’t own, to the world.

This sounds cool but I don’t have an e-book.

That’s not really a question, but anyway, why not make one? Do some basic design and layout of your poems in your favorite word processing program. Make a title page. Design a nice cover. Use any pictures you want. Turn it into an PDF. You’ve got an e-book. There’s no time like the present. Maybe you’ll take it to print later?

I participated last year and I want to submit the same book, can you just use the file and info you have already?

This creates more work for us and is a little more difficult for us to manage. It would really help out if you could click on the Online Submission Form so we can have everything in the same place, we’d appreciate it.

I’m concerned about my book being free for everyone on the planet.

Also not a question but we understand. Maybe this isn’t for you. Maybe you sell e-books on your website and don’t want to give unlimited copies of one away over a 24 hour period. Hey, it’s cool.

Are these really frequently asked questions?

Actually no, all these were written before we received any questions, imagining what some of the questions might be.

E-Books In So Far:

A Blue Soul by Gabriella Garofalo
My irrepressible longing for reshaping all of them in a new different life, so as to give them a fresh soul, is the drive enabling my words to be invaded by that green fuse we might think of as the very life and soul of poetry.’

Concupiscent Consumption by LindaAnn LoSchiavo
Erotic and sensual verses for adults who enjoy all the stages of being in love.

Essence of Beauty by Pushpa Tuladhar
A collection of 25 poems depicting the essence of beauty in nature.

Fellow Pedestrians by David Chorlton
Some poems written about walks in central Phoenix, from not many years ago when we still lived in that part of the city, and the people observed there.

Flying Blind by Bill Yarrow
10 short poems published by Yavanika Press on September 20, 2020. Cogito by Don Thompson
Check into the flophouse of the mind…

Hell is Empty by Michael Estabrook
32 short poems about life’s troubles and terrors, vices and victories including surgery, sex, cellphones, spiders, travel, dementia, the human condition and lifting weights. And about how sometimes the Devil can get the better of you but it’s important not to lose hope and defiance.

Hotel Cogito by Don Thompson
Check into the flophouse of the mind…

How to Deal with a Murder Hornet
New and selected poems from late 2019 through 2020 from Rick Lupert including poems from the forthcoming collection “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

The King’s Journal of Lost and Secret Things by Carole McDonnell
In these poems about love, nature, art, and life, Carole McDonnell creates evocative poetry that touches the heart, spirit, and mind. Lovers of fairytales and fantasy will also find that The King’s Journal of Lost and Secret Things also contains poems which appear in her novels.

Life, Limericks and the Pursuit of Happiness by Douglas McMillan
A short collection of limericks on many topics: Writing, Politics, Current Events, the Economy, Work, Life, Words and Language, Nature and Science, Exercise and other Thoughts. Some are humorous, some are serious, but I tried to disguise the difference.

The Love Tree by Richard Rensberry
58 poems about finding and falling in love, from a man to a woman. 121 pages.

Making a Show of Myself by Jim Bennett
Each year I select a set of poems, some recent, some older that I feel will work together and enable me to present them in a reasonable order at events and public readings This is a record of the 2020 reading series, that thanks to Covid 19 didn’t happen.

Meditating in the Dark by Sari Krosinsky
“From a locked ward, to a G-dless boardwalk arcade, to the interstices of intimacy, Krosinsky’s ink bleeds and it’s beautiful. ‘Meditating in the Dark’ is a book that bears witness and the tremendous weight of caring, a book that bares its teeth.” ~Erika Brumett

The Naked Truth by JR Simons
A poetic exploration of the concept of truth.

Nasty Girls by Lynne Bronstein
A collection of poems about notorious women who were the subject of scandal and gossip because they chose to live their lives as they pleased.

Nature and words by Walter Hoelbling
The poems in this e-book try to give words to some of the manifold faces of our natural world and their impacts on the human imagination.

Our Love For Liverpool by Sid Yiddish
This is a poetry chapbook project my late mom & I collaborated on as a part of the Liverpool 800 series, a website dedicated to the birth of the city of Liverpool, England in 2007. There are more details within the chapbook itself. This is the 2nd Ebook Printing.

Palaces of the Ages: Poetry of the Fantastic and the Strange by David Vandervort
You are invited to a place outside time. Here, the past, the future and the never-was come together in a mix of wonder and revelation, joy and heroism, terror and hope. Astronauts and cavemen, dragons and phantasms, amazing visions and strange forebodings are all here, waiting to tell their stories.

The Plains of Heaven by F. J. Bergmann
Ekphrastic seasonal poems set in an altered Midwest, with the paintings by Kelli Hoppman that inspired them.

Poetry from the back and beyond. by David Swan
This is the only book of poetry I have ever written. These poems have been collated from a 10 year spiritual quest and travels with reflections. Please share.

A Potpourri of Emotions by Megha Sood
The Chapbook ” A Potpourri of Emotions” is published by NY based Local Gem Press. Each poem of the chapbook has been written in response to the prompt given on daily basis. The chapbook explores various forms of poetry(Rhyme, Epilostory, Haiku Sonnet, Fib poems, Grid poems, etc).

Repulsion Thrust by Magdalena Ball
Repulsion Thrust tackles big subjects not often the fodder of poetry: quantum physics, astronomy, time travel, ecological destruction, and technological singularity, all viewed through the lens of the human condition.  Take these poems seriously. They may just have some of the answers you require.” ~Catherine Edmunds

Resting Bitchface And Other Poems by Sid Yiddish
Being a grateful human is far better than being a greedy dishonest gimme-gimme-gimme-it’s all mine slimy kind of person. Giving, learning and understanding each other should always be the standard.

Satan in Chicago by Eric Evans
Poems inspired by Ray Bradbury, terracotta soldiers, judgmental crows, and the beauty of the perfect mixtape. And, of course, Satan roaming around in Chicago.

Selected Poems by Dave Lewis
A short collection of selected poetry taken from my first nine poetry books.

Sleeping at the Van Gogh by Vincent Zepp
The 15th volume of poetry by Vincent Zepp.

So Be It by Ralph Culver
“…[Culver makes] the seemingly quotidian beautiful. …[he] values the world and his life beyond the purely great and celebratory moments. …*So Be It* reminds readers of the power of beauty, joy, and love in nature, relationships, and even the tedium of our daily lives.” –Despy Boutris’s review in *Entropy*

Solitude Album by Mary Langer Thompson
Published by 4 Feathers Press, this group of poems by Mary Langer Thompson expresses loneliness in its various forms in different locations and times in history, including during Covid-19.

t. kilgore splake (an interview w/ richard lopez) by Jonathan Hayes
A recently published interview by richard lopez with America’s legendary outsider poet of Michigan’s remote Upper Peninsula, t. kilgore splake.

A Torrent of Trinity by Pushpa Tuladhar
An anthology of 24 poems by Nabin Chitrakar, Pushpa Tuladhar and Shreeram Shrestha, the poets from Nepal, depicting various aspects of human life and nature.

Twisting by LB Sedlacek
Nuclear incinerators in North Carolina, the homeless in Washington DC, fog over San Francisco Bay, life expectancy in the US and Liquid Bones are some of the subjects tackled in this poetry book interspersed with Haikus for a twist.

Written by an Altruistic Author Named Alex Andy Phuong by Alex Phuong
This E-book is a collection of previously published and previously unpublished poetry written by an altruistic author named Alex Andy Phuong. Alex Andy Phuong hopes to use his writing to make the world a better place by inspiring anyone who reads his work. He currently writes to support dreamers everywhere.