December 2-9, 2013: Norman Wm. Muise and Anne Higgins

Norman Wm. Muise and Anne Higgins

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Norman Wm. Muise

Bio (auto)

I have resided in Guelph Ontario for most of my life. Haiku became my passion while attending an online poetry workshop. I love the simplicity of the form and the depth that can be achieved in three short lines. I continue to evolve in my writing and that keeps it fresh. on for a number of years. Iam hoping to keep doing so.

The following work is Copyright © 2013, and owned by Norman Wm. Muise and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.


the street
only as wide as her
white cane

deep winter
her frozen breath
on my lips

midnight swim
I taste the moonlight
on her skin

falling leaves
the city park’s wading pool
drained of children

Alabama rains
this cold morning I slip
into your warmth

church graveyard
outside the fence a
dog patiently waits

Anne Higgins

Bio (auto)

Anne Higgins grew up in West Chester, Pennsylvania. She teaches English at Mount Saint Mary’s University in Emmitsburg Maryland. She is a member of the Daughters of Charity, and is a graduate of Saint Joseph College, Emmitsburg, the Johns Hopkins University, and the Washington Theological Union. She has had about 100 poems published, in Yankee, Commonweal, Spirituality and Health, the Melic Review, the Centrifugal Eye, and a variety of small magazines. She has given poetry readings at local bookstores and colleges, and was invited to give a reading at the Art and Soul Conference at Baylor University in February of 2001, and at the Calvin College Festival of Faith and Writing in 2002. Garrison Keillor has read two of her poems on his radio show “The Writers Almanac.” She has published six books of poetry: At the Year’s Elbow, Mellen Poetry Press 2000; Scattered Showers in a Clear Sky, Plain View Press 2007; Pick It Up and Read, a chapbook from Finishing Line Press 2008; How the Hand Behaves, a chapbook from Finishing Line 2009; Digging for God, from Wipf and Stock Publishers 2010; and Vexed Questions, Aldrich Press 2013. Anne has a blog called “Scattered Showers in a Clear Sky.” The address is

The following work is Copyright © 2013, and owned by Anne Higgins and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

In the English Class

We are reading
Julius Caesar,
and as we read,
the boy in the third row
grows before my eyes
like time lapse photography.
There’s a clock within him
that went off today
with an alarm so high
he cannot hear it.

Even as we read,
the bones are growing
around the book
in his lengthening fingers.
His skin is pink and rough
with stretching bones.
The alarm wakes his face,
changing the cheekbones,
making them long and flat,
his father’s face.
The nose lengthens
from child’s anonymity
into the family nose,
his father’s face
which I have seen
in the afternoons
behind the windows
of the car.


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